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The right way to button your suit

We all love to wear the bespoke suit that enhances our personality. But do we know that proper buttoning up of the suit is important as well? Read on to know the proper buttoning ways for your suit. It not only gives that good look to you but also gives you the confidence to speak for yourself.

Could buttoning of suit bother you? Well, yes you need to button up that suit that had cost you a fortune. The suit that drapes you well speaks your personality. It gives you that elongated frame and leaves you looking hot and in fashion. Now the responsibility is on you as well. You need to carry yourself in the best possible way. Buttoning your suit right helps you in setting that good first impression on the other party.

Why does it matter?

  • It sets the impression about your eye on the details: A well-tailored suit with proper buttoning has a great impact on people. It just signifies that you are particular about the details. You are not casual and careless and that you know what to look for.
  • It sends out the signal that you care for your looks: You obviously look smarter in the well cared for suit. You want to look good. Nothing to hide there!
  • Suits are made that way: Suits are made in the fashion that the bottom button is not fastened. So ignorance on that would be noticed immediately.
  • Avoiding the popping up of buttons: Buttoning the suit should be known to the wearer. He should also unbutton them while sitting to avoid popping up of the buttons.

The right approach: The right way to button your suit depends on the kind of suit you intend to wear:
  • Single or double-breasted jacket
  • With one or many buttons

Single-breasted suit jacket

  • One button suit jacket: The single button suit jackets are often longer than the other types of suits. Hence keeping the button fastened gives the proper balance. Button it while standing and unbutton while sitting to avoid creases.

  • Two-button suit jacket: The top button of such jackets should always be buttoned while standing. It should be immediately unbuttoned while sitting to avoid creases. Finally button it up immediately when you stand up again. However, the lower button is always unfastened. However, there could be some exceptions as well. The taller people might like to button up the lower button as well

  • Three button suit jackets: The same rule applies to the lower two button as with the two button suit jackets. However, you may not follow any rule for the first button. Fastening the first button is optional. Undo all the buttons while sitting to avoid creases.

Double breasted suit jackets

The double-breasted jackets are described as 'six on four' jacket referring to six as the total number of buttons on the jacket and 4 as the number of buttons with buttonholes. The six on two is also in demand by the suit wearers. It is traditional to fasten up all the buttons with the buttonholes i.e. all the buttons are simply buttoned up. However, it is also seen these days that few people who love long lines keep the lower button unfastened in their bespoke double-breasted suit jackets.The other double-breasted jackets that had been quite popular in the 80s and the 90s were the six on one, four on one and the four on two styles.

Summing it up

Maintaining the rules of buttoning the suit drapes the suit well around your structure and gives you that elegant look. Your looks speak your thoughts. The impression of being the right man is set in lesser words.


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