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Seasonal Monsoon Treatment in Ayurveda – Special Karkidaka Chikitsa Packages in Kerala

In Kerala, as per the Malayalam calendar, Karkidakam is the period of monsoon season and this is the time in which many illnesses and health issues aggravate. Karkidaka Chikitsa or Karkidaka package in Kerala promoted by Ayurveda aims at the detoxification, rejuvenation as well as beautification of the body and mind. This article will give an idea about the Karkidaka treatments in Kerala and its umpteen benefits.

The months of July and August are dawning and are bringing the much awaited and loved monsoons with them. In the state of Kerala, the Malayalam Calendar has a month called as the Karkidakam which falls in July and August and has been a time set for Karkidakam Ayurveda Treatment and therapies that rejuvenate the human body and make it well armed against the diseases and illnesses. Karkidakam is that one time in the whole year that has a full set of practices and guidelines to be followed to make the best of monsoon without getting sick and get the body prepared for the year ahead.

Hindusthan Ayurvedic Healthcare is located in Trivandrum and is one of the best centres to get Karkidaka Ayurvedic Treatment in Kerala. The centre has a set of Karkidaka Chikitsa Packages in Kerala that come in highly affordable range. Before learning more about these packages, let us learn the benefits of the Karkidakam Ayurveda Treatment in Kerala and get few more reasons to get it done this year.

Kerala's Ayurvedic Treatment in Karkidakam comprises of the following:

  • Oil massages to rejuvenate the skin, remove the toxins from the skin, repair the skin damage caused in the summers owing to excessive sweating and heat exposure.
  • Panchakarma that comprises various detoxification therapies such as vomiting, enemas, oil massages for removal of toxins via sweat etc. The therapies can be customized as per preferences and vary from person to person.
  • Karkidakam Kanji, a specially concocted rice porridge is prepared with various medicinal herbs that are highly beneficial for the human body.
  • Spiritual healing and Relaxation etc.

Karkidakam Ayurveda Treatment in Kerala – Benefits:

ayurveda chikitsa in Kerala
  • Complete detoxification of the Human Body
  • Oil Massages that remove the toxins from the skin and heal it
  • Rejuvenation of the human body and nerves
  • Getting rid of current illnesses
  • Avoid the illnesses and diseases in future
  • Complete cleansing of the digestive system

Karkidaka Chikitsa Packages in Kerala offered at the Hindusthan Ayurvedic Healthcare Centre

1 – 7 DAYS
  • Normally costs INR 9700. Now available at a DISCOUNT of INR 7000.
  • Comprises 5 treatments:
    • Virechanam – 1
    • Abhyangam – 3
    • Naranga Kizhi – 3
    • Navara Kizhi – 1
    • Nasyam – 3
2 – 14 Days:
  • Costs you INR 13000
  • Comprises 7 treatments:
    • Virechanam – 1
    • Abhyangam –
    • Podikizhi – 3
    • Naranga Kizhi – 4
    • Navara Kizhi – 3
    • Shirodhara – 2
    • Nasyam – 4

3 – 21 Days:
  • Costs INR 35000 but now available at a DISCOUNT of INR 28000.
  • Comprises 11 treatments:
    • Virechanam – 1
    • Abhyangam – 3
    • Udwarthanam – 3
    • Podikizhi – 3
    • Naranga Kizhi – 4
    • Ela Kizhi – 4
    • Navara Kizhi – 4
    • Shirodhara – 4
    • Matra Vasti – 4
    • Kashaya Vasti – 2
    • Nasyam – 7

4 – 21 Days:
  • Normally costs you INR 25000; but now available at a discount of INR 18000.
  • Comprises 8 treatments:
    • Virechanam – 1
    • Abhyangam – 4
    • Udwarthanam – 3
    • Podikizhi – 4
    • Naranga Kizhi – 4
    • Navara Kizhi – 3
    • Shirodhara – 3
    • Nasyam – 7

The following are available as complementary in every Karkidaka Chikitsa Package in Kerala

  • Free Nasyam
  • Free Coupon( Hair Cut & Herbal Facial)
  • Free Karkidaka Kanji after treatment

The following are perks for the 14 and 21 days Karkidaka Chikitsa Package in Kerala:

3 Vouchers of 6 months validity include 20% discount on all spa & salon treatments in Hindusthan Healthcare Center, Vazhuthacaud Branch.
So, what are you waiting for? Pack that light bag of yours and gift yourself a lovely rejuvenating Karkidaka Ayurvedic Treatment in Kerala. This will not only make your body relaxed and much better suited to fight the diseases, but also detoxify the digestive system that boosts the immunity and overall quality of life.
Happy Monsoons..!!

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Author: Umesh17 Jul 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

Nice article on information on this Ayurvedic centre in Kerala which is providing a number of rejuvenating procedures to tone up the body for well being.

Ayurveda is an age-old method of rejuvenating the body and mind and prepares the body to combat successfully with the diseases and ailments which try to engulf the human body from time to time.

Still, there are no statistical records or evidences to show its results in a scientific manner to the mankind so that more people easily attract and adopt to this natural way of curing and rejuvenating. Any method is called fully effective when its results on a large sample of the population have that encouraging positive trends. Otherwise, it does not get the concurrence of the public at large and that is one reason why many people shy to come ahead to take advantage of these methods.

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