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8 advantages of reading regularly

This article is about developing reading as a habit over the long run. Reading from articles, newspapers regularly will improve comprehension, the speed of reading and general knowledge. it will also help with communication skills and overall personality development.

Reading habit can change your life

In today's world, time is an expensive commodity. Too many things and activities vie for our attention and it is the subtle things in life that take a backseat. Reading is one of those things. Not many parents push their children to develop reading as a habit from early childhood days. Most kids are bogged down with school books and are bereft of the magical world of books. Most of you might have faced some pressure to excel at various competitive exams to get admission in undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Majority of these exams, if not all, have a verbal reasoning section which invariably focuses on reading comprehension and corresponding questions based on the matter at hand. This is when students who have never read anything outside of their school books find it difficult to master in a short time. Even if students do not have to take these exams, reading is a necessary skill to develop for everyday work and life. No field of work is devoid of some reading that needs to be done on a regular basis. This can be related to reading research reports or film scripts to historical records. You cannot even enjoy the editorial page of the newspaper if you cannot appreciate different viewpoints.

Several advantages of reading various material

  1. Improves comprehension : Reading from a variety of resources will improve your understanding of different topics. It is common that if you love sports, you will invariably read the sports page of the newspaper every day and cringe at the idea of reading a political piece. The idea is to read any topic from any source and get comfortable with understanding the central point the article is making. It is not necessary to like everything you read but just understanding the material at hand is enough for our purpose

  2. Improves speed: reading regularly will improve speed slowly and steadily. In a time-tested environment of competitive exams, this a skill which will be very handy and take much ahead of the competition. It takes time and patience to improve your speed of reading so it is always beneficial if you are prepared beforehand

  3. Improves grammar: No matter how many grammar books you sift through, an innate understanding of grammar is developed only by reading good quality material over a period of time. You do not necessarily need to know the technical stuff if you have a keen eye to spot errors and an internal correcting ability

  4. Improves vocabulary : We have always been told to use good words since our essay writing days in school. Fabulous vocabulary is something you can flaunt everywhere. It is reflected in the way you speak and communicate. On the exam, it can help you navigate a lot many passages and questions with ease.

  5. Opens up the mind : Exposure to good reading material develops your personality in a way nothing else can. Books can take you places and experience you have never seen or dreamt of before. A new world of possibilities opens up before you and can change your life in the most wonderful ways

  6. Prepares for the interview : You will always have something to talk about if you are well read. You might even surprise the interviewer with your knowledge of various topics and who knows it might land you the job

  7. Can be listed as a hobby : We are always asked to mention our hobbies. Rather than cooking up a random hobby at that moment and get embarrassed by not being able to answer the follow -up questions, it is best to mention reading as your hobby. Even if you read one book per month, you will have twelve books to talk about in a year. That gives you a lot of material to back up your hobby-based questions

  8. Makes for an interesting conversation : No matter where you go or whom you go out with, striking a good conversation is extremely important. If you are well read, your personality will always shine in a crowd and you will be well respected for your knowledge and understanding of the world


In my opinion, the habit of reading -books, articles, newspapers anything that catches attention is one facing a fast death. Today's world is very busy with lots of electronic equipment. But by going through the above mentioned advantages of reading habit, I hope you will soon develop this habit in your kids at a young age itself.


Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao27 Jul 2018 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 5

There is no replacement for reading. I think these days the habit of reading is going down. Similarly, because of the various 24 X 7 news channels, some downtrend is noticed in the reading of newspapers. But reading on electronic gadgets has increased. Many people we see these days reading Kindles instead of physical books. But as far as I am concerned I feel more comfortable in reading a printed book rather than its electronic version. In a printed book we can easily refer back to any doubt. But in an ebook, it is a difficult task.
Definitely reading is a very good habit and it improves our remembrance power and our mind will become sharp by reading more. Reading is not just going along the lines. We should understand what we read. Then only it is useful. Otherwise, it is of no use. Simply mugging up without understanding the subject is of no use.

Author: T.M.Sankaran03 Aug 2018 Member Level: Gold   Points : 8

It is a fact that there is nothing to replace reading. Though the news channels are competing to bring news to our drawing room, we wait for the newspaper eagerly to read and understand the details. We have more faith in newspapers.

Reading is something which makes a person. One must develop the habit of reading from the primary classes itself. With the help of parents or teachers, the children should be taken to books suitable to their knowledge level. Slowly the kids will pick up the habit and find their own methods to select books of their interest. Of course, there must be an eye on them such that they will not go astray.

Improving the vocabulary is one important outcome from reading, leave alone the addition to knowledge.
Many will have an aptitude to write creatively on a certain topic. But they may be shy to do so because they might be lacking vocabulary and style. This is true in the case of persons who want to speak on selected topics. In both the cases, vast reading will definitely help them.

When we go for reading we must be careful in the selection of books. The selected books must be useful for improving one's knowledge and personality. It must help to take one's own opinions regarding various issues.
Reading to get by heart also is important, which will help to improve the memory power.

In short, reading is something which adds to the overall development of one's own personality.

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