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Value of common sense in human life

It is perfectly fine for any of us to acquire qualifications and work experience. Nothing succeeds like common sense in every small thing we do. Those who understand the value of common sense always do very well in every field of their life. This article is an attempt at discussing some facets of common sense.


Common sense as they say is not common. That is we fail to notice it very often. We regret years later. Common sense in very simple terms refers to something that is very obvious. It will happen based on current data available with us. It is also the most obvious thing that will happen and we need to just understand how this works. This article is an attempt in this direction.

How to understand common sense

We can understand common sense only from the field, or from the real world and even from the experiences of others. Let us take just one example. We all know that there should be some sort of transport to take goods from one place to another. For example, look around and see the thousands of lorries on the road. They crisscross the entire country.

There is an ever green profession called Supply Chain Management that is slowly coming into all this. Some wise IT guys have started start ups in this profession. Since more and more small organizations take the service of such start ups that manage all IT infrastructure, every single start up will simply make more money. This is essentially a business to business model which is so powerful. The scope the scope is so high. In other start ups like the taxis where the aggregation of taxis and the service is key, the consumer is benefited. But the owners are always grumbling a lot. This is because the returns are becoming less. However it still works. The start up has to constantly innovate to stay alive though.

Here comes another example. The sheer pressure of builders will force the State Governments to do something about road infrastructure. Since the middle classes will go to the heart of the city and get holed up in the 500 square foot apartments, those who are not well off need to go farther for their rented houses at reasonable prices. Is it wise to buy an an independent house in such localities or a costly apartment in the city?

Any person with some common sense will just choose the former. The areas surrounding the city are also developing. It is even wise to buy a small residential house that is even ten years old, demolish it partly and set up a first floor. This is mainly because the land value will simply shoot up in such areas. However the apartments will loose value as they age. New buyers will find far better choices at the same prices. What might be the result? The flats and apartments will not fetch fancy prices.

Common sense is there in everything we see. Thanks to a total lack of time of the middle class, a new and challenging business of A to Z marriages has come into action. The guys who specialize in what is called "thematic weddings" are growing day after day. They have a big contract with the A to Z marriage guys. The event managers are laughing all the way to the bank.

My question is : will this tribe grow? The answer is a resounding yes. The logistics nightmare of getting everything in place is going to make every middle class family search for such professionals, who know what to do. Result? Higher costs. The business will sustain though. This is because there are always people willing to pay the higher prices.

Why to switch to Entrepreneurship

Those who are stuck in middle management positions at the age of 45 are really uncertain when the axe will fall on them. Common sense dictates that the non-taxed agricultural produce will always find a huge market.

Guess what? A growing tribe of IT professionals have purchased land in the villages some one hundred kilometers from Chennai. These places are just five kilometers from the Chennai to Bangalore highway. They have taken the help of experts and farmers to grow vegetables, the organic way. A little bit of research and native common sense of the elders have helped them too. The results are there to see.

Each of the six partners walks all the way to the bank. Their non-taxable income of one lakh rupees per month is a far better return that what they would have earned in their jobs. They have best of both worlds. Their sons study in the city. Commutation is never a problem. The inter-city buses that run with a frequency of one in every five minutes helps them to reach Chennai in less than three hours.

Their decision to turn to entrepreneurship is based on sheer common sense. There is a growing tribe of IT professionals who are engaged in such interesting ventures. They have buy back arrangements from vendors in the Koyambedu market in Chennai. The transport cost is borne by the buyer. The produce fetches a good return.

Of course, this is a pan India happening. Once the right market is identified, sky is the limit. Ex-IIT professionals with twenty years of experience are now into IIT JEE coaching. Guess what? The scope is tremendous. It is growing day after day. Medical doctors with a roaring practice have set up NEET coaching centres with local experts. This trend cannot be stopped.

Look for the signals that are so obvious

Common sense throws up the most obvious signals. These signals are based on current data. But we need to extrapolate them. The multinational giants are experts in this respect. When they knew the emergence of a strong IT crowd in each of the metros which is totally cosmopolitan with snobbish values, they came in.

The KFCs and the Domino Pizzaas created a new market, where none existed. The rest, as they say is history. The native outfits offering traditional food items have innovated too. After all not everybody is into IT. Even here those with huge disposable incomes, better watch out for the danger signals. Even some more violence against Pakistan can mean great tension and huge disturbance in capital markets. Foreign capital can fly out of the country anytime. The IT industry is not growing at the same pace. Even BPOs face fresh competition from countries such as Indonesia. This trend throws up interesting possibilities. BPO salaries will stagnate or even go down.

The signals have to be understood clearly. Common sense dictates that we keep our eyes and ears wide open. The service sector entrepreneurs are the ideal case studies in this respect. Learn every day through common sense.

Yes, nothing succeeds like common sense. Well as much as success itself does!


Author: K Mohan23 Jun 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 2

Very nice and inspirational article from the author. Yes I am also of the view that we are not exploring ourselves to the potential and we give chance others to suggest attempts from our side for sure success. That means those who are known to us are closely watching our moves and we ourselves are not probing the full potential or the draw backs within us. So when we use the common sense in every bit pf work and attempt, surely there would be more keen acceptance and agreeing to our view points and thus a surge in progress is guaranteed and expected. But again one should not have the fear complexion.

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