Top 3 Self-defense classes for women in Chennai

You do not have to be out late at night to be molested, mugged or feel threatened and unsafe. Unscrupulous elements can strike anytime. But, if you know a few self-defense techniques, you can fight your attacker. Join self-defense classes in Chennai and learn how to be safe.

Women in Chennai are safe, compared to their counterparts in other parts of the country. Well, that is what the surveys have us believe. Yet, it is not uncommon to find at least one incident of chain-snatching and/or mugging, in the morning newspaper. Women are often reported to be victims of vicious attacks, by stalkers, ex-flames and estranged husbands. So, are women really safe? Maybe not.

Each time a vicious attack makes headlines it heralds debates on women's safety and suggestions fly out about self-defense classes to be made mandatory in schools and colleges. Much blah, blah! And that's it – all the hullaballoo soon comes to an end, until something more important hits the nations. But, then the same debates make a comeback once another heinous crime makes the news.

The point I am highlighting is that not much is being done for women's safety. I don't blame the authorities for it is actually a mammoth task, given the size and population of our cities. It is impossible to guard and have safety mechanisms on every nook and corner.

Women continue to remain vulnerable to attacks, more so because they are often physically weaker than their attackers. And this is true of women all over the world. In the light of all this, can women feel safe, anywhere? Is it possible for women to fight back and ward off attacks? The answer is a roaring YES!

Women can defend themselves if they know the art of self-defense. This is something that is discussed on every single debate surrounding women's safety. Self-defense involves techniques and manoeuvres that allow you to disarm and immobilise attackers, giving you time to run for safety. Most self-defense methods have been imbibed from martial arts.

A number of self-defense centres dedicated to the specific need for women's safety have cropped up in Chennai. Previously, karate was one of the few martial arts that people had heard of. Chennai witnessed an influx of various programmes where effective lessons on self-defense are imparted to women.

Combat Kinetics

Combat Kinetics conduct self-defense programmes, tailored for women, at multiple venues around Chennai. Combat Kinetics has built itself a name for inculcating the right attitude in its students. That's a great step forward, for you can fight back when you believe you can.

They combine physical fitness, mental strength, and self-defense classes as part of their programme. The programme is basically based on fundamental principles of ancient Indian martial art forms and blends them with modern day techniques, like the –

This combination of techniques packs a powerful punch when it comes to self-defense. They arm you with crucial tips that come in when you are under attack. They help you to remain calm and quickly gauge the situation and teach you how to react, without losing time. They are a great confidence building exercise, which teaches you to outsmart your attacker.

Image source: Combat Kinetics official website

Combat Kinetics remains one the best-designed self-defense programme that aims at developing multi-level skills, with its planned curriculum. Physical and mental training remains an imperative part of the programme, as these are crucial factors that help you to fight back. Fighting tactics and techniques to disarm an armed person are also taught.

If this programme sounds interesting you can attend a free trial session at any Combat Kinetics studio. Visit Combat Kinetics website for details on the programmes they offer, locations and fees.

Contact details

Mobile: 9791158888

Sherwood Hall School,
13th Avenue, Chetpet,
Chennai 600031

#4/222, Kalpataru Hobby Centre,
Palavakkam Main Rd,
Chennai 600041

#2, Landons Rd,
Telecom Quarters, Kilpauk,
Chennai, 600010

#21 Greams Road,
Thousand Lights, (Opp MRF)
Chennai, 600006

#30 Cenotaph Road,
Chennai 600018

#63, 12 Cross St, 2nd Main Rd,
SVS Nagar, Valasaravakkam,
Chennai 600087


KravMaga operates from eight centres across Chennai, with new centres on the anvil. Krav Maga combat system is recognised and practiced internationally, as a unique combat system. The style of combat was initially designed for Tzahal, the Israeli Defence Forces.

How can something that was devised for the military serve as self-defense, for the common person on the streets? Interestingly, Krav Maga is not about the use of weaponry, instead, it is hand to hand combat technique. Krav Maga translates to 'Contact Combat' in Hebrew. It is a style of self-defense wherein the body is used as a shield and a weapon. And by 'body' I mean, your hands, arms, legs etc.

The KravMaga advertises the programme as –"Practical Street-smart Self-defence for the common man or woman, with average fitness. No strings attached!" In short, it's perfect for anyone, willing to go that extra length to ensure their own safety.

Image source: KravMaga official website

At KravMaga members learn to handle crisis situations and survive. A life situation where you are under attack or there is a danger to your life can be termed as a crisis.

The training follows a holistic approach with stress and anger management lessons part of its programme. Participants are taught to recognise crisis situations and act judiciously.

Krav Maga is neither a sport nor a form of martial art. It doesn't call for extreme fitness or great strength and this is what makes it an ideal self-defense programme for women. It is a perfect programme for women irrespective of age, weight, and height or fitness level. The Krav Maga techniques taught at the academy are safe and easy on the one hand and extremely effective on the other. It is a well-thought-out, well-structured self-defense programme. The programme is especially restructured to suit Indian women.

Explore various training schedules on offer or locate a training academy on the KravMaga official website.

Contact details

Mobile: 9340006600


S-K.A.P.E is an abbreviation for 'Shorei-kan Assault Prevention & Evasion'. It is a self-defense programme conducted in T.Nagar, in the heart of Chennai. The course is split into different levels, with beginners starting at Level -1. This is a twelve week/three-month course, with an hour-long class every Tuesday and Saturday. The class schedule is fixed for 17:00-18:00hrs on Tuesdays and 14:00-15:00hrs on Saturdays. On completion, participants undergo a rigorous simulation test, after which they can opt for advanced levels of training.

Image source: S-K.A.P.E official website

Shihan S Haribabu the Technical Director of S-K.A.AP.E is trained in various forms of martial arts, including karate, from distinguished masters in Japan, the US, and Italy. With over forty years of expertise behind him, he is regarded highly as a self-defense trainer. The self-defense training programme offered at S-K.A.P.E is designed explicitly keeping in mind the most likely threats Indian women are susceptible to.

S-K.A.P.E was established with the idea of imparting simple, yet practical and workable self-defense skills and strategies to women and men in India. Women can enroll for these self-defense lessons at S-K.A.P.E, and stand to gain immensely from them. The techniques taught at the academy are inspired by conventional martial art forms and tailored to tackle real-life threats people are most likely to encounter.

The self-defense lessons are ideal for the everyday Chennai woman, as they are designed after taking into consideration the various traditional and societal settings, clothing constraints, workplace culture, and a lot more. In a way, it teaches specific skills which women can be comfortable practicing or using against attackers. S-K.A.P.E equips and empowers women with handy and viable skills that can be applied in times of threats to resist attempts of molestations and assaults, rape and kidnapping etc.

Just visit the official websitefor a preview of the programme.

Contact details

Bengal Association, New#65, Old#29,
Giri Road, T.Nagar,
Chennai -600017
Mobile: 99626 10051

Don't wait for something awful to happen. Take your safety into your hands and prepare yourself to handle every dangerous situation. You do not want to be another victim of crime. Self-defense lessons can help you protect yourself and your property. Join a self-defense class today.

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