World Environment Day: The mammoth irony

This article traces the continuous rise of human civilization & the consistent decline of our natural environment. There cannot be a bigger irony than this: the perpetrator promises to be the savior of the Nature.

The Initial Saga

Eons ago, when man lived almost literally in the lap of Mother Nature, his life was a reflection of the vicissitudes bestowed upon him by his natural environment. His life & existence was at the stake of Nature's will to keep him alive or to transform him into an inanimate entity or reduce him to the fundamental elements of his environs. Each moment, hour & day was a long unnoticed itinerary of momentous struggle to adjust & adapt to his surroundings.

His Struggle

The two-legged creature was perhaps the most intelligent of all others in this antediluvian world or at least the fittest & most adept in the rivalry of natural adaptation. Yet, his successful contemporary existence was not the consequence of absolute surrender before the natural forces but a multiple cross-generational endeavor to be the fittest case for survival.

The ancient Reality

As the water went down the innumerable streams, so did time, & with it the face of the only lively planet began to change as civilizations & human settlements began to replace the jungles. It took man a few thousand years to substantially sabotage both the original flora & fauna of his planetary abode. Yet, dominance by Nature was still an indispensable & irrefutable reality of human life.

His eccentricity

Gradually, the conceited creature that Man was, he started to invent methods to control the Natural forces. He built dams on rivers & changed the course of perennial & seasonal rivers. He cleared off forests to establish settlements. He established agricultural plains where forests had been breathing for thousands of years. He explored the sea & forests & islands & animals. His tribe was now outrageously populated & he began to release toxic, non-recyclable, disposable waste into the environment of his only planetary abode, the Earth. This was the cause behind severe & perilous multi-pronged pollution of his surroundings. He invented processes & products for wars & battles which were beyond his control, e.g, chemical & nuclear bombs & Star War Missile technology.

Only lip-service

So, today, the same sinful humans have gathered to spend a day or two in honor of the Environment, they actually owe their existence to. The same natural environment which created, nurtured & smothered him with affection & abundance, without whose presence, his existence itself is doubtful, receives only an iota of his vastly busy daily-life & unconcerned itinerary. Every year, the men & women who have risen as leaders in their respective fields, pay lip-service to the well-being of this planetary Mother-ship & aspire for a day when the environmental issues will simply melt away. Who knows, our day-dreams may come true & materialize!!

Reality of human nature

But the biggest obstacle is the insatiable human ego, greed & a race against time to empower oneself at costs absolutely Environmental & so extremely perilous. What a joke The same human civilization which has committed slow environmental matricide, day in & day out, is praying for its rise & recovery. There are contradictions in lives of Earthians, too, but this unique, man-made irony wins hands-down for its sheer foolishness & en masse buffoonery of perhaps the most intelligent of earthly denizens.


Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao19 Jun 2018 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

An excellent presentation of the present-day human beings leap sympathy towards nature and environment. Everyone talks about Environment and its protection but the actions they do are opposite. The famous environmental protectors are sitting in a centralised AC hall and discussing how to save the mother earth. Like this Everyone wants to show their finger towards the other but never notice that the remaining 4 fingers are towards him.
Everyone however small it is should contribute their might for protecting the environment. Here I remember a small story. In olden days a King asked all the families in his kingdom to pour one bottle of milk in the vessel kept near his building. One bottle for one family is what the King asked. All families thought that everyone will pour milk and if we alone pour a bottle of water no one can understand that we have put water. But all people thought the same and in the evening when the king asked his people to go and see, there is no milk in that vessel but only water is there in that vessel. This is what is exactly happening now. All talk about the environment but nobody really interested in the environment. Their comfort is more important than the environment.

Author: T.M.Sankaran21 Jul 2018 Member Level: Gold   Points : 7

The environment is most important as far as any living organism is concerned. Human beings are not exceptions. Actually, life forms appeared on this earth because the environmental conditions were suited. All those which appeared in the beginning could not continue here since there were changes taking place in the environment. As a result of these changes, new species came up which could develop the resistance to environmental changes.

Among the latest entries, human beings are the one which could control and make changes in the environment. These changes were not always environment friendly. Naturally, environment had to react and continue this resistance. Now we are at the peak of destroying environment through all means, like polluting air and water, destroying forests, hills and mountains. Cutting trees in country side and constructing huge concrete mansions are not helping the environment. Polluting available water sources and creating hurdles for the retention of water will lead to the destruction of life forms on the earth, ultimately. Hence the protection of environment must be given the most important priority by all countries and the authorities. All individual must do their best to see that they do not pollute the environment.

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