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Self-motivation : How to make it work in your life

Self-motivation is the art of having a very big urge to achieve bigger things without any external stimulus. This can happen through enhanced self realization, living it right now, and going ahead based on all available resources. This article explains each of these three steps in some detail.


When we are bombarded by all complexities of a real world, with so much of negativity and helplessness, we do feel dazed. We are uncomfortable and somewhat demotivated. However, we still need to motivate ourselves and this is called Self-motivation. This can happen when we have a good level of what is called self realization and then developing a habit of living every moment as it were. That is doing things purposely. The third step is going ahead based on whatever we have in terms of resources. Each of these three steps is discussed in some detail.

Self Realization

Self realization is a continuous process. In applied psychology, there is this superb model of self-awareness which is called Johari Window, which has four quadrants. (please see the attachment). The first area is an area that is known to self and also to others. This is the Open area, also known as free area. For example, we know a colleague Mr Raghavan, as a very helpful person based on all his observable behavior. The blind area is the second quadrant, where others know about us but we are ignorant about it. For example, we might be biting our nails unconsciously but others would have noticed it very often. The third area is one where we maintain some secrets that are known to us but unknown to others. This is called the hidden area. The fourth quadrant is an area which is unknown to us, and to others too. This is the unknown area.

When we are frank with others, that is people very close to us, we reduce our blind area. The more we reduce our blind area, the more effective we become. This is how the process of self realization starts.

There is no need to attend a workshop or seminar to understand this simple model. When we sit in a group of say, six very close friends, sharing of our anxieties, urgent priorities and so on, will enable others also to chip in with their observations, which will lead to fresh insights. For example, if you explain to five others that you are unsure about securing a job based on your present qualification, your friends may network with others in say, Mumbai, and impress upon you to move to that city. This realization comes only when you share your anxiety with them. This is what is called transparency.

The model is very simple. It can work even within a family of four people. It is a really superb model and it has been proved to be very effective in all settings.

Developing the habit of living every moment

The process of developing the habit of living every moment after self-realization is not mere time management, though it is inclusive of time management. For instance considering the above mentioned example, it will involve a frank discussion about the alternative available which is going urgently to Mumbai. Imagine you are from distant Nagercoil, and you need to convince your parents about it. Involving your close friends who are there to help you in convincing your parents is one vital step of this simple "here and now" action. In applied behavioral science, the experts always refer to this "here and now" situation. This situation pertains to the baby steps that we need to take. In this example, the consent of the parents, the planning for resources, the date of departure and such other details have to be worked out immediately. These baby steps result in self-motivation, as it is you who lives the experience. It is you who is empowered. This is the most important point in any "here and now" situation. The inputs might have come from friends but the realization happens to you. This is exactly what is called self-realization.

In the above mentioned example, the firm decision to move to Mumbai is the self-realization.

Similar self-realizations can happen in any situation. Many successful entrepreneurs have always come through this process of self-realization.

Moving ahead based on available resources

Moving ahead with all available resources is the third step. The process of self-motivation is complete when we have acted after the process of self-realization. Please do note that this process of self-realization is always a journey not a destination. There is absolutely no full stop anywhere.

Going back to the above example, even after joining the job in Mumbai, the process of another self-realization in terms of facing all realities of the hectic Mumbai life will unfold itself. Take this real world example. A friend of mine, whom with a inter pass in ICWA examination, packed his bags to Mumbai six years ago.

The Mumbai realities hit him hard. He got a job almost immediately with a leading Pharma company, in their head office. He only had a friend who shared his accommodation for a few days. Thereafter, based on very good feedback from an office colleague, he moved to Mira Road to take up a cheaper accommodation. The commutation was horrible. Yet, he realized that short term sacrifices will help him move ahead.

His hard work did not go unnoticed. He was promoted Asst. Manager when he had completed the Cost Accounting course in three years time. The Management acquired another unit near Chennai and he was made in-charge of that unit too. He was quickly promoted as Manager.

He then immediately married his own colleague in the same office with similar qualification, but working in a slightly different role. They got on well with each other and decided to get married. Within just six months, both of them jointly took a loan for forty lakhs, pumped in whatever they had, and purchased an old flat from a friend for sixty lakhs in Mulund. This helped them to cut their travel time by over sixty percent.

A very simple and useful model

The Johari Window model can work wonders in anyone's life. You just need to understand it. However, please do not use it with people in whom you do not have trust or negative people. These people will simply pull you down even if they know your strengths in any given situation. The closest friends, well wishers and close relatives are those who will really provide very good feedback for effective action.

The process of self-motivation starts with self-realization, but when we do things in a "here and now" situation and go ahead, you can really motivate yourself irrespective of the external environmental constraints. For, it is you who is self-motivated.

So get started right now.


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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao22 Jun 2018 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

Everyone should conduct SWOT analysis by self about him. What are his strengths and weaknesses? What are the opportunities and threats? Once he has done this analysis he will have a complete self-understanding. He has to work on his weaknesses and convert them also to his strengths. Then he will have more chances of being successful in his life. If he finds some threats he should work a plan and see that he will overcome those threats and he will be successful. Here self-motivation is very important. Waiting for someone to come and help us is futile. We have to take our own initiative and see that we will be out of difficulties. Self-motivation is the best way to come out of difficulties and improve upon our situation.

Author: Umesh22 Jun 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 5

A very exhaustive article by the author on the various aspects of motivation. It is true that motivation is the main fuel for the journey of success in our life.

Sometimes hurdles and adversaries are encountered in ones life and it creates a set back which drags the motivational and aspirational forces and one is bewildered and unclear in ones mind as to do what in that situation and to proceed to which direction. At that time a guide or mentor or friend is required who can not only solace and help but also encourage the individual.

Those who are coming out of such dark spells and again start struggle of life with same zeal and vigour are actually the highly motivated people. They will never be deterred in their efforts to progress ahead inspite of the difficulties encountered. They are the bench mark examples of high motivation in life and we should try to follow their traits if we also want to achieve something in life.

Author: K Mohan23 Jun 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 2

Every big achievers we see and move with them are those who reached their targets with the sheer help of self motivation and nothing else. There is no one near you than your consciousness. That means when you have done the work sincerely and the attempt was precise, but the end results happen to be different and not on the expected lines, then we have every right to self motivate ourselves. Because we know we have done the task, but the results were not in our ends and thus self motivation would prove way for next attempt and this time with more planning and interest to achieve.

Author: Nilesh11 Jul 2018 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

Personally, I feel the urge to do something good for your loved ones is the foremost thing for self motivation. Just a simple thought of buying a gift for your parents can make you work hard and motivate you to go further when you feel like giving up. You can never pay back them for what they have done but you can give them the satisfaction that their efforts in raising a kid were not in vain. Self motivation is that simple; just the urge to do something for your family and friends can help you in achieving great heights in your career.

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