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Know the career options in Psychology in India

With each passing day, the Indian society is becoming more complex. The people are facing various emotional and mental problems in their daily life. As a result, the need and demand for psychologists are increasing in the country. The psychologists are working as counselors and psychologists in various fields. This article discusses the career opportunities of the students of Psychology. Read more to know.

The society is becoming more and more complex. The conflict among human beings is increasing. The daily life has become extremely stressful. In the materialistic world, people are running behind success-it seem nobody is pursuing peace. The family bond and societal relationship are becoming more fragile. People are becoming emotionally very vulnerable. Heinous crimes are increasing day by day.

Under these circumstances, more and more people require counseling of different sorts. As a result, the students of Psychology are gaining importance. Psychologists are being employed in organizations, offices, by law & order agencies and in various other capacities. Many students of Psychology are engaged in independent counseling. In this article, various career options available for the students of Psychology in India are being discussed.

First understand the difference between Psychology and Psychiatry

To become a Psychologist, a student has to study Graduation and Post-Graduation in Psychology. They can study the subject at Doctoral and Post-Doctoral level. On the other hand, Psychiatry is a branch of medical science. Psychiatrists are medical doctors who undergo specialized education and internship after completing MBBS degree.

Career options in Psychology: Some general guidance

There are different types of career option in Psychology, which we are going to discuss soon. But before that, it must be clearly understood that to become successful in their profession, the students of Psychology must develop some qualities. They must be very patient listeners. To become successful, they must have an analytical mind. They must have empathy but at the same time, they should not get too much involved in the affairs of their clients. They must learn to draw the limit.

#1: Career Counselor

In the present era, there are plenty of opportunities before the students. The students of humanities and languages have some typical opportunities, so do the students of commerce and science. The students can't be aware of all opportunities; the guardians also are not fully aware of all opportunities. A career counselor must have a very good idea about the opportunities available in the country and abroad. They must be able to judge the mental abilities and areas of interest of the students interacting with them, and then provide suitable advice to chose appropriate career opportunities. Career counselors work independently or can work in schools, colleges or other educational institutions.

#2: Counselor

Counseling is basically a generic term for all kinds of assistance provided by the psychologists to people. The counselors advise people in career planning, handling social issues, coping with work stress, dealing with emotional problems, handling marital problems and other complex issues. Most of the time counselors work independently. The number of such counselors is increasing in all major cities of India.

#3: Organizational Psychologist

Nowadays many companies and industrial houses are acknowledging the emotional needs of the employees. These companies have started acknowledging that the employees may face stress-related problems, interpersonal relationship problems and various other issues. So, many companies are employing organizational psychologists either full-time or part-time basis. Considering the trend, it can be said that more and more organizations will engage psychologists.

#4: Clinical Psychologist

Most of the students of Psychology work in the field of clinical psychology. There are various sub-branches of this specialized subject. The students can work in the fields of substance abuse, health psychology, geriatrics, child mental health and post-trauma therapies. Clinical psychologists can work independently and can also be attached to hospitals, NGOs and various clinics. Needless to say, the scope and nature of the work of clinical psychologists are increasing day by day in India.

#5: Forensic Psychologist

This is a relatively new area of work in India. The forensic psychologists are generally attached with law-enforcing agencies and work in tandem with the police force. The forensic psychologists deal with various crimes, mentality of criminals and victims of crimes. They must have legal knowledge in addition to the knowledge of psychology.

Summing up

In addition to the above options, there are many other options available for the psychologists. They can work with special children, space organizations various NGOs and armed forces. With the passage of time, the demand of psychologists will go on increasing in India. If students are interested to learn this interesting and never-ending subject and later work as psychologists and counselors, they must study Psychology with all seriousness and develop requisite qualities to become successful in this profession.

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