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Ten hot spots for entrepreneurship opportunities in Tamil Nadu

Since I have lived in Tamil Nadu for most of my life, I have closely observed what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur in various parts of Tamil Nadu. Those willing to start new enterprises or even wanting to expand existing ones, would like exact information of the scope of particular businesses. This article is an attempt to discuss, in some detail, the ten hot spots for the various opportunities.


Tamil Nadu is one State that has a huge service sector. There are several new service sector businesses coming up too. There is a big market for those who are willing to invest money. However, all the money that is invested should also fetch good returns. This article is an attempt at discussing the most important opportunities that present themselves, based on current trends. The Top Ten hot spots are their linkages with the neighbouring emerging small towns is also discussed in some detail.



Chennai is undoubtedly number one for entrepreneurship opportunities. There are some services, like for example, the A to Z household services that are now finding increasing markets. These have to be done very carefully. If an entrepreneur can provide electricians, plumbers, servant maids, home cooks and even teachers who can teach Mathematics, for example, within a five-kilometer radius, this is a huge market. More so in Velacheri, OMR, Mylapore and Anna Nagar. There is a huge market for food made out of the traditional organic cereals like millet. There are some costly hotels. If entrepreneurs can offer food at lower prices, the market is there for the asking.

If you are a doctorate n Physics, Mathematics or Chemistry, and you can teach well, pack your bags and go to places like Adayar and T.Nagar. There is a huge market for IIT JEE coaching. Age is just a number. If you are talented, the market is there for the asking.



Coimbatore has a lovely weather. It is so famous for engineering services. It has a huge industrial base. Mechanical engineers with some years of service can easily branch out on their own. Those who have Six Sigma skills and can train well will find a huge market. This city is also waiting to find good teachers of English. If you are Post Graduate or a doctorate, you can even merely take home tuition and still make as much money as you would, if you are in a regular job. Coimbatore lacks outfits selling the Mumbai snacks at a very reasonable price. Take a couple of good cooks from Mumbai, who can offer a very good quality of vada pav and pav bhajji, for instance. The market is still unexplored, but huge. There is a huge scope for the BPO units, even those that have Tamil as the base, in the areas surrounding this huge city. The manpower can be easily found too.



This big town is just one hundred kilometres from Coimbatore. It has so many entrepreneurs who manufacture a very wide range of bed sheets, bedspreads and so on. If any entrepreneur can buy in bulk and sell in the North of India, there is a huge amount of money that can be made. This is another town that has a huge market for all services as mentioned in the case of Coimbatore. There is a market for the vegetarian food made out of the organic cereals. This is a huge unexplored market. Mini supermarkets are yet to come to the suburbs. This is a big chance for entrepreneurs.



Though this city has a huge agricultural base, it is a big educational hub. The scope for spoken English and Hindi coaching is huge. There is also a big market for mini-supermarkets in the suburbs, like Erode. Tiruchirapalli has so many three star hotels. However, in the mid-segment, there is a huge market for Vegetarian hotels, that can offer a very big variety of items. In particular, there is a huge student population here and they like the Mumbai variety of snacks. There is a big market waiting to be tapped. Mini supermarkets in places like Tiruverumbur, Samayapuram and so on, will find a huge market. However, home deliveries are also essential. This is mainly due to the very hot climate. If an entrepreneur can offer this service, the sky is the limit.



Madurai has only one branded B school. If the likes of Symbiosis Pune set up a branch here, a very big market will open up. Students from Kerala also study in Madurai as it is just an overnight journey to Trivandrum and there are thousands of buses to many places in Kerala as well.

There are markets very similar to Tiruchirapalli, waiting to be tapped. There is a very big demand for trained English teachers. Even if you are sixty plus, there is a very big market and there are thousands of takers. Madurai can also offer huge opportunities for organic farming, as the knowledge is very high. There are agricultural areas, some thirty kilometres from here, which specialize in this. If there are entrepreneurs willing to invest in organic farming, the produce will find huge markets in Singapore and Malaysia, as the Madurai airport is now being expanded to offer flights to many international destinations. There is a big scope for a variety of horticultural services. Once again, there is a big scope for BPO units and IT experts with years of service can choose small, but emerging towns, in and around Madurai to start such units. There is a huge availability of local manpower.



This town, in the Southern tip of Tamil Nadu, can be explored by entrepreneurs for mini supermarkets and for marketing a range of agricultural goods produced here, to several parts of North India. The climate is superb and the transition to an industrial culture may not happen soon. But increasing urbanization opens up several opportunities for new ventures. It is a superb place for investment in agriculture, as the soil is superb and rainfed too.



This is another town, where there is a huge demand for trained English and Hindi teachers. There is a big market for mini-supermarkets in the suburbs. Entrepreneurs can also buy textiles from Surat and sell them here on instalments, in the sixty or seventy villages for which Salem is the main hub. In a town like Ranipet or Namakkal, both of which are well connected by buses, one can find a huge market for min super-markets, organic food shops, branded saloons and so on. This is because the grooming industry in Salem and in these towns is largely unorganized. Entrepreneurs who can establish a good brand can find a huge market, as there are several colleges in these areas.



There is a tremendous scope for low-cost housing, with independent units in the range of around twenty lakh rupees. Land can be found cheap in a fifteen-kilometre radius. This is a huge untapped potential. So, if you have some experience in this area, this is a big market that is emerging. Otherwise, whatever has been said of Salem is true of Tirunelveli, in terms of scope for entrepreneurship, in terms of services.



This big town, just sixty-four kilometres from Madurai, has a big scope for all entrepreneurship opportunities as Madurai. There are so many colleges in and around this town. However, not even a single hotel caters to the Mumbai variety of snacks. There is a big market waiting to be tapped by a smart entrepreneur. Like Tirunelveli, there is a fairly big market for independent houses in the suburbs.



There are already one or two BPO units here. However, the scope is so good and people from towns such as this do not want to go to the bigger cities. This is because of the huge agricultural base and the returns from agriculture, which is always very good. IT entrepreneurs can easily set up new BPO units here. There are so many thousands of graduates and even MBAs from local colleges and they do not like to work in places like Chennai. They never want to move out of this small town. There is enough scope for BPO services that can set up in smaller villages surrounding this town. The scope for mini-supermarkets is also very huge.


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