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Top 9 nifty tips if you want to change career

Want to change your career but don't know how to go about it? These career changing tips can help you make a smooth transition. Learn how to use your skills and experiences to switch jobs, across industries.

I have done a lot of jobs and switched careers many a time. I just picked up opportunities as they came my way. I was perhaps fortunate that my career transitions were smooth. Not everyone finds shifting careers a simple mission. The thought of making a career change is often plagued with doubts, coupled with moments of excitement at the prospects of exploring new opportunities.

The exhilaration doesn't last long, because all the uncertainties and misgivings resurface, making it all quite overwhelming. The fears and the reservations stem from not knowing whether the shifting career decision is correct or not. It gets worse when you have no concrete plans on where to begin but are eager to make the change.

Making a career change is a big move, it is not something that you do at the snap of your fingers. It's expected of you to work on a strategy and have a plan. Don't expect to have everything under control and figured from the word go. There will be occasions when you'll question your move. And it would be right for you to do so. You don't want to do something blindly.

I'm presenting a set of measures that anyone can practice to help get on their feet and chase their ambitions. These nifty tips are compartmentalised and cover different domains that need the most attention, when switching careers, namely –

  • Pitching for a position without any experience in the field
  • Acquiring new skillsets
  • Considering other opportunities

Trouble taking the first step

Your job doesn't motivate, and you feel trapped, frustrated and exhausted. You know you're not exactly 'happy' doing what you do but have no clue on how to rectify the situation.

You are not alone, there are thousands, if not more, who feel the same way, about their jobs and career. Know that things are going to remain the same unless you initiate a change. One way forward is to recognise your interests and skills and look for means to capitalise on them.

How! Well, a good way to begin is to start something on the side, like picking up a gig. You can devote time to it on the weekends or after work. It is a good way to dip your toes in the water to analyse things. You'll soon find out whether you like doing this new thing and if it is worth the risk of giving up a career.

Have plans, but remain unsure

You have been brainstorming with yourself and know exactly what you want, but your fears are holding you back. In such a case seek expert advice. Professional career counsellors can help you or else speak to others who have done it before you. Talk to them and ask for advice on how to follow your dreams. Pick pointers that could follow.

Acquiring new skills

Sometimes a career change would necessitate acquiring new skills. An MBA or a Masters degree perhaps or a specific MBA specialization. Can you finance higher studies at this juncture?

There are other ways to enhance your skills, enrol in a Distance Education Programme or select from free online courses for learning business skills.

Starting a business

That is a big leap you want to take but are you prepared to start a business. There a legal procedures for new businesses that will need to be understood. My advice would be to start a business, on a small scale and continue with your salaried job until you are sure of the success of your venture. Open a business as a franchise, for instance.

Switching careers isn't possible

What if none of the suggestions is a viable option. Do you wallow in self-pity or do you do something about it? I suggest you explore opportunities within the industry. Instead of being stuck in what you are doing, look for avenues that can bring positive results, within your work environment.

Change your mindset

Finding yourself stuck in a career rut, can squash your dreams and be quite demoralizing. I suggest you stop viewing your position as being 'stuck in a career rut', instead view it as an opportunity where you can be in control and can change things. The former feeling is one of despondency, while the latter exudes transformational behavior.

Decide to move on and plan your moves well. When you change your view of looking at things, you'll find the motivation to step up your act.

Don't have it all

Don't let the lack of traditional experience deter you from applying for a new position that you want. There are different ways to highlight yourself as a potential candidate. Throw the spotlight on transferable skills.

Lack experience

You think you're in a spot if your work-experience is too little to count. When you are unconfident about what to fill in in the application go with all the experiences that moulded you. Your leadership qualities in college, the deadlines you met at work etc.

Handling the interview

You ride over all the stumbling blocks and find yourself sitting across the interview table. Be prepared to enlighten the panel, on why you want to switch jobs. Keep your response straightforward, optimistic and future-oriented.

Market yourself, right, without sounding pretentious. Say something about your successful career, thus far, but how you feel it's time to take on new challenges. And segue the conversation into your intent of making your experiences and skills work for the new position that you are interviewing for.

Final words

Self-belief works like a magic potion. Do not ever lose sight of the fact that you can accomplish a lot, through sheer grit and determination. Make use of all your talents and experiences and you'll definitely find yourself wearing all those hats that are there for the taking.

However, before you decide to change careers, be certain that the new position that you are vying for is something that is of real interest to you.

Article by Juana
Juana is a freelance writer, with years of experience, creating content for varied online portals. She holds a degree in English Literature and has worked as a teacher and as a soft skill trainer. An avid reader, she writes on a variety of topics ranging from health, travel, education and personality development.

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Author: Umesh04 Jul 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

A nice article for people interested in career development by changing the jobs from smaller ones to more prospective ones.

Today, the job market is very dynamic and competitive. By the time one decides to switch from a job to another the whole situation seems to be different than what was perceived in the planning stage. So only the people having multifarious experiences and skill can be successful in switching attempts to greener pastures.

What I want to emphasize is that a lot of homework is required in taking a decision for switching jobs and sometimes the results may not be as satisfactory as envisaged. So due care is to be taken in such endeavours and no such decision is to be taken in haste.

Author: Juana06 Jul 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

This article is written for those looking for more fulfilling careers, not necessarily wanting to move from “smaller ones to more prospective ones". The decision to change the field of work is never an easy one, nor is it instant, as mentioned.

It may not be possible to change careers right away, but if someone really wants to make that change, then they need to start working towards their goal. I see it as a work in progress, with the end result in sight. The current work scenario allows for more opportunities. They are there for the grabbing provided we capitalise on our skill and experience.

Learning new skills, on the side can make the transition easier. For instance, there are a number of reasonably priced courses that one register for, some even help with internships and jobs. Online certificate courses can help establish new skills. If one takes the initiative new skills can be mastered in the workplace. It is viable, especially since they can be done in addition to one's regular job.

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