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Where is God: in search of the Almighty

He is everywhere, but not easy to find. This Article endeavors to co-relate Man & society across ages to His existence, his attempts to understand Him & the ultimate realization of His presence in our hearts.

'God is everywhere, but you need an inner eye to see Him.'

His existence is indisputable & beyond doubt for most, & yet doubtful for cynics. Since the commencement of human civilization & the rise of presence of consciousness of Natural phenomena beyond comprehension, Man has endeavored to link them to supernatural powers or beings. Most things inexplicable have been sanctified by him & either associated with single or multiple superpowers in different ages & settlements. Even different religions have tried to pacify this insecurity of his by providing for sacred rites & rituals, some simple & some too strange & intricate & some even perilous.

Death & other Mysteries

The greatest mystery for mankind has been Death & the subsequent happenings like re-incarnation, if any. Man is programmed naturally to fear & endeavor to escape death or loss of existence, like most beings. He has linked superpowers & termination of his life or Death so as to elude this ultimate truth of his life, which, till date has remained beyond his logic & dominance. Similarly, Sorcery, infamous as Black or Magic for pure entertainment, has more often than not, existed as a labyrinth for most human spectators. The vastness of the Universe & our molecular insignificance in it & even the awe of growling seas & destructive volcanoes & the instant & furious thunderbolts have all surprised & shocked him & he has been investigating & leaving no stone unturned to bring them under the reign of human logic & scientific reasoning. Man has also imagined of a World opposed to heaven & even saintly beings. The concepts of the Satan & the evil are all as antediluvian as the concepts of God & goodness.

The Modern Man

Things would have remained quite stationary & status quo would have persisted till eternity, if the emergence of the Modern Man & a general scientific curiosity not surfaced only a few centuries back, especially, due to the Western Renaissance & the Industrial Revolution. The contemporary man loves to find & refine the reasoning & science around him & is not afraid of venturing even outside our planetary space. Today's human efforts to bring everything under subservience of his minor & major researches, theories & hypothesizes. His curiosity is similar to the poking nose of a quadruped who tries to interpret everything with its gifted olfactory sense.

The Present Era

The last century has been witness to revolutionary changes in scientific inventions, technologies, general lifestyle & socio-cultural milieu. Man has not only made his life complicated in the process of simplifying & upgrading it or making it more comfortable, but has also made God & godliness a business, like his other pursuits. Man has begun to absorb the business of daily-life so wholly & allowed it to completely smother all his senses, that devotion & sacredness have become minuscule & insignificant portions of his diurnal itinerary. Further, the Modern mankind has also ensured the necessity of rites & rituals which quite easily replace the genuine religious devotion which he desires to offer & the only offering He actually wants to receive.

The Actuality

God & Nature have always taught mankind to co-exist & do so in a wholesome & tranquil manner. But, it is stunning to find among us, in all phases of human history, the self-declared, querulous satraps of religions, tribes, races, castes, color & even gender. This is the point where the physical needs & blind bigotry & power-hunger drive us to fool the gullible & betray the intelligent.

So, where to find Him

As is clear from the opening of this article, we need an inner sight to see Him & His blessings for Humans. If one desires to see Him actually, an inquisitive & devotional approach is required. He is omnipresent yet untraceable: this contradiction exists for those who endeavor to see Him outside. The easiest place is to find Him is inside, in our hearts, in deeds small & big, & in feelings of love & affection for others, who are related or unrelated to us. A stale chapatti given to a roadside urchin holds more sanctity than a thousand visits to God's assumed dwellings.


Sure, He is too vast & huge for us to realize Him in totality. But we can definitely 'realize' Him in all our deeds, thoughts & actions. He resides in the hearts of those who are forgiving & loving. After all, human life, its achievements & duration are too inconsequential, to be anything too serious to kill, maim or torture others for. He will always exist till eternity or even beyond it &, we, as particles of the ancient river of time will continue to pop up & down the flow till He wishes us to.

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Guest Author: suraj prakash pathak14 Jul 2018

GREAT things sir,its a matter of personal faith as you have mentioned but for them who are searching him outside,yes,surely he does exist ,physically and metaphysically as well,can't you see the lighted universe?

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