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Coping with the transition phase from pre-school to primary school

In this article I have explained the changes that a child undergoes during the transition phase from pre-school to primary school. The parents and teachers should both understand the psychology of the child so that he/she can comfortably adjust to the changing circumstances.

A child leads a liberal and a carefree life in pre-school. The teachers do not enforce many rules and regulations upon them because they are still young. Their syllabus is limited and they need not struggle hard to learn the chapters. But when they reach Grade I, their life undergoes changes. They are no longer considered as pre-schoolers but are known as 'primary children'. They should follow the regular rules or regulations that the school children normally follow. Some kids become too introvert when they are imposed with several rules. To help the children to cope up with their new life, both the parents and teachers play an important role.

Problems happening during transition phase in school

During the pre-school, usually the children are imposed with compulsions to stand straight during the assemblies. Usually the parents leave the children until the entrance of the class and most of the pre-schools have no formal assemblies. Most of them conduct assemblies just to train the children about prayers and standing straight in a row. So when they reach first grade, they should stand for the assembly with several other children. The kids with problems such as ADHD or any physical imbalance cannot easily stand in the assembly.

The classroom curriculum is different from the curriculum of pre-school. In a pre-school, the students merely learn subjects like alphabets, numbers, and merely some concepts about environment. But when they reach the first grade, they should study numerous subjects such as Science, Social Studies, Maths, English, General Knowledge and other languages. So most of the students become pressurized to study many subjects. They should study both at home and school. They should understand different concepts about different subjects and hence they experience difficulty in coping up with the curriculum in school and do not find spare time at home.

Usually in pre-school, the teacher assists the students in almost every activity. The teacher usually inscribes the copywriting in the books of the students and they should just copy down the same content on the page. But when a student reaches the first grade, he or she is instructed to copy down every content from the blackboard. A student should write down everything independently. A teacher cannot supervise the book of all students until they complete the chapter. Some students do not copy some content into their books while some others commit several mistakes. The teacher is frustrated when the students are making mistakes. So a student feels unhappy to write down in the book. Some students lose interest in this process. Usually in pre-school, the teacher even assists the students to open the books but in the first grade the student should follow the instructions of the teachers and open the book and the page the student is instructed. Usually they are expected to do the class assignments independently. Although many students cope up with this process they feel they are not receiving care.

So the students usually feel nervous and isolated because they cannot receive the warmth and care that they received in their pre-school. Children are just young to understand the world and hence both the teachers and parents play an important role in molding a child at this stage.

Ways to cope up with the child from pre-school to primary school

Both the parents and teachers should understand the child's psychology. Usually children become introvert when they are imposed with several rules and regulations at once. So they should not expect the child to respond to the changes quickly. Usually children should be provided with enough space so that they can adjust to the changing atmosphere.

The parents should not expect the child to score high marks in the first quarterly test or first term itself. They should observe the learning pace of the child and help them to complete their home-work. If the child is experiencing any difficulty while writing or understanding the tasks of the school, they should report it to the teachers or concerned persons in school. They both should discuss mutually and find ways to resolve the problem.

Parents should not hesitate to encounter counselors, therapists, or psychologists to discuss problems of their children. These experts can find solution to every child's problem in school. The teacher cannot resolve every problem especially if the problem in deep-rooted. So the experts can recommend therapies and possible medications to resolve different problems of the child. Some schools comprise of such experts but the parents should also personally visit them so that the child can cope-up in school easily.

Teachers of the first grade should be too diligent in handling the students of the first grade. They should remember that every kid is unique and bears different characteristics. If only one child is not able to grasp any subject or chapter, then that kid should not be underestimated. The children should not be imposed to follow curriculum from the first day of the school. At the beginning the teacher should just revise the lessons learnt in pre-school, so that the children feel confident. After the revision is over, then the teacher should begin portion by first inscribing in their books and instructing them to copy the same. As the children cope up with the curriculum, they should be instructed to copy from the board. The children may not be comfortable to study the whole chapter in a day and so they should divide chapters for two days. When the children are comfortable with the curriculum and routine, then the teacher can begin syllabus with growing speed.


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