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My experience of being mother

Motherhood is the most beautiful and memorable moment for me. I learnt a lot of things while raising my little one. Here I am sharing my experience about the initial days of being mother.

As said by Robert Browning, "Motherhood: All love begins and ends there". On 9th June of 2012, my little baby girl was born. That was the most happiest day in our life.

Most beautiful and strongest bond

Mother and child share the most beautiful and strongest bond in the world. Someone has said already, god cannot be everywhere so he created mother. In Marathi, we call mother as 'Aai'. Here 'Aa' means 'Atma' i.e. Soul and 'I' means 'Ishwar' i.e. God. Child has complete faith in only one person which is no other than mother.

First six months

I was on maternity leave for six months. So I completely spent that time with my little one. She was a 'night owl'. She used to sleep during day time and used to stay awake at night. Usually her sleeping time was 1 or 2 AM. We used to call it as 'night duty'. I remember, one day she went to sleep at 6 AM. That was horrible night. Whole night I spent by taking her in my lap and singing songs so that she can fall asleep. Here, I want to thank my mother and father who supported me in those days. Because of them I used to get few hours' sleep. But the fact is that when you became mother, all these things doesn't matter much. It becomes most enjoyable thing to take care of our little baby. All mothers would agree with me on this.

After resuming office

It was hard phase of my life. I joined office when she was just 5.5 months old. She used to cry so much. This situation continues till 2-3 days. Thanks to my mother again. She handled all things very neatly. After few days all things got settle and this became our routine. Baby also accepted everything and supported me. She used to handover me my lunch box when I used to leave for the office. Such an amazing thing! How these little ones also get adopted to the situations so fast!

Entry to school

Days were passing very fast. She became 2.5 years old. We registered her name in nearest pre-school for playgroup. That was a period when she again cried for 2 days in school. These moments were heartbreaking. But as usual we don't have any option but to wait for the things to settle down. After 2-3 days she started going to school with a smiling face. She liked the environment of playgroup. Now my work of taking homework and teaching ABCs started.

Due to job, I need to remain out of home for about 9 to 10 hours. But still whatever time we spend with each other is quality time and we share strongest bond. She understands me and never complains about anything. I get weekly off on each Saturday and Sunday. I spend these two days completely with my little one. I think this is the story of every working woman.

When I come from office she literally dance around me. That time I feel like on top of the world. Yes, sometimes she makes me irritate also by her actions. But I think she do this to get my complete attention.

I think everybody may have watched Amir Khan's movie 'Pk'. One song is there in the movie 'Love is waste of time'. I think this is absolutely true. Any kind of love is waste of time. And I love to waste my time.

On her second birthday I had written one poem for her.
"Tuzi ek mithi ahe vatslyachi khan,
Aai panacha ha san vaate swargasamaan"

Meaning of above poem:
Your one hug is like mine of love,
And this motherhood festival is like a heaven.

Here, I want to tell everyone that my girl is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I don't know why people hate girl child. Really girls are angels sent by god. She is my best friend. I play with her. I sing with her. I dance with her. I want to thank you god for this beautiful gift.


Author: K Mohan15 Jun 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

Very nice description of her first hand experience, the author has brought in the bonding between the mother and child in earlier stages of kid. From the day one I have seen the mothers talking to the born child as if they understand the language and know what she says. Yet I have also noticed that they do respond to the commands given by the mother and thus the learning process starts. That is why, whatever mother teaches and imparts, the child pick up the things very fast and they are accustomed to her way of teaching. And a good child can be nurtured by the mother and that will stay for long. In Tamil there is a saying " Thottil Pazhakkam, sudukaadu mattum" that means the good things or the bad things imparted and made to learn for the child will continue to his last life. So nurturing is the great art to which not every mother is accustomed or trained and that is why many children turn adamant and rogue too.

Author: Partha K.17 Jun 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

An excellently written article on the joy of motherhood. It is an inexplicable feeling. The pain and responsibility associated with motherhood can't be properly understood by any male. The author has vividly described her journey from giving birth to her daughter to her admission in school. The simple joy and happiness of the small child when the author return from office give such a pleasure which compensates the tiring routine of the entire day.

However, I would like to mention a small point. Every mother must remember the immunisation schedule of her child and ensure the following of the schedule without any lapse. This is extremely important for the health of the child.

I have enjoyed reading this article. Waiting eagerly for the second part of her wonderful journey with her daughter.

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