Debunking misconceptions about Fate: Analyzing cause and effect relationships

Fate is something that we are all familiar about. It is that something we are all resigned to, with disastrous results. For, there is always a way ahead, only if we change the momentum of our efforts or the effort itself. In this article, an attempt is made to remove many misconceptions about Fate, with several real-world examples.


Fate is something that happens to us, in spite of all our efforts, not without them. These efforts may range from the very simple to the very complex, but the reality is that we are often limited by the boundaries of fate, or what others think about fate. We oftentimes think that "nothing is in our hands". This is absolutely ridiculous. If we understand Fate, all these misconceptions can be removed, and we can move. This article attempts to do just that.

Two uncontrollable factors

The really uncontrollable things in our lives are just two. These are birth and death. We cannot choose the family we will be born into. That is, we cannot choose our parents. Similarly, death will happen one day, but we do not know when it can happen. It can happen anytime.

However, it is very much in our hands to change our present position and also to minimize dangers associated with many ailments or diseases that can get us to die quickly, more so, when we have huge family responsibilities to be taken care of, in our Indian conditions.

Yes, it is very much possible, to alter our present position by acquiring new qualifications, migrating abroad, doing something different through entrepreneurship, networking with people who can help us, getting advice from highly knowledgeable people and so on.

For instance, if we are just a matriculate, due to some force of circumstances, we can still educate our children, with whatever resources we have. We can do something to get a little revenue and pump in all the money into their education.

Take this real world true story. The father was not a highly educated person, and was working as a cook in a rich Brahmin family, in Dindigul, a medium-sized town, as generally only the same community people can cook in such homes. He became old, and was not able to concentrate. His two sons were studying in standard nine and standard seven. The mother chipped in, and prepared some eatables that she would sell on the streets and in houses. The income was so little,but the two sons chipped in, with whatever help they could. The elder would take the foodstuff to the nearby school, sell it there and then rush to his own school. Since he was so sincere in his studies, the school principal allowed him to sell the stuff near the Government school itself, where he studied.

Not surprisingly, the brilliant student that he was, he stood first in the Tamil Nadu State Board Examination. Scholarships came his way and he stood within the first three ranks in his plus two examination. In the meanwhile, some teachers in the same town, offered him help to prepare for his IIT examination. He cleared the IIT examination, went on to become a hugely successful mechanical engineer and went abroad to study on a full time scholarship to the USA. Today, he is a US citizen.

The aforesaid story clearly illustrates how we can all achieve success irrespective of our present position, if only we work hard and have a burning desire to go ahead. In every case, the cause is always the hard work and the effects are the results of all our efforts.

The US citizen never forgets the old times. He has donated money to the Government school, and does some social work even now. The second son also studied so well and migrated to Australia after a Master's Degree and a doctorate in Microbiology. However, the parents of the two sons never wanted any help even after they went abroad.

Such true life stories should teach us many lessons. What if the mother can resigned to her fate? If she had done all the hard work, what would have happened? What would have happened to the boy, if he did not work so hard, as he did?

It is very much in our Hands

Yes, the efforts that we put in, are very much in our hands. Take the Japanese. They taught the Americans, and the rest of the world, what is called Quality. They embraced the concept of Total Quality Management(TQM), in a total, very comprehensive way. Today, Toyota is a world-leader in cars. How about such monumental efforts? TQM is the Cause. The effects are the world-class cars.

Come back to the lifestyle diseases for example. Today, we all consume junk food, knowing full well that we could even get cancer. There is a big danger of problems such as piles, or even high blood pressure, hypertension and heart attack. To control this, we can do everything. We just need to reduce consumption of all this, do exercises, and try to come out of the imminent dangers. How about smoking and drinking? We could and, should, stay away from these very bad habits too.

In everything, we always notice that the most important variable, "efforts" is very much within us. It is under our control. We can, and we should, do it. To complain that "everything is my fate" is sheer escapism, designed to hide all our weaknesses of inaction.

Similarly, we can all learn from others too. Much as we admire M.S. Dhoni for his huge sixes, we should also remember that he puts in over ten hours in the nets, even when he is not playing active cricket. Ditto for Ravichandran Ashwin. If we observe his success story, the hard work cannot be taken lightly. He has put in over ten hours, every day, for weeks together. He was injured, and out of action, for a very short time. He came back, and broke all records in spin bowling.

Revisit attitudes

It is time to revisit all our attitudes, regarding fate. Closely aligned to fate are our thinking processes. To move ahead from our present position, is largely a spin-off that is eminently controllable. It is very much within our hands. Once we understand this simple reality, everything will follow.

The need to sharpen our skills, more so, in the same field of our specialization is vital. Even here, we can learn from others. Take today's assertive young crowd, who even want to become professional singers, forgetting everything else. Yes, it is a huge risk. But look at the way many of them go from one stage to another making a career in films.

Rajnikanth,the politician, is now in the news for the wrong reasons. But his acting prowess and his hard work are the stuff that legends are made of. For example, many do not know, that for the film "Enthiran", that was a story about a Robot trying to destroy Chennai, he had to bear with a particular make up, for a minimum of twenty six hours. Just admire this hard work. It would itch him, and his body would pain. But the two hundred crores he reportedly made out this film is the effect of all his hard work. May be, he was a bit lucky. The direction was so good and it was a one of a kind movie. Yet, the hard work cannot be disputed.

We just need to learn from others and get going. Move on to the next level. If we continue with the status quo, we will be left behind. Our success, our growth, our development, depends on all our actions. Right now. Not tomorrow.

So, let us get going, and conquer, what we call fate!!


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