How to create Aha! moments for sustained happiness

Those who experience Aha! moments are a very happy lot. They have so much of happiness on any day. They look optimistic. They do not waste their time on brooding over things they cannot control. They are always available to experiment more. And they are emotionally more stable. How does one do this? This article is an attempt at discussing some aspects of Aha! moments.


Every day of our existence we are faced with new problems. Problems of the real world. Problems that seem to be totally uncontrollable.

However, the most optimistic achievers in life are those who boldly face any crisis and share all the lighter moments of life. The Aha! moments of fun, of success and of happiness come to them more frequently than others. They seem to be having huge control over their emotions and their endurance capabilities that normally enables them to face any problem or crisis. Four vital aspects of such behavior and attitude are a) learning to have guts to face any problem b) learning to enjoy the lighter moments of life c) learning to be a lot more tolerant of ambiguity and d) having a lot more patience. Based on a number of real world true examples, some dimensions of these aspects are sought to be explained in this article.

Learning to have guts to face any problem or crisis

Learning to have guts to face any problem or crisis has a huge number of case studies for us to understand.

Some four decades ago there was a big problem that affected many people belonging to the Brahmin community in Tamil Nadu. Thanks to a huge uprising of the backward classes, the State Government brought in a massive amount of reservation in jobs and in educational institutions. This left just thirty one percent for the other castes. This included the Brahmin community as well.

Very intelligently, those with just a graduate degree in their hands migrated to Mumbai. Since they were essentially hard working, thousands of them found clerical jobs and found their way right to the top. Not one of them returned. At least sixty thousand of such men would have landed in Mumbai. Their families came later. Sheer hard work and determination made them stay back. Pooling all their resources back home, they have well settled in Mumbai. For, they were able to take loans to buy flats in developing localities. For example, Andheri in the mid 1980s was still a developing suburb. Those who were then into middle level management jobs purchased their flats very boldly. Today, they are owners of multi-crore properties.

How did this happen? Guts. The burning desire to achieve the Aha! moment. Their sons and daughters do not speak Tamil the way those in Tamil Nadu do. Yet, they are ultra modern, very highly educated and raring to go. They miss Mumbai even for a single day if they are outside the city.

Sample this for a true case study. Ganesan (name changed) came to Mumbai with a BA (Economics) degree from the University of Madras and got a job as an assistant in the HR department of a family managed company. Within three years, he acquired a Post-Graduate Diploma in Human Resources Management from the Bombay University, on a part-time basis. He went to acquire an MBA as well. And a Diploma in Training and Development. Taking on huge responsibilities was his natural way of getting noticed.

Recognition came his way. He was promoted as an Asst Manger (HR). Since his boss was indisposed, he had the rare opportunity of negotiating a settlement with the recognized trade union. The Management recognized him and promoted him as Sr. Manager (HR). He never looked back. When the boss retired shortly, he became the General Manager and later on, Corporate Vice President. His knowledge of Hindi and Marathi was so good he was able to learn all the tricks of the trade so quickly. There are thousands like him in Mumbai today.

Ditto for those members of the Nadar community of Tamil Nadu who have set up the grocery shops. They had guts to migrate to Mumbai. The rest is history. Aha! moments of success comes with guts.

Learning to enjoy the lighter moments of life

By learning to enjoy the lighter moments of life, tough people also have several Aha! moments that give a big break from the routine mundane life. I would often chat with Mr Ganesan quoted above, in the local Mumbai trains. Mr Ganesan would quickly pick up conversations with others and get to know the market trends with salaries. He would even spot talent this way. His sense of humor was so good that many friends in such EMU trains would drop in for a chat in his office. He used this technique to identify contacts through whom he could get managerial talent into his company, without any investment in advertising for such posts! All the while, his sense of humor used to stand him in good stead.

Learning to enjoy the lighter moments can also come from a free mind that is divorced of whatever happens in the office. This is easier said than done. However, if one sincerely attempts to do it, it is possible. This can also come by admiring nature, going to open parks or even to temples where one can get to the top and just enjoy the ambiance and the city view. In short, learn to free our minds and have very good humor to back us in such situations. Aha! moments will automatically happen to us.

Learning to be more tolerant of ambiguity

In the aftermath of the 2001 global crisis, the real winners were those who won the battle of the stock markets. To give a specific example, a stock like TVS Motors (then called TVS Suzuki), was selling very cheap. Two brokers read the interview of its Chairman, Mr Venu Srinivasan that they were investing a huge amount of time and money in training. This offered a sufficient clue. They purchased stocks for two lakh rupees. When the market was stable, the price of this stock shot up ten times.

When I asked the stock brokers how they predicted the change, they merely replied that they were confident that the company would see better times because the Management was committed to change initiatives. They were simply tolerant. They had lost some money. But their attitude of tolerance helped them to survive. When we become more tolerant when there is so much of ambiguity, a shrewd understanding of ground realities does help. It not only requires guts, it also requires tact. A shrewd ability to read signals rightly.

Aha! moments automatically come to such people.

Having a lot of patience

Patience is the key. When a person is patient, Aha! moments come one's way. Like those who have made it big in Chennai. There used to be huge negative perceptions about life in Chennai city, in the nineties in the minds of the North Indians. They would tend to think that since they knew only Hindi well, they will face a huge problem. That perception has since changed. Those who have had patience to enjoy the culture and the people, more so, in the IT sector, have even stayed back in Chennai. For one, the city has excellent schools and colleges. So, when one gets used to the city, Aha! moments follow. Since Chennai is also a hub for Carnatic music and a huge center for the entire film industry, new careers in event management have also come the way of those who were patient and settled down in the city. Aha! moments can come when one is patient.

Let's learn to enjoy life in the best manner possible. Aha! moments do make a huge difference. When we learn some basics of how it works, we can easily get to enjoy them in our life as well.

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Author: Umesh24 Jun 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 2

An excellent article on Aha! moments in life and how to have them forever. The narration is very flowing and gripping.

I will like to add that it is human nature to be bogged down by the tough and difficult times and sometimes a person may get demotivated and it so happens that he goes even in a state of depression and his activities are subdued tremendously. Unfortunately, some people remain in that stage never to recover and lose the energy to fight in life.

Every person cannot be so courageous and prudent as to take all the difficulties in its stride and start working rigorously even after repeated setbacks.

Anyway, we must do our efforts with all sincerely and try ourselves to be in happy moods so that we do not enter the dark world of failures, sadness and defeats.

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