How to improve our intelligence and become sharp

There is a general belief that the intelligence will come only by birth or up to some age only. But it is a wrong notion. The intelligence will come by practising and following certain things in our day to day activities. There are many means and ways to improve your intelligence and make your brain sharp. A few points for the same are discussed in the article.


It is a wrong notion associated with many people that intelligence will come by birth or it will stop once you attain a certain age. But this is not a fact. There are many ways and means to become more intelligent and smarter at any time of your life. The things we do to keep our brain active can increase our mental strength and our intelligence. One can become more intelligent by making efforts towards improving the skills that will help in increasing the intelligence. Learning is a continuous process in the life and the moment we came to this earth we start learning and this will continue until we are here. But the direction in which we go for learning and how much focussed on our learning is very important to become smarter in our life.

There are different ways and methods to become smarter by increasing our intelligence. A few points which are necessary for this are discussed.

  • Connect the things : The memory power of the mind is to be increased by interconnecting the things we want to remember with the things which we already remember. This will help us in sharpening our brain... The new observations or issues what we are learning can be remembered for long if we link them with the information we already remembered One should also have the desire to learn. Once we are satisfied with whatever we know we will become complacent. Once we are complacent we will stop learning. So the curiosity to learn will make sharper. Our eagerness to learn will make more informed and our ability will increase.

  • Try new things : Trying to learn unknown subjects will make us expand to new areas. Always working on known things may not improve the range of our work. Always trying to work on the areas where we are uncomfortable and trying to get a hold of the subject which will make us sharpen our brain. By focusing on one issue at a time and concentrating on the issue will make us more intelligent.

  • Read a lot : Reading is a good habit. The more we read the more the knowledge we will get. But simply going down the lines can't be called as reading. Read to understand. Read to remember. We should read as much as we can. We should not restrict ourselves to the subject we are familiar with. We should try to read new subjects and even novels and fictions also. They all will make our mind sharper.

  • Be with smart people : We should try to spend some time with the people smarter than us to observe how they are approaching an issue and how they are trying to solve the issues. This will make us more intelligent and our mind will also start working in similar lines.

  • Think out of the box : When we are in a dilemma we should not restrict our thinking with the subject we know. We should try to come out of that shell and think out of the box. This process will make us improve our intelligence.

  • Try solving Puzzles: Solving puzzles can't be treated as time pass. They will help us in increasing our competency. There are many puzzles these days. If we attempt to solve those problems our intelligence will improve. But in solving these puzzles we should be sincere. We should not forget that we are doing it for our betterment for not for any rewards. Sudoku is one such puzzle which is available every day in many newspapers and there are many printed books. Like this, there are many other puzzles available to sharpen our mind.


There is no age limit to improve skills and make your brain sharp. One should have the will to do it and sincerely try to achieve. By practicing the points mentioned above one can make his mind sharp and become more intelligent.


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