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Smartphone addiction- Symptoms, Effects and Steps to get out of it.

In the present day world, Smartphone is one of the utmost needs of human being. But most of the times, its usage is turned into addiction. How can we detect it? What it can cause and how can we prevent or get out of it. Read this article for complete details.


Smartphone is one of the greatest inventions of science and it has transformed the way of living entirely. It has generated livelihood and jobs for crores of people and today no one can imagine their life without smartphones. Right from opening it after getting up from sleep to checking it before going to sleep, there will be only very fewer time people don't stare at their Smartphones. This habit is seen in lots of students as well as young generations. That means they are gradually getting addicted to it. This has become to such a level that even Google and Apple are adding features in Android and IOS to show people how much they are using their phone so that they can cut the unnecessary usage.

The need of using Smartphone:

Yes, using a smartphone is a must and a need for this generation. Smartphone is involved in almost all the daily activities in our life, right from setting an alarm to wake up in the morning on time, Communicating with friends through social media platforms, Instant Messaging apps, going through News, watching some fun videos on YouTube when you feel stressed, getting some answers from Google when you are not aware of something, capturing memories through Camera, listening to Music, navigating using Maps and Gaming to get away of boredom and many more. The list is very long. For some people like cab drivers, online shoppers and delivery people, this is considered as part of their livelihood.

Symptoms of Smartphone addiction:

We need to use Smartphone as per the need and as much as required. But there will be a limit to everything as it shouldn't turn as an Addiction. These are some of the addiction symptoms which one can notice:

  • People will seem lost if they don't have their phone with them for few minutes.
  • Some people were not talking to people even if they are with friends and just staring at their smartphones.
  • Some people's anxiety increases every minute that some message would have come for me, some update will be there for me etc.
  • Few people were noticed just scrolling their Facebook, Instagram news feed for hours.
  • Some people have fear of missing out on messages and they want to reply as soon as they can.
  • People will have trouble concentrating on any activity and cannot complete the given work on given time.
  • Some people will not get proper sleep at night.

Some studies have revealed important facts regarding this smartphone addiction that more than 70% of people check their smartphones within 30 minutes – 1 hour after they wake up and more than 55 % of people check their smartphones before they go to sleep. This number seems to be growing day by day as the number of smartphones got increased and internet availability is also increasing. The worst thing is this is getting into kids as well.

Smartphone addiction effects on kids:

In previous generation, kids used to go out and play for some time every day to get themselves free from boredom as well as to enjoy some time. There was no availability of smartphones to them during those days. But nowadays, kids are spending their free time playing games and watching videos on smartphones. Kids are preferring playing virtual games on phones than going out and playing physical games outside. Parents are also getting their kids used to the phones whenever they cry and as due to curiosity level of kids, they easily get attracted towards those games. They are losing all the benefits they will get when they used to play outside with other kids of their age group. When they interact with other kids, they get to know how to talk with other people and help them in building their behavior, habits etc. which are the basic pillars of that kid's attitude when he became an adult. They also get to know what is good, what is bad at that age when they interact with other people. This all will be missed by the child and smartphone won't teach all these things. They don't get to know the real enjoyment of playing and spending time with friends and feel that spending time with the phone is better than spending energy playing outside. This is one of the reasons for lack of physical activity in kids of this generation, which is rising gradually.

Effects of Smartphone addiction on Adults:

  • Nomophobia : This is the fear of being without phone. People will be so addicted such that they don't want to leave your phone a lot. They can't bear the absence of signal or want to maintain full battery so that you won't leave your phone.
  • Insomnia(Deprived of proper sleep) : . When people look at the screen during the night for long times, the brain will not produce melatonin, a hormone which tells "it's time to sleep" for our body. Because of this, one cannot have proper sleep which in turn causes indirect effects such as increase in stress, anxiety and other health issues.
  • Increase of attention seeking : This arises because of over usage of social media and internet. You will be always thinking of posting something on social media so that you can seek attention of some people. This will never end and keeps on growing.
  • Loneliness : People will think spending time with smartphone will give them relief from loneliness and depression. But they are spending whole time on smartphones and are keeping them isolated from real life friends and family, thus further increasing their loneliness and getting more into depression.
  • Feeling virtual relationships are better than the real relationships : This is just extension of previous point. Even though people are with their friends and family, they prefer to use their smartphones instead of spending some quality time with them. This will raise the gap between them and again leads to loneliness or depression.
  • Increasing stress and anxiety : The more the usage of Smartphones, there will be an increase in anxiety and stress. As they are waiting for the messages to come and to respond to them, this is the point that creates anxiety in them. If they don't receive any, then some sort of disappointment will come which will turn into stress after some time. These anxiety and stress will lead to other related psychological problems like OCD. nowadays Google and Apple are adding updates in their operating systems to show their customers how much time they are spending on their smartphones so that they can cut the unnecessary usage.
  • Lack of concentration in doing things : This is just extension of above point. Once People got that stress and anxiety, they cannot concentrate on one thing not more than few minutes, as their brain again want to check their smartphone whether some update has come or not.

How to get out of the Smartphone addiction:

  • People have to admit it that they are addicted to their phone and decide that they need to get out of that addiction. That's the first step. Without that determination, they cannot stay away from your phone.
  • Fix some deadlines and reduce the usage gradually : People can set some timelines to themselves that they shouldn't think of their phone for next 15 mins or 30 mins and gradually increase that time and decide that they should use the phone only it's necessary.
  • Switch off the mobile phones when there is no need for it.
  • Develop other hobbies/habits such as reading books, doing yoga, playing your favorite physical games to spend the free time other than using the smartphone.
  • People should try to spend more time with their friends and family so that they won't get the thought of using the smartphone during that time.
  • Keep the kids away from your smartphones as much as possible. Allow them to play with other kids around your house and explain to them the enjoyment of having friends.
  • Keep monitoring your kid's phone usage and make sure they won't get addicted to it.


Though Smartphone is the need of the day, the excessive and unnecessary use of it will lead to anxiety, stress and other psychological issues. Remember this point always- "Anything Excess is always not good". Use the smartphone nicely but don't get addicted to it and if you already are addicted then take gradual steps to come out of it and enjoy the real world more than the virtual one.


Author: Umesh15 Jun 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

A very informative and exhaustive article on addiction of smartphone and how to get out of it.

It is really an unfortunate scenario that many of us are addicted to this gadget so much that visualizing the life without it does not seem possible.

The first and foremost remedy which we can try is to give a good gap as much as possible between its usage. We should not do small small jobs on it continuously. More we can tolerate the gap, more we will be out of its clutches. It is advisable to club all small tasks together and then complete them at a time and say good bye to this evil for at least 3 - 4 hours.

It is easy to tell but difficult to practice it. What we can try is do not keep it in your pocket rather keep in the backpack or bag you are carrying. Keep it in silent mode. You can always contact the person later. What is the hurry?

Self control is the key to get away from this unnecessary indulgence and if we try it is not very difficult.

Author: K Mohan18 Jun 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

Yes smart phone addiction is spreading not only among the youth and young ones but also with elders, thanks to the over usage of social media through which every one glued to the cell. So the best way to get rid of the mania is to keep away the phone from our reach. That means we should not keep the phone in our shirt , hand bag or the pant pockets, instead keep it in the dicky of the vehicle and forget it for a while. For me I have completely removed the whats app from my phone and I do come into the groove of social media for two hours in a day and that's all. So what I mean to say that we must restrain ourselves from the over usage and we are going to suffer in long run. By over usage and becoming addict to the cell phone, we are slowly rejecting the real friends, relatives who wants to meet us and talk.

Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao19 Jun 2018 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

Too much is never advisable. Even the best sweet also if we eat daily we will get bored and we don't feel like eating. But these days the same thing is not happening with smartphones. The more you use, the more you are getting addicted to it. Many students are wasting their time on these smartphones and not concentrating on their studies. Many employees are wasting their time on these phones and productivity has come down. A housewife sending more time for this and she is losing her interest in the works. All people of all ages are getting addicted to it.
At this present position, I don't find any way to come out of this habit by many people. Keeping the phone in silent mode and concentrating on other work is one way of coming out this habit.

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