How to earn from Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram

Want to work from home in your free time? Looking for some method to earn extra income? Here is my testimonial that how I started my business without any investment and started earning thousands.

Are you also passionate for a great career? Willing to start a business which can give you instant return? Yes, you can start your own business without any investment. This is not a fake information. I am myself doing this business. Here is my testimonial that how I started this business and started earning extra income out of my free hours.

I was working here on this website (and still working as I am addicted to this great platform) and earning dollars from Google Adsense. But I took a long break due to my pregnancy and to took complete care of my baby. But when she was 14 months old, I started getting some free time. One day, a manufacturer from Surat contacted me and asked me if I would like to be a reseller for his items.

Make money from facebook, whatsapp and instagram

How to be a successful online reseller

So this was my first step as an online reseller on facebook. I followed many strategies to run a good business. Main strategy was the one which I had learned here only on this website- Step into the shoes of the reader. Hence my main strategy was- step into the shoes of the customer. I started analyzing that what customers want at online market.

A person will purchase online only in two situations-
  1. When he or she does not have enough time to go to the market and do shopping. (I have many customers who are working and don't have sufficient time to do shopping).
  2. When a person will get better quality items at lower prices than available in the market

So you need to take advantage of the first point and work with the second point in your mind.

In this way, I started my small business from home without any investment in my free time. I joined several Facebook groups and started posting my products on Facebook marketplace. Meantime, I located more manufacturers of different brands. Good response motivated me and I extended my business to imitation jewellery, handbags, shades and watches also.

At present, I have contact number of following brand manufacturers-

  1. NV selfie kurits
  2. K.D. khwaish design (now launched another brand as 'MBK Creations')
  3. Fabrify
  4. DA kurtis
  5. SC kurtis
  6. WD suits
  7. ZF kurtis
  8. Stypose (ladies stylist bottoms manufacturer)
  9. Rutba Khan
  10. xk
  11. MFC
  12. WOW
  13. 10 denza
  14. PF dresss
  15. Inaya
  16. Designer western outfits
  17. Pakistani suits (original and master copy)
  18. Designer high quality jewellery
  19. 1st copy branded handbags
  20. 1st copy or mirror replica branded watches (for both gents & ladies)
  21. 1st copy gents accessories

So if you are interested and want to start your business, I can provide you contact number of any of these people. You just need to send them a message on whatsapp requesting him/her to add you in his/her broadcast list or group.

We created our page on Facebook where we started uploading our all items. We boosted our posts several times to attract more customers. Simultaneously, we were posting on whatsapp too. You can post updates on Instagram too (I have seen many people getting success with their publicity on Instagram.) But since I have a little baby, I find it hard to post updates on Instagram too.

Many customers prefer cash on delivery (cod) as some fraud resellers are also working on the same platform. Hence I took the services of a logistics company which was providing cod facility. This was a garnishing to my dish.


Any person (a housewife, student, retired or a serviceman with some free hours) can do this business. You don't need to keep any stock with you. Just receive orders from your customers and forward them to the manufacturer along with full name, address and mobile number of your customer. Add desired margin (try to start with small figure like Rs. 50 or Rs.100) and see your free time getting fruitful.

Happy earnings! Happy reselling!

Article by Nidhi
Nidhi is a freelance content writer with 10+ years of experience. She has a great passion to write on valuable topics so as to provide precise information to her readers.

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Author: Sanjeev Gupta26 Oct 2018 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

Nice article by the author to explain about how to earn online. Nidhi, how do you get products from the companies? Do you take orders from the customer and then ask the manufacturer to deliver the product to you? Or do you give bulk orders to the manufacturer and stock them up at your home and despatch them from your home?

It is a nice way to earn from home and those who have less time can start it. But one should do some research while starting any business. It is not that X is doing well and so Y also will also do well similarly.

Guest Author: Ankita Lakhani15 Jul 2019

I am also the mother of a five months old baby. I want to start the same business. I was looking for such an opportunity since long. Today I got your article. Please share the numbers to my email so that I too can join this business.

Author: Swati Sharma20 Jul 2020 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 1

There is a very helpful article, especially today when people are locked in homes due to Corona epidemic and many have lost their jobs. It would be great if you could give more information about this business.

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