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Surviving with a job depends on employee only and not the management

The management of any organization is comprising of the decision making authorities & is the key for the overall performance of the organization. The crucial & major decisions such as the investments & the expansion policies of the companies are governed by these authorities but are equally responsible for the welfare of ground level employees is doubtful.

Management is the key for the sustainability for any company but isn't responsible for ground level employees. Is this true?

There are different levels of jobs defined in an organizational structure which in primarily can be seen as permanent jobs or the contractual jobs. Wherein the permanent jobs got the involvement of different facilities, the contract jobs are mainly carried on with the daily wage laborers. The organizational structure is such that each one of those employees is reporting to someone who can be called as their supervisors. So due to this the performances of each of the employees is only having an access to their supervisors only. In due course, this could be the case that the credit for the good performance can be taken by the supervisor but for any issues & the escalations of the same to be borne by the ground level workers.

Let's now have a look at the two different scenario of an employee in the below case studies,

Case Study 1

An employee was deputed at one of the biggest plant in the NCR area of Navi Mumbai wherein he used to look after the logistics part of the business process. By logistics we simply mean anything related to movement & freight. There were exchanges of e-mails in context to the damages in the material while being received at the customer's end. As any of those e-mails were not marked to him & so he wasn't aware of any of those. The matter got escalated when the head of the dispatch unit forwarded the mail to our HOD, complaining of the same. In a hurry, the meeting was called & he was blamed for everything. His immediate supervisor didn't interfere with much but also couldn't come in my favor of him. He couldn't decide about what to say & so he found it good to be silent but lastly the decision was taken which went against him & he got shifted to somewhere else.

The above incidence can be referred to as one of the incidences wherein the ground level employee couldn't consulted for the events but had the approval on what his supervisor had confirmed about.

Case Study 2

In any of the companies there is a procedure of coming up with the annual report card of the employees. This provides the basis for the increments & the promotions for the upcoming financial year. Few Months in advance an employee sent one detailed information of his achievements to his Manager with a request to point out the things of his expectations. In that draft he also requested for the suggestions so that he can improve further. When the Manager didn't replied to his e-mail on the consecutive days the employee didn't hesitated to move onto his superiors. Although the manager didn't objected to this move in a straight way but later on the employee faced the consequences.

Case Study 3

The employee has been introduced with his new manager. The problem with the new manager is that he is not aware of the process as well as not comfortable with the computers. He is a slow learner too. This whole makes him slow respondent to all. As the time passes, much inefficiency is found for which the manager started blaming his subordinate. The subordinate has fewer options as the manager has got more preference to the management. The management is not aware of this as they are based somewhere else. After some more time, few conflicts came out in the observance of the management & the one-to-one was called out for both the manager & the subordinate. The subordinate could have clarified the whole picture but kept his silence believing that after some more time everything would be settled but that didn't happened thereafter.

Not clarifying the thing to the management became the biggest of the mistakes that the subordinate created for himself. Simply it was a crucial mistake on his end.

The above case studies shows of the silliest of the mistakes which an employee goes on repeating throughout his term. During few of the times these can be called the mistakes but if he doesn't learn from it & kept on repeating then he is a fool & so don't be a fool.

What could be the most sought out actions for the employee then?

  • Get adopt to the professional culture as soon as possible : This simply means to mind your business & don't let yourself involved in any kind of conflicts or fight.

    An employee can be evident of the "N" numbers of personalities in his work places & it's not possible to keep them happy all the time & so there would be conflicts also as we can have a disagreement to the views of others. The suggestion is to keep those conflicts to its minimum. The longer the conflict goes the worse your image becomes. The employee may even lose the job because of this.

    In the different scenario wherein the employees are asked to resign from the organization, the behavioral aspects always carried with a bigger reason & so be calm & don't lose your cool always

  • Be diplomatic : Don't be straight forward but be diplomatic. Don't disagree to the views of others at once but rather counter this with factual proofs. This become most important when there is an interaction with your boss. Your boss has instructed you of some task means that the boss has got confidence in you & into you capability but in case you turn it down than this means that you have lost one precious opportunity to prove yourself of the upcoming opportunities

  • Be a learner & so we agree to the mistakes but don't make it your hobby: Remember that the management may not be interested in your achievements but the mistakes can easily & can always be observed them. This is the harsh truth that will always prevail on all times. So pay attention on learning new things & at the same time improve on your productivity & efficiency

  • Take care of the timings of your actions : Be patient & wait for opportunities to implement with your ideas. Don't be too early & don't be too late.


The overall impression of the ground level employees in context to his performance is associated directly with their supervisor's feedback to the management. In case there is a missing communication with your supervisor than your whole effort would go in vain.

In order to access with the employee's feedback the online forms are being submitted with the help of the contracted consultancies. This is a good step but not being implemented everywhere but on some account can't be treated as the honest admission by the employees because the employees may be feared of their identification may get disclosed & so they may have to face the consequences.

Lastly but not the least that the employee needs the management most & left with the fewer choices but the management need to go for the applications for any alternatives & anytime.


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