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Four important distractions to keep away at College

The College life, anywhere in India, is a very unique experience, as it the first major transition for any young person to jell with so many new persons in life. It is also a big period when there are any number of distractions that simply pull any person down, if he or she is not careful. This article is an attempt to focus on four major distractions that occur during one's college life.


College life is exiting. It is a period when students learn new things about the world and at the age of nineteen. They also get introduced to a huge number of new friends within the campus and even outside. Those belonging to villages and studying in city colleges will find the experience even more exiting. However, this is also the time when a huge number of distractions happen. The entire future of many students only happens when such distractions are taken to a very illogical level. More specifically, this article is an attempt to discuss distractions arising out of a) Love affairs b) Politics and political action c) Movies and related distraction and d)Bad habits like smoking, alcohol and drugs.

Love affairs

This is one major distraction that you can and should do without. Love should never happen in your college life. Your parents have slogged all the way to get you into this college course. Irrespective of whatever you study, you can be rest assured of a good future if you stay away from love affairs.

The first thing is to understand that falling in love with your own classmate or any girl in your neighborhood or near your hostel is not wanted at all. It may be thrilling and the girl may reciprocate your feelings too. However, this becomes a big distraction from studies. It has happened to hundreds of thousands of students who have lost entire careers. Indian movies in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and other languages have glorified such love and have even shown such lovers committing suicide. The producers of such movies will have a great bank balance after the movies become hits for whatever reason. Remember, you are being cheated and your career will only come downhill if you do not understand what it takes to keep away from this major distraction. To do this, a) remember the face of your innocent mother and father who always work so hard for you b) get across to at least a few who are successful doctors or engineers or chartered accountants and so on. You will understand that they had never fallen into this trap. They will become good role models. c) keep away from friends who are already into love and always talk about girls and never attempt to make relationships with them.

Remember, the same friends will never even bother to say hello to you, if you are devastated or have problems in your journey of love.

The best thing is to just focus on your studies. Please visit temples or mosques or churches as often as possible. Regularly interact with successful elders and acquire knowledge outside your syllabus too. For example, pick up the typing skill. Get a diploma in computer applications. Such skills will always help you go to the next level.

Politics and political action

This is a huge distraction. Many students spoil their careers by getting into politics even when studying. The worst parties in the political spectrum are those whose leaders have more than two wives. They jump ship so often. These leaders incite passions and literally seduce students to join their parties. Please do not swayed by such emotions and horrible rhetoric.

The concerned parties do not care one bit for common people. They will simply exploit you. Most politicians are the worst villains in real life. They amass huge wealth. Even if you are very honest, they will suck you into the cell pool of no ethics,rules and what have you.

Never join any party. Never participate in events like "bus day". Keep away from the lavish birthdays of political personalities. More often than not, they may even attract you with some money. Never ever fall a pray to such attractions. Keep a huge distance from politics in whatever form.

Movies and related distraction

This is even a more dangerous and worse distraction than even love affairs. Never ever happen to have a film star as a role model. This will ruin your life. Not less than 300 hundred liters of fresh milk is poured on huge banners of the superhero and superstar called Rajnikanth on the day of release of his film in most Chennai theaters. This is absurdity of the tallest order.

Why should students who pool their own resources celebrate day one of this ageing actor's movies? Does he deserve such a horrible welcome? The reality is that he has done nothing to stop this nonsense. He jolly well knows that such practices only help him to maintain his image.

But what happens to you? If you get involved in such lousy frenzy, your life in college will only have the worst distraction. You will come in touch with the worst rowdies and the political misfits at the lowest level. They will incite all passions and ruin your life. One is told that in most of North India, these kinds of practices are non-existent.

It seems to be happening in South India. More so, in Tamil Nadu. Even if you are already into such nonsense, come out of it as quickly as you can. Talk to some good well wishers among your teachers. Find out if they are doing some good social work. If you want, you can spend some time with the innocent blind children in a home or in some old aged home. sharing some jokes with such people. Or helping them to the extent possible by enlisting community support. Such activities will help you come out of the movie and related distraction, at least to a major extent.

Bad habits like smoking, alcohol and drugs

Even those heroes who look like absolute morons,have a cigarette in hand. They often are shown taking to alcohol and in spite of the statutory warning, hundreds of thousands of students all over the country take to both smoking and alcohol, as if they are the real world heroes. Remember both these habits will simply ruin you. In fact, even those who pass out and get employed in good IT companies, have their lives shut out before they are forty years old. Since these two bad habits are never liked by any wife, bad relationships between the wife and husband follows as a consequence.

As a student, please do make it a point to stay completely away from these two habits. Of late, drugs have also entered hostels, and even some women have fallen a prey to this. Please do note that all the three are very bad. Keep away from drugs too. Never have any friendship with any friend who even talks about drugs. You will do very well if you are away from each of the three bad habits.

Students in colleges need to constantly told to not deviate from the chosen path of study. College life is as much as a temple of love as it as about fun and laughter. They are also about focus and constructive action; of values and good habits. They of course foster very good positive thoughts and behavior.

Any discussion on each of the aforesaid discussion is not academic. It is not any preaching. It is just a big caution to students like you. Please do remember to only focus on your studies. The more you stay away from all the four distractions,your career will simply take off. You will have achieved success in life.


Author: Natarajan18 Jul 2018 Member Level: Gold   Points : 12

Distractions during college or even professional life are common. College life is exciting (I think it's just a typo error showing as exiting in the article).

I don't think we can make strong statements that 'love should never happen in college life'. If the boy and girl are of the right age, mature enough to understand meaningful love, then there is no harm. It is often, the infatuation, need to prove themselves in front of friends and external influences that result in trouble.

The author's advice to keep away from friends in love also sounds illogical and not practical. Just because a friend is in love, it doesn't mean that everyone around him or her will also fall in love. Never attempt to make relationships with them. This is also incorrect because the word relationship under this heading or in college life would mean something more than mere friendship.

Just focussing on studies does not prevent one from falling in love or making mistakes, instead, one needs to think, analyse and seek the help of counsellors at the college or outside to help them in understanding such issues before it gets beyond reach.

Regarding politics in college, again, the advice is wrong. Just because there are bad politicians, we should not discourage excellent students with leadership qualities who can be potential future leaders of the country. Again, it needs moderation and right direction rather than totally shunning politics.

Again regarding friends who use drugs, students should be strong enough to treat them as friends and get help for them instead of just keeping away from them.

The content related to movies is something I strongly object. Haven't we all gone for a movie during our college days? There are some excellent movies that touch on social issues, current topics and life in general. These are not to be missed apart from the chance to unwind from the stress of studies.

After being so opposed to love in the beginning, towards the end, what does the author mean by quoting ' college life is as much as a temple of love?

Just my thoughts

A thoughtful topic which could be better conceptualised. It sounds like a very narrow view of college life wherein a small section of students would be destroying their lives and careers with blindly following corrupt politicians or taking up to drugs. The importance of having good friends, steady family support, a purpose in life, a commitment to social work in the locality, a part-time job, focusing on sports etc also can be highlighted along with other ideas to stay away from potential distractions.

Author: ABSivakumar18 Jul 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

Thank you so much Sir. Yes, perhaps I could have touched upon these aspects too. My observations are all based on real-life experiences. Please do note that the other side as mentioned by you is also true. That, of course, is restricted to those who have studied at world-class institutions like NIT. Particularly, NIT Tiruchirapalli. I have myself attended such weddings. In such institutions the students are mature. However, out of these kinds of institutions, all four distractions happen with a terrific frequency. Some counselling has indeed saved many. Yet, lives are ruined too. I do not want to go to specifics. Your suggestion is well taken. In the future, I shall highlight the other side too. More so, as positive case studies to learn from.

Author: ABSivakumar19 Jul 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 2

Sir one more point I forgot to mention. I studied at Loyola College Chennai for my MSW degree. It was indeed a temple of love. I meant affection and serious interest in the welfare of students, the kind of affection that is normally shown between adults. The teachers are extraordinary and did take care of each individual student so well. The same atmosphere is there in several other colleges too.

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