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Picking brand against the local manufacturing.

People go on investing for a brand because they got passion & enough money to spare & also because the branded items provided you with reliability & comfort in comparison to the local manufacturing but many have favored the local manufacturing saying the performance remained the same with no major differences between them.

What is a brand & how it differs from the local manufacturing?

A brand can be referred to as the name, term, design, symbol, or other features which distinguishes an organization or product from its rivals from view point of the customer or in other words this could even be referred to as an identifying logo, name, symbol, mark, word and/or sentence that companies use to distinguish their product from others.

While in contrast to the above, the local manufacturing has no such identifications or a name being associated with their organization or with their products but still the local manufacturing being a preferred commodity for many of us. This has been covered in the later part including few of the case studies focusing on few of the interesting facts of the availability & selection of products.

The biggest assumption of a brand is the reliability which means the quality of being trustworthy or of performing consistently well but this is supposedly missing in the local manufacturing. Suppose that if you were given the option of choosing among few of the available products than what different jobs would be carried within your mind for final selection. Here it would be good to list few of the segments & the associated brands

  1. Food items # No doubt the Haldiram & Sagar Ratna having the nationwide presence
  2. Shoes or slipper items # Adidas, Nike, Puma, Woodland
  3. Clothing & accessories # Adidas, John Player, Duke
  4. Bags & suitcases # VIP, Samsonite, American Tourister
  5. Mobile & accessories # Apple, Samsung, SONY, Nokia.
  6. Cold drinks # Appy Fizz, Pepsi.
  7. Cosmetics # Patanjali

So what do you get with the above names?

One thing for sure is that we believe in those brands. But in comparison we don't feel that much confidence on the local manufacturing.

Have you heard of the name "OM Sweets"? This is a famous name having chain of restaurants in the NCR area of Delhi or say in Gurgaon. This is so big name here that this can be compared with the Haldiram & Sagar Ratna. But does this change your perception of the locally manufactured products?

Let's now look at some of the interesting facts through the below case studies.

Case study 1

While pursuing for my Post Graduation in Marketing, we studied some psychological mindset of the consumers. In one of the project, we conducted a survey of the preference of the consumers in context to the branded cold drinks versus the local manufacturing. During this course, we took an appointment with one of the local cold drink producer & requested for their market study & experience as well so that we could get some material for our project. The company told us of an interesting experiment which they did to few of the customers. In the first hand & before offering to the customer their brand, the company had interchanged the content of the bottles. Means now the branded bottle is having the content of the local company & the locally produced commodity bottle has been replaced with the content of some branded cold drink.

So on an overall the bottle remained the same but its content had been replaced. When these bottles were offered to the consumers, they liked the taste of the branded bottle which actually had the local produced liquid or the content & unexpectedly denied the taste of the other bottle which had been produced locally & having the content or the liquid of some branded cold drink.

Case study 2

Have you observed with yourself that the impression which you have got for an entity has got with a sudden change when you are confronted with it in some other way? For example, you have been introduced to someone else as who is an MBA from a premier institute but later on you come to know that instead the person did his Post Graduation from some state University.

Now change the above story line to upside down. Means you have been introduced to someone else who completed his Post Graduation from some state University but later on you come to know that instead the person did his Post Graduation from a premier institute.

Now observe the change in your perception in you of both of the above cases.

Case study 3

For packet milk, the Amul & the Mother Dairy are the most reliable brands but wherever possible the individuals prefer the open milk by some local sellers. This is due to the fact that some chemicals being used to preserve the packet milk for some longer duration but instead the local seller can available the milk to the doorstep in few hours to any of their localities. We can be evident of these in the big cities like the Delhi. So, the preference of the consumers seems to be different here wherein the branded packet milk is less reliable to that of the local sellers selling the same item.


Don't we feel that during a course of time we develop a certain perception responsible for how the different things are to get perceived & this plays a greater force in the decision making of ours?

The human psychology is such that this can be diverted for a particular cause & the advertisement plays an important role in this. This can be referred to as the step targeting the particular set of segments so as to increase the company's benefits in terms of revenues & expansion. So even & although we don't find the huge differences between the branded products to that of the local manufacturing yet consumers are attracted towards different brands because the consumers are brain washed to the level they began feeling the need of its purchasing or of interest. The size of your pocket also matters here.

We got the scenario of just two decades back wherein we were not concern with the brands but as the time moved we saw the emergence of few of the brands giving us an impression of feel different factors which we still remember. The few could be as below,
  1. "Buland bharat ki buland tasveer – Hamara Bajaj"
  2. "Washing Powder Nirma"
  3. 'Neighbour's envy, owner's pride' , by ONIDA
  4. "Believe in the best", by BPL
  5. "Make.believe" by SONY

Like above there would be "N" numbers of brand quotes which have completely shifted the image of a brand in the eyes of a consumer. But in between few of the brands got eliminated from the scene. For example the BPL which once a market leader in the electronics segment but now no one finds it names anywhere. There wasn't any compromise on the quality terms & the prices were also good but may be the other brands were too much aggressive in their campaigning that this got left behind.

In India, the people are oriented towards most famous & at the same time within the range of their pocket but even after that the Indian consumer is more conscious of their purchasing. Not ignoring the fact that this perception will surely differ from person to person & within different personalities, the brand has got something which the local manufacturing lacks.

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