Hitch your Wagon to a Star: How to Dream Big

What does Hitch your wagon to a Star mean? It simply means that we should have very big goals in life. See the big picture. Formulate action plans for getting there. Get ready to face challenges. Take the challenge of the unknown, head on. This is exactly what is meant by the phrase. Some dimensions of the same are discussed in some detail in this article.


No matter where we are at the moment, in terms of our present position, we can always Hitch our wagon to a Star, that is aim, very high in life and also get there, to the maximum extent possible. To do this, we need to a) Continuously dream about Big goals b) Explore all possibilities and alternatives c) Constantly innovate to go ahead and d) learn from every single experience. These points are discussed in some detail in the following paragraphs.

Continuously Dream about Big Goals

While we continuously dream about Big goals, we are restless. The urge to perform, the urge to make a huge difference will make a huge difference. The urge to make it big will simply not allow us to sleep

The illustrious late Dr Abdul Kalam hit the nail on the head, when he talked about dreams. Incredibly honest, Dr Kalam lived his dream of a modern India, and inspired thousands of people, particularly youngsters to think big and also contribute to scientific innovations. "Dream is not that which you see while sleeping, it is something that does not let you sleep".

Here is one example of an entrepreneur who did what Dr Kalam said, and more. More than three decades ago, when he had just Rs.18,000 in hand, a v"ery young man,started manufacturing shampoo in a small room, got a vehicle hired with a loudspeaker, went around to some twenty villages surrounding Cuddalore, a small town in North Tamil Nadu, and dumped his product in all the small retail shops, telling them, that he would collect money after the product was sold. He went around in the van, announcing his product. He also took a video shot of an assistant doing the washing of the dirty head of a small boy, free of cost, with the shampoo, called Chik, and advertised it in the local "mobile" theaters, in those days. Today, those kinds of "mobile theaters", where at Tamil movie would be screened for just two weeks and the theater will move to another village is history.

But history, his young man did make. The shampoo created a demand in the villages, that he was not even able to service. Armed with more money, he made fresh investments, and came via the village route only, to the big towns and then the entire Tamil Nadu. Today, the company that he owns, called Cavinkar Pvt Limited, is a two thousand crore company with several successful brands like Meera shampoo, the Nyle Shampoo and so on.

The man called C.K. Ranganathan, is a marketing wizard. The sales happened because he was able to dream big. He had a vision of where and how he wanted to go. He is not alone. There have been several examples of other entrepreneurs who have made it big, by dreaming big and getting several action plans in place to realize their dreams.

Exploring all Possibilities and Alternatives

When exploring all possibilities and alternatives, we need to note that we do not have any alternative at all. We need to become multi-skilled and multi-faceted in our approach. For instance, many graduates in computer science, with either a B.Sc degree or even a B.Tech degree are unemployed for only one reason: they lack a Vision.

Today, the IT field in vastly converging into cloud computing, SAP, and robotics, apart from Artificial Intelligence. If one has a very good academic record, he or she just needs a bank loan, to pursue a Post graduate degree in Australia or Singapore, and then take up a good job in the chosen field. This is because the advanced research and the conceptual knowledge pertaining to such advanced research is still not there in India. We are good at copying other's models, or merely buying technologies from abroad. For instance, our own cell phone industry is yet to answer the challenge from Nokia or even Samsung. We still do not find standard products that can give a run for their money to these giants.

So, the question of possibilities and alternatives is very real. Internet penetration is still not very viable in India. The secret is to go to places where it is fine, and then take up careers. This possibly explains why a huge migration happens to Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore, where the IT revolution has already happened.

The most important point is that the possibilities and alternatives are totally person-specific. A lot would depend on his or her position. However, he or she compulsorily needs to anchor present efforts and go the full mile to realize the opportunities thrown by the possibilities and alternatives.

There is no other way.

Constantly Innovate to go ahead

Constantly innovating to stay ahead is a huge imperative. Take the Cavinkare example, discussed above. It was a master stroke to get the video shown in the local mobile theater, a place where thousands come to see the movie. In those days, the ticket price was as less as five rupees. So, it was a superb innovation.
Hence, hitch your wagon to a Star, right away!!

Several other entrepreneurs have also innovated. Knowing fully well that the double roasted varieties of wheat and rava will have a huge market, Naga, the brand delivering both, has done so well. Himalalaya drugs for example, is a perfect example, of highly innovative Indian products, all suited to satisfy the local tastes and need for indigenous medicine.

Learning from every single experience

Learning from every single experience, is a vital aspect of hitching one's wagon to a Star. We cannot afford any costly mistakes. We may even have career choices. It is better to take a very informed decision about such career choices. For example, between Marketing and HR as a field of specialization, in the MBA course and a career thereafter, it is fine to choose Marketing, as HR is now becoming more legalistic in approach and the old fire-fighting methods in factories are back with a vengeance.

So, one should discuss with those already in the field, for example. This learning is also person-specific. Our experiences teach us endurance, patience, and formation of right attitudes. We also become thick skinned, which is just about fine, in today's circumstances.

So, go ahead and hitch your wagon to a Star, right away.


Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao22 Jun 2018 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

Dreaming big and making the dreams realise is the secret of a successful man's life. I know a boy who was from a middle class in a village. He was asked to go for B.Ed after his graduation. But the boy has different thoughts. He pursued his family and continued his studies and completed his doctorate which is the dream of that boy. After that, he was advised to go as a lecturer. But again his dreams were different. He started his career and raised to the top Director of the company as a member of Board of Directors. Again a dream of him come true. That is how he made his dreams come true and also made his family members settle well in their lives. The parents are very happy. So it is always a matter of pride to dream big and stretch maximum to make that dream come true. A good article by the author which should inspire all the young people and come up in their lives.

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