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The art of effective Inter-personal relations at work

Inter-personal relations is so important at work. Any individual with a good ranking on this count, can easily go up the ladder and achieve success. Such an individual is also likely to be appreciated by all. The most important point is that no one should be offended at any cost. Such credibility takes time, but can be achieved. Based on huge practical experience, this article is an attempt at discussing some relevant, "must do" steps in this direction.


The art of developing effective inter-personal relations is not based on advanced behavioral science research. On the contrary, it is based on a huge number of common sense "Check Points" as one may call it, and these check points do have a lot to do, with "Must do"steps. In this article, some of these vital "Must do" steps are discussed in some detail.

Step one : Do not create politics

In every office, there will be trouble mongers. The best thing is to stay aloof from these guys and just concentrate on one's core work. The more you perform, the more you will have a good name. This performance should be reflected in competencies in developing other's skills, helping out in times of need, treating peers as friends, and so on.

This is easier said than done. Nevertheless, there will be situations where the peer has met with an accident, and cannot come to work, or has been sick, has come to office, but can't work properly. By volunteering to do the work of this gentleman, remember, we would have not won one heart, but many. Reason? He would carry the good word around.

One source of politics is the gossip about the boss and the boss of the former. Yes, not every boss is perfect or even intelligent. It is wise to remember two vital rules. The first rule says that the boss is always right. The second rule says that if you have any doubt, please refer to rule number one!!

Given this reality, it is vital to work with the boss, not against him. Communicate to him regularly, win his trust by volunteering to take up higher responsibilities and do that perfectly. The legendary A.M. Naik of Larsen and Toubro, who is still around, is reputed to be a master of this art. We can always learn from such giants.

Step two : Communicate with all and become an expert in Presentation Skills

These are days when everything is power point presentations, with links and hyperlinks. Learn this art so quickly and impress everyone. Do hard work to do your bit, but help others too, particularly the boss. Get noticed. People will automatically seek your help and praise you. When this happens, even if someone talks any nonsense, nobody will believe it at all. Follow such presentations on what needs to be done, and the means to achieve it, through constant communication, that should be focused on only one vital thing: the work at hand. When people understand that you always mean business, they will automatically respect you.

Step Three : Develop your subordinates

Kindly note that an intelligent subordinate is far better than a foolish yes-man. The latter may praise you, and your ego may be satisfied.. The former will bring you fame, for everything today is team work. Just observe how M S Dhoni has built the Chennai Super Kings Team. Be cool, but focused. Be sharp, but kind. Be task-oriented, but do praise good work. Follow this with every subordinate. You will get promotion after promotion.

Step Four : Wish Bank, Acknowledge and Praise

At work, every single person, including workers often do wish us good morning, or good evening and so on. Wish them back. Ask them pleasantries. Make personal inquiries, once in a way. Advise them,and also praise them, when they do a good job, even if it is a small work. In one office, the Manager trained the illiterate sweepers on filing papers, keeping them in order and so on, and also appreciated them when they were in order. It so happened, that this order was always maintained. Remember, every single human being on this earth, longs for this appreciation, this recognition.

Step Five : Carry Basic Human Relations Outside Work Too

This looks like common sense, but it can work wonders, if properly done. If a colleague or even a worker is sick, and admitted in hospital, call up. Give all the help, including financial help. Such gestures will surely be reciprocated in office as well.

Step Six: Review each of the above as Check Points

Asking oneself, "what have I done?" is extremely important. A good review of each of the aforesaid five important points of effective inter-personal relations, by viewing each Step as a Check Point, will simply open up new chapters in Inter-personal relations. Such reviews can quickly help us realize where we have failed. Once we do this often, this will become a habit, and be self-perpetuating in nature.

And, effective inter-personal relations will be a reality.


Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao12 Jun 2018 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 5

Interpersonal relations at work are very important for the progress of an individual in his career. There are some professions which require only your technical skills efficiency but there are some others which require relations with your team and other colleagues. As you go up the ladder, the people working under you should have trust in you and should be with you. For this, your managerial skills and interpersonal skills are very important. Be friendly with your colleagues but never get familiarised with them. This is one important point to be practised. Try to understand others. By listening to others you can satisfy them easily. Please see that the people on the front line understand the work properly. Educate and guide them properly so that they do the work perfectly. Try to help them when they are in need and don't spare them if they are trying to create problems intentionally. Having a stick in the hand but using it very rarely is the key to success these days.

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