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Shared Office Space - How can it help the start-ups

The concept of Shared Office Space is taking a rise across the country. After experiencing positive responses in the metro cities, it is being tried out in the Tier II cities in the country. This article is a knowledge-based article bringing out the concept and the advantages of it in a simple language.

Are you all set for your start-up business? And now you need that office to carry out the business activities and put your creative ideas live. But you would certainly not want the office to prune you of a major portion of your investment. So go for the sharing way instead. Thanks to the concept of sharing the office space. It has been a support to these start-ups. It has taken its leap right on time.

The concept of shared office space

The sharing of office working environment by people working not for the same organization is the concept underlying the sharing of office space. The same office facilities and infrastructure may be shared by more than one organization. Such a concept has been a boon to the start-up as well as small organizations that need the office space and infrastructure immediately.

The concept has been on a rise in most of the Asian countries like India in particular due to the limited availability of office space. The facilities of the common office space can be enjoyed by the different organizations without investing time and efforts for the setting up of the office.

Who benefits from the shared office space

Lets check out the details to know who all will benefit from this shared office space.
  1. Start-up businesses : The start-up businesses would not want to drain out much capital in establishing the office space. Rather the amount can be better utilized in the project itself. With the expansion of their business, they may also move on for their own established office space
  2. Small businesses: The concept comes out to the benefit of the small businesses that do not have many employees. Lack of manpower for facilitation purposes also brings them to these shared offices as now they do not have to worry for their own IT dept. or even the utility dept. They benefit from the common facilities provided here
  3. Freelancers : Freelancers are the independent group who may not need an office space at all. They can easily work from home. But working all by self could be quite monotonous. Working in these kinds of shared space could bring inspiration in them to work even harder. Sharing of thoughts could make them more professional
  4. Project based : An organization may not like to invest in office for a short term region based project. The concept suits such companies
  5. New deals in new regions : An organization would like to set up a temporary office in the proposed region even before the deal is signed. Such offices are set up to ensure smooth facilitation before the real project is implemented
  6. Independent professionals and remote workers : Independent professionals, remote workers and agents may also feel the need to work in the shared office space like the freelancers. These office spaces also give the facilities of meeting rooms as required by them

Facilities and infrastructure provided at the shared office space

Now, it is even more necessary to know how the shared office spaces work to the benefit of the users or the co-workers as they are usually termed:
  • Ultra modern office located at the prime location in the city
  • High speed internet on sharing basis
  • High profile meeting rooms, training rooms and conference halls
  • Superior facilities of uninterrupted power supply
  • Office facilities of dispatch, communication, scanning, printing and photocopying
  • Shared pantry and utility services

Advantages to the co-workers

The sharing of office space is being widely accepted by the new and small business owing to the various advantages:
  • Ready office set up : The business owners have ready access to the office and its facilities. The setting up is not a hassle any more. Further, they do not have the headache for the maintenance as well. Work can commence almost immediately
  • Lesser outflow in rentals : Funding the entire office set up could be too much for the start-ups. But now with the shared spaces, even the rentals come down. Besides, you need not invest on many other infrastructures as well
  • Good for the independent workers : The independent workers like the freelancers, agents and other professionals may also like the sharing of office space. Sharing of ideas would definitely inspire them to work more. They can also enjoy the facilities of the office that would not have been available while working from home
  • Sharing of thoughts and ideas : The new business owners can interact with the experienced entrepreneurs and get insights from them. Learning from the experiences of others would benefit them in their venture
  • Easy pack up : Easy pack up is possible here on completion of the project or on moving to the own establishment

The concept is getting shape in more and more cities in the country. It has benefited the new businesses in Mumbai and Delhi and many other metro cities. It is simple 'use and pay' for the office space you need. But the idea is still new to the other cities. However, it is expected to get the lead with more entrepreneurs jumping in to prove their talent.

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