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Different Uses of Oud Oil

Oud Oil also known as Agarwood Oil is extracted from a tropical evergreen tree called Agar tree which was widely available in Assam, India. The wide extinction and rarity of this valuable tree make the Oud oil highly expensive across the world. The countries where these trees are found are - Vietnam, Malaysia, Northeast India, Philippines, Borneo, New Guinea, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos.

You will be amazed if you know how this oil is produced. It is when the tree is attacked by certain fungus; to protect itself the tree releases resin, which is popularly known as Liquid Gold. Most often the fungus infection occurs on the tree, which is around 8-12 years old.

There are two processes through which the Extraction of Oud Oil is done:

  • In Water Distillation Process, Agarwood Chips are fully submerged in water to produce wood soup. Then it is boiled in huge broilers. The steam is captured and condensed; and then the oil floats on the top of the distilled water. When condensed material cools down, the oil and hydrosol are separated and the essential oil is obtained.

  • In Steam Distillation Process, the plant material is placed in a broiler unit and steam is passed through it. The plant releases aromatic molecules and in this state, the fragrant molecules are able to rise along with steam. Cold water is used to cool the vapour. The Liquid is then collected in a container and the oil floats on top while water settles below.Mli>

The Uses of Oud Oil

  • Agarwood Oil blends with other essential oils and can be used as a perfume.

  • Agarwood oil can be used as a beauty ingredient ( such as soap, shampoo).

  • It is sprinkled on wedding invitations

  • Used in Buddhist and Hindu cultural occasions

  • Used in aromatherapy session to get a deep sense of relaxation

  • Used for Nervous Disorders, used for Digestive and Bronchial complaints.

  • Used as a remedy for Smallpox & Rheumatism

  • To cure illnesses during and after childbirth

  • Helps to remove Fever

  • Helps to relieve Abdominal Pain

  • Helps to reduce Asthma

  • Soothes skin irritation and make your skin glow

  • Has a therapeutic impact and enhances mental health

  • Ingredients for traditional medicines especially in Japan and China

  • Fights Cancerous cells

  • It helps to reduce Insomnia

Aristalife, a name that has become synonymous with quality and purity is one of the leading producers of Agarwood/Oud Oil. The Agarwood Oil, supplied by Aristalife is of superior quality and is being used by millions to relieve their physical and mental discomforts. With its rich benefits, this popularity of this precious oil is rapidly increasing day by day.


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