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Learning huge advantages of being Focused

Being Focused is one big quality of a winner. When we say a person is focused, we simply mean that he or she is totally immersed in her work, often forgetting mundane attractions of life. Such people are also hugely passionate about what they do. Such a consistent behavior makes us learn several things from them. This article is an attempt at discussing some advantages of being focused.


Observe anyone who achieves results consistently. It does not come out through just hard work alone. There is more to it. There are things like
  • Sublime passion
  • Being humble
  • Having a great desire to go on achieving bigger things
  • Never-say die attitude
  • Optimism of a tall order
. These qualities are huge advantages too. Based on the lives of some excellent cricket players, film directors, music directors, film actors, musicians and others who have had consistent success to their credit, some finer details of each of the above advantages are sought to be explained in this article.

Sublime passion

Sublime passion is the ultimate in being passionate. This does not mean ordinary involvement or motivation. It is a total involvement in something so personal. Examples are plenty.

A brilliant actor like Kamal Hassan, a national award winner some four or five times in his career, always talks about passion in whatever he does. It can be seen in his work. It is so obvious. It is a deep sense of involvement. This is so infectious. It can jolly well happen to you or me. How? Simple. We just need to answer one vital question: What is that I like to do most and why?

Searching answers to this question is never easy. If we can rub shoulders with those who are really passionate, we can understand what this means. Even a municipality school Mathematics teacher can be another Kamal Hassan. He would be so near us. We would need to just understand the passion that he brings to his job. There are chiefs of Government Hospitals in Tamil Nadu, who have gone to get the ISO certification through their consistent efforts. They have acted so fast, got community support and even had experts to advise on the documentation required. This is what is called sublime passion.

It is not passion of a small kind. It is something that never allows them to sleep. It is that passion that drives us. It can be a dream or Vision or whatever. There is always excellence in whatever they do.

When he played for the IPL last year for the Pune team, M.S.Dhoni was not treated well. He lost focus. But he returned as Captain to the number one franchise called Chennai Super Kings.(CSK). He is on record about creating and executing a "process" and dressing room atmosphere. This is the stuff that legends are made of. Get ahead and perform. It was all in the public domain. The spirit of team work and self-belief will definitley motivate 35 plus cricketers.

Mother Theresa was the best example of sublime passion. Her life is a great learning for us and for our children. In fact for generations to come.

Being humble

Being humble is one part of the process of being focused. It does not mean meek behavior. It is assertive behavior, but something that comes across as being just in order. There are so many in India. They are always humble. They attribute everything to hard work and team work. They never boast of any achievement. Azim Premji of WIPRO stands tall here. So does Mr Narayamoorthy of Infosys Technologies. Ditto for many from the business houses like the Tata group or the Aditya Birla group. A great scientist like Dr Abdul Kalam was so honest and always attributed everything to team work.

Ditto for the greatest leader of South India called Kamaraj. He stood so tall among Congressmen that he had the virtual right to choose the successor to the late Mr Jawaharlal Nehru, a true world leader. Kamaraj sent back his official car when someone used the same to get food for his aged mother. When asked to select ten students for the MBBS course under the CM quota, Mr Kamaraj asked for the file and did the selection in less than ten minutes. His answer: I just saw the thumb impressions of ten parents!! If they were illiterate, why should their sons or daughters be denied higher education? Contrast this humility with the present days where one pays even more than one crore for a Management seat for the MBBS course in Tamil Nadu.

Being humble makes things easy for the leader. He or she wins team support. He or she does not need to do politics. He or she remains totally focused. He or she can focus his or her energy on more purposeful things.

Desire to go on achieving bigger things

Anand Mahindra of Mahindra and Mahindra has made his group a superb leader in SUVs, in the two wheeler industry, cars and even in service industries like resorts. His desire to achieve bigger is always seen. Ditto for Mr Kumaramanglam Birla of the Aditya Birla Group. His deep desire to become a formidable leader in a huge number of commodities has been made a huge difference to success. The TVS group is always on the move to bigger achievements. However, they do so, without a single word of publicity. We should learn from such experiences.

Having a never say die attitude

This is a big part of the process of being focused. The people who are focused always those who are tough. They do not feel sorry for temporary set backs in life. They always plan to go ahead and brave any situation of adversity. The Japanese are the best masters here. No one gave their auto majors any chance in the world just thirty five years ago. Today they are world beaters. The likes of Toyota and their ways offer so many lessons in this regard.

Having optimism of a tall order

Those who are focused are never pessimistic. They see new products where none existed. They create new markets. They redefine customer satisfaction. They show the world what individual or business excellence is.

The music sensation called A.R. Rahman is one such. Not once in his interviews has he ever talked about even anything that can be called pessimistic. He is always there to take on new challenges. This is the stuff that people who are focused are always made of. He is known to spend sixteen hours in his studio, often without rest, for days on end. Yes he is humble too.


The world today will continue for business organizations that are focused. And for those individuals who are focused. We just need to understand what it takes to get there. Yes, we can if we are really serious about it.


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