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Tips for selecting a day care for your child

Working parents are on the hunt for daycare and crèches for their infants. Putting up the young child in the daycare for some hours in a day is taken very positively by parents even when they have the child's grandparents or nannies at home to look after the child. But every care should be taken to select the best daycare for the child. After all, you are leaving your precious gem in there.


Day cares and crèches have come out as a big relief to the working parents. The culture has taken a good shape of a sector in the education industry in the last couple of years. After being successful in the metro cities in the country, it is now spreading its wings to the other Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities and town.

Talking from the parents' point of view, they really will not want to let their children in unknown arms. But falling before the situation and the demands of their work and projects, they are sometimes bound to leave their children with nannies at home. The crèche could be a better solution than leaving the child at the mercy of the nanny or the ayah alone.

But wait, do not just hurry up and admit your precious little jewel in any crèche. Watch, observe and be satisfied before you put your cutie in the day care.

Tips for selecting a daycare for your child

  • Safety first : Safety measures always grab the first place while listing down the requirements for the daycare. The Day care should have proper CCTV coverage. You should find at least one camera in the premises. This gives some assurances against unwanted visitors to the crèche. Observe the boundary walls and such other safety measures taken by the day care owner. The walls should be high and fenced to prevent easy access of miscreants and outside animals. Avoid a day care located just beside the main road. Few safety measures adopted by the day care unit, like the first aid, etc would also be highlighted in their brochures or leaflets.
  • Infrastructure and hygiene : Look out for the cleanliness being maintained at the day care. It should definitely smell good if cleaned on a regular basis. The washrooms and washbasins should also be clean and should show signs of hygiene. You will also see some of the toys and books on display. This should give some idea of the things being taught to the children. Check the other outdoor play materials at the crèche for the entertainment of the children. There should be some person outside to keep a watch on the children as well
  • Trained staff : The Day care should have at least one trained staff. Generally, the owner or the person in charge of the crèche is the NTT certified person. The certificate is generally displayed in the office itself. Also, see that the day care has the sufficient number of experienced ayahs. Do not hesitate to talk to the ayahs personally. Their way of talking tells a lot about them.
  • Any affiliations : Check if the day care has any school affiliations or is attached in any way to the nearby school. This way the day care gets more facilities. Moreover, you will also not have to go far for your child's admission when he or she is at the right age
  • Proximity : Do not go for big names if they are far away. Smaller crèches and day care can give your child the love and attention that is needed. Choose the day care that is near your home so that your nanny or any person staying at your home or even your neighbor can pick him/ her up in case needed. Just in case your child gets sick, he will have to be picked up or even dropped by the day care. Proximity will be an advantage to both the parents as well as the day care.
  • Transport and safety in the transport: You may have people staying with you at home to pick up your child from the day care and look after your child when at home; still it is advisable to avail the crèche transport for regularity sake. See the transport for yourself to ensure that it is safe for your child. Have the contact number of the driver as well
  • How comfortable is your child : Finally, your child has to spend his/ her valuable time in the crèche. Try to drop him in the initial days and observe how he reacts on reaching the crèche. Do not worry if he is not happy in the initial days, but if it continues for a month, then you should take it seriously. Talk to the staff. Observe the development in your child as well. But if the unhappiness continues, you should start looking for other alternatives

Summing up

Selecting a care is not a child's game. The day care or the crèche days are the first disciplinary days for your child. These are the days when your child learns to face the world and express himself. Little time and judgment on your part in selecting the crèche give your child a comfortable crèche that is also enterprising.

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