Towards a better understanding of the role of luck in our lives

What is the role of luck in life? Stuck in some belief, hundreds of thousands of people flock to astrologers chasing luck. The former totally exploit them and laugh all the way to the bank. Luck never happens. Luck has a limited role. Its limitations and its role is sought to be discussed in some detail in this article.


Astrologers cannot prescribe any cure or miracle for luck. Some simply prescribe worship of some God in some far away temple. However, luck never happens in this fashion. It should be noted that luck is something that can happen to us, only after we have done all the hard work. This hard work is a must, if we were to get anywhere. The role of luck is rather limited. Luck, at best, a) is a sugar coating to a jelly chocolate b) a boost to those who help themselves c) may or may not shine on anyone at all times d) is not a stand alone variable for anyone.

Luck is a sugar coating to a jelly chocolate

Luck can only supplement one's efforts.It is like a sugar coating to a jelly chocolate. The jelly is already sweet. The sugar adds to the taste. It does not produce miracles by itself. For example, there are some who question how children born to billionaires are lucky. Yes, they are. However, even they need to work very hard to safeguard what they have. If not, they will fall by the wayside.

Look at what happened to the mighty Modi group of companies. Some three decades ago, they were a big name in Tyres and certain other products. Today, that group is nowhere. On the contrary, the WIPRO group, the Marico industries group, Asian Paints group and such other family-managed companies have grown from strength to strength, only based on their own hard work, ingenuity, innovative capabilities and abilities to map the exact requirements of customers. Asian Paints, for example, has introduced several variants of paints for different classes of customers, like rural customers. Luck only pertains to some favorable factors in the external market. Thousands of discerning rural customers have extra money that they pump in to decorate their houses. Asian Paints has luck only here. Design of intelligent strategies is not based on luck.

Similarly, explore the lives of anyone you know. You will always discover that their success does not depend on any luck. They believe in their own abilities. Luck comes much later. Like for example, being sent to some fabulous University abroad for an advanced management program.

Luck is a boost to those who help themselves

Maintaining quality and giving very good customer service is a given. There is no compromise. Luck comes through some new development. For instance, some intelligent guys who set up small snack shops at vantage points in Velacheri, Chennai, are simply minting money. The reason: there are two major BPO companies that have set up shot here. The employees like to have snacks and tea every two hours. This is some luck. But retaining the same customers is not luck. In this specific example, it serves as a boost to the entrepreneur to continue doing his good work.

Luck may or may not shine on anyone at all times

Luck does not shine on the same person at all times. Take the above example. New competitors can come in from somewhere. The customers may flock to someone who offers more variety of snacks, for example. That as of today there is no fresh competition is some luck. However, this may not last forever. This is a vital point that needs to be understood.

BPO companies will expand and grow in India. Yes, this is true. Hence, parking yourself in some BPO company in some interesting work is fine. Luck comes much later. If you find a good IT company to work for, even after your BPO experience, luck has played some role. It has not played the main role. That has come out of your preparedness for the IT job. The phrase "other things being equal" will apply to you as much as it does to anyone else. Yet, a bit of luck in terms of "your day" in which you had some good experience in the interview and were selected, is some luck.

Be warned. Technologies change so fast in the IT industry. Pick up new skills. Your luck will come your way only after you have picked some new skills, totally relevant to some changing trends.

The same is applicable to any student or entrepreneur or even big industries. For example, Maruti did not have competition for a very long time. Their abilities to change the products or come up with totally new products was superb. No big competition was some luck. Today, so many competitors are breathing down their neck at every single point in time. The luck is gone long ago. They have to constantly re-invent themselves. They are doing this to a large extent.

Imagine you are doing your MBA. No luck can ever help you. Only your preparation can help you. Once you do well, there are bright chances of being up a good corporate for the stuff that you possess. Often, such knowledge has nothing to do with your syllabus. It is that extra bit of knowledge that will come to you, provided you do all the hard work. Finance MBAs ought to know about options and derivatives. If some smart fellow asks you several questions on these and you answer, you are bound to be selected. There is no luck here. Luck comes only when you join the job. For instance, the numerous chances for you to learn new things.

Even those who go to the astrologers, do all that they tell them do not find luck coming their way. Asked to explain, the intelligent astrologers will some up with some "dosha" theory. It is normally called as the "seven and-a-half-years" dosha. Customers are milked at every step. In fact, there are astrologers who have agents at temples. The gullible customers are directed to these agents who even milk them more, by asking them to perform all sorts of poojas to please some God. This happy merry-go-round goes on for a very long time.

Luck is not a stand alone variable for anyone

No person born into this world can survive only on the basis of luck. There is much more to life than mere luck. Hard work. Perseverance. Grit and determination. Ability to gather vital experience under the most difficult circumstances. One and go on and on. All these are important too. If someone believes that luck is such a standalone variable, he or she is living in a fool's paradise.

Please do keep away from such people. They might spoil you forever. Unless you work hard and reach the "other things being equal" situations, which is nothing but the base, you will have reached nowhere. Even reaching here is only crossing fifty per cent of the well, as they say in Tamil. You still have a long way to go.

Luck will shine on you only if you help yourself. Only if you take on the challenges of the unknown and do everything that is possible in any given situation. Which simply means doing your best. Believe that you can. Believe that your hard work will make a huge difference. Luck will then shine on you.

Above in essence is the role of luck in our lives. Please do not make the astrologers richer!! They already have regular customers who have enabled them to build mansions.

Once we understand the role of luck, we will be far better individuals than ever before.


Author: Venkiteswaran12 May 2020 Member Level: Gold   Points : 6

Success is attributed to ninety-nine per cent perspiration and one per cent inspiration. As the ninety-nine does not have any alternative, it is the one per cent with which humans play the blame game or claim "all due to my ability".

It is this one per cent where one does not have much control which is seen as luck. If that one per cent luck is not there, many times there will not be any occasion for exerting the 99 per cent effort. Luck can be termed as the closed shutter of a water dam. There is sufficient water up on the other side of the shutter. But the channel down this side of the shutter is dry. Unless the Dam shutter is opened water cannot flow through the canal.

So Luck is like that. A person may be ready to exert, have knowledge and attitude. But unless there is a proper opportunity he cannot do anything. It is like starting spark of an engine. However costly the car is, unless the engine is ignited by the spark or injector it cannot move. In certain cases, luck becomes the starting point, but in other cases, it is just a catalyst. In that case, the 99 per cent can bring some results.

God believing people consider luck as God's help and pray for that before entering into any venture. Hindus believe that there is a Goddess of Luck- Goddess Bhagyalakshmi.

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