Top ten vegetarian restaurants of Chennai

Chennai, the fourth largest city of India is also home to some of the finest restaurants offering the best and huge variety of vegetarian food. The food is very good and served in superb environs. The sheer variety of food available makes every visitor come again and again to such restaurants. Here is a list of ten superb restaurants that serve very good vegetarian food.


Chennai has some of the best vegetarian restaurants, catering to over an estimated ten hundred thousand people every day. These are the best in South India and the sheer variety is unimaginable. This article is an attempt at giving an inside view of these ten best vegetarian restaurants in Chennai.

#1: The Saravana Bhavan group of restaurants

This is the most famous chain of vegetarian restaurants. Unable to cater to the demand for sambar, this chain introduced priced sambar, for any helping that the customer asks in addition to the one given free of cost. Still thousands of customers simply drink sambar!! This chain has over fourteen restaurants in different parts of the city. The most famous of these is in the commercial district of T. Nagar. One does not need to have any phone numbers to identify the best. All the restaurants have the same taste of every single food item. This is because Saravana Bhavan has the Total Quality Management (TQM) philosophy built into its operations in each of its branches. One can have the typical South Indian food and all varieties of the North Indian food too. However, those from North India simply feast on everything that is South Indian. A huge variety is available. For example, a very item like Kozhukattai ( a sweet made out of jaggery and rice) is served in some places. Today, Saravana Bhavan has its restaurants in eighteen countries including USA. However, they have never deviated from the vegetarian brand.

#2 : The Adayar Anandha Bhavan group of restaurants

This is possibly the second best. It is also called the A2B group of restaurants. They have opened a huge number of branches all over the city. They also have sweet shops attached to their restaurants. The food is superb. Even lunch that is served in these restaurants is so tasty. In places like Velacheri, a suburb of Chennai, it is easy to enjoy a huge variety of dishes. The cost is quite high.

#3: The Vasantha Bhavan group of restaurants

This is another chain that is well known for the quality of its South Indian tiffin items. They have several branches. The one in Tambaram is very famous, as this is the transit point for thousands of passengers who board buses and trains throughout the way to reach various destinations in South Tamil Nadu. The quality of lunch is okay but not equal to that of the A2B.

#4 : The Sangeetha group of restaurants

This is possibly the third best, after Saravana Bhavan and A2B in terms of taste and service. It has a huge number of branches. It serves both the South Indian and the North Indian variety of dishes. The sheer variety of food and ambiance is very good in each of its branches.

#5 : The Murugan Iddli Kadai group of restaurants

Just walk into any of the branches. You will be swamped by servers who have iddlis, perfectly soaked in chilli powder. It is very spicty. But the specialty of this group of restaurants is variety of South Indian dishes. There is one very near the Central Station. Here the lunch is okay.

#6 : The Krishna group of restaurants

This comes from the very famous Krishna sweets group of Coimbatore that is well known for their variety of Mysore Pak, a delicacy made out of pure ghee. The South Indian dishes are quite tasty. The Vadapalani outfit is quite nice in terms of taste, particularly for the lunch.

#7 : The High way Inn, Poonamalee

This is right on the Chennai to Bangalore Highway at Poonamalee, which is a fully developed suburb of Chennai. This restaurant is very famous for its "ghee dosa" and at least another thirty very good food items. The food is very tasty and the ample parking space in the front makes this a regular spot for the tourists. The standard of hygiene is very good indeed.

#8 : The GSS group of Restaurants

This is the restaurant chain of the most famous Grand Sweets and Snacks, a superb sweet shop at Adayar, which is a very posh locality of Chennai. Even though this is a relatively new chain, the taste is simply superb. In particular, the restaurant at Velacheri draws in a huge crowd of people from the IT industry every day as the IT firms are not far away in a locality called Taramani. Go over here for very tasty food, particularly the dosa varieties. The lunch is also okay.

#9 : The Ratna Cafe, Triplicane

The owners are reportedly from Uttar Pradesh. However today this restaurant has people who converge here from various parts of the city to just enjoy the quality of the sambar iddli, which is a very famous item. They have a small outlet at the Chennai Central Railway Station. The quality of food served at this restaurant is so good that there is such a huge crowd in the evenings. Please go over here for the superb quality of food.

#10 : The Hot chips group of Restaurants

This group is so famous for its brand of freshly made hot chips of both potato and banana. The oil is pure coconut oil. The owners are from Kerala. The restaurant chain is a diversification of their business. The chat items are very tasty here. The South Indian food is very tasty.


In addition to the above, there are a huge number of specialty chains that are more famous for their lunch as well as food served during the lunch hours. The items could be the sambar rice, curd rice and so on. The number of specialty restaurants is always on the increase. However for the tourists who are always on the move, the top ten mentioned above might be the best. More so, as the tourists particularly from North India, simply feast on the South Indian tiffin items even for lunch.

So now pack your bags and get ready to drink the tastiest sambar at Saravana Bhavan. And hop around to other places also. There are thousands of buses that take you to every single restaurant, and details are quickly available on the internet. Of course at places like T.Nagar, one may need to wait a little to get tables to sit during peak hours. The competition is also innovating day after day.

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Author: K Mohan23 Jun 2018 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

The author has nicely compared the best and top ten hotels which are available for the people to taste their favorite food. But Chennai is the scattered city which almost starts from the Arakonam to the Chengalpattu down South and from Tada to Kanchepuram etc. So when the people are scattered and have their own preference of having the food at their own place, I fear many may not venture to visit the famous restaurants as detailed above as the traveling time and traffic jams are main cause of concern. However those hotels listed above and located in the center of the city are surely thronged by many and happen to taste good food daily. Moreover some hotels has also opened their branch at the Chennai station and thus the taste of the items are already done at the Chennai station by many. Nevertheless , those who want a change in daily routine of food and taste, they can have the try in above mentioned hotels.

Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao23 Jun 2018 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

In Madras, there are many good restaurants and even small restaurants also will supply very delicious foods. My Sister stays in Chennai. My another sister's son is also in Chennai. So many times I had been to Chennai. Many visits I paid to Chennai on my officials works also. As told by the author " The Saravana Bhavan" is the best and agree with the author.

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