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How to make yourself totally indispensable to others

This world is only for those who do smart work in addition to hard work. Meaningful smart work done to get the cooperation of others as also the appreciation of others is what makes a smart person succeed in life. In short they become indispensable. Such people are always liked by others because their skill sets and street smartness is always useful to others. Some dimensions of becoming indispensable is sought to be explained in this article.


The art of becoming indispensable to others does not mean only at home. It also means in the society, at office and at home as well. Whatever tasks you do it becomes very essential to a) understand indispensability b) pick up practical life skills c)let people know about you d) share skills and information and e) volunteer in doing extra work. Drawn from a huge number of real world examples, let us examine each of these points in some detail.

Understand indispensability

What makes you indispensable? What helps you stand out? How will people be drawn to you?

Please do note that only if your a special person you can find good answers to each of the aforesaid questions. Do not imagine that you need to become the CEO to be special. All you need is a good ability to understand the world around you and how you can make a difference.

Imagine this situation. You are a mechanical engineer on the shop floor. You have both mechanical and maintenance responsibilities. Your ability to be unique will depend on your in-depth knowledge of production as well as mechanical maintenance. Somewhere down the line, you will notice that some smart workers also have special skills. Appreciate them on the spot in the presence of others. This simple gesture will make other workers show up their special skills or knowledge too. You will soon be recognized as a "good" boss. Give ideas for continuous improvement by improving your own knowledge but let the Kaizens be done with full co-operation of all workmen. You are bound to become indispensable as you might soon be counted by workmen across the manufacturing unit as a unique person who is different from bosses who bark at workmen.

Milk the recognition among workmen to gather vital information about things that go wrong in other places. Volunteer to get those things right with the blessings of the top bosses. In spite of some jealousy, you will still be counted as an indispensable person as big bosses always like initiative. As long as shop floor problems are solved, the big bosses are always happy.

Pick up practical life skills

You become indispensable when many people across any organization talk about your special talents. For instance these are days of power point presentations day in and day out. If you get a chance, show all your skills in these, with all the links and hyperlinks and judicious use of multi-colors. You will be able to catch the attention of many big bosses, who will call you for help at some point or the other. Try to learn flowery English and ability to be very crisp in expression. Technical bosses who are not so good in English will swamp you with requests for help. This is exactly how you need to enlarge your cycle of influence.

At home as a father, you become indispensable if you show all the genuine love and affection. Even when you are so busy at office, sharing a nice word or two, sweet inquiries about their achievements, interests and so on, will make children count you as indispensable. If you continuously praise your wife for her cooking, she will count you for the indispensable praise. These are pretty common examples.

In the society, jell with others in social clubs. When doing so you will understand their special requirements. For instance, many members of what is called the Rotary Club are mere general merchants who have come up the hard way. They are very much concerned about the avenues for their children to go up the career ladder. They are oftentimes unable to provide an ideal home environment in terms of proper education. They tend to depend totally on the teachers at school. Arrange good special coaching with the best teachers in town. Get the child to interact with good career counselors in the cities, right in the tenth standard. When you get across to people in this fashion, they will start understanding your resourcefulness. You will have expanded your social circle as well. Remember the world is very complex. Not every one is well informed about the best educational institutions, how to get an admission on merit, how to learn very good English and so on. If you are able to provide some guidance in this respect, you will automatically become indispensable.

While many things may be context-specific, you will also observe that each of the aforesaid basic skills have become essential part of your basket of skills that you need to become indispensable. Trust your own ability to built each of the aforesaid skills and get ahead to become indispensable.

Let people know about you

Winning the confidence of many people is one thing. making a big statement of indispensability is another. Take this common situation. Even the best of doctors who do operations day in and day out do not know how to fix an ordinary fuse or attend to a small complaint that requires basic plumbing skills. If such a situation happens to be your neighbor, pick up your instruments and get going to fix the issue. You will have warmed yourself into their heart. If the issue is complicated, get the cell numbers of the experts and while they work, learn that too. Even basic carpentry skills can come in very handy. Similarly learning full details about various service providers, their standards of service, how to reach them at short notice, contingency plans and so on, for weddings, will simply take you to the next level. This is really becoming resourceful. Getting vital information about blood blanks, facilities for first aid and so on can really help you get across to a number of new friends at any point in time.

Judicious use of the internet to get vital information on a variety of technical issues like how to handle smartphones, the latest of computers and the smart televisions, can be very useful to showcase such skills and knowledge wherever required. It has become absolutely essential that such knowledge is available on your finger tips at appropriate times.

There are so many who know about the best in class paints, their use, their availability and so on. Share that information in your own family and with anyone who is close to you and constructing his or her house. You are bound to be counted as indispensable. The more you make yourself known to others for your special skills, the more you would have climbed up on the path of becoming indispensable.

Share skills and information

Never be selfish or egoistic. These are two problems of many who become indispensable. They become arrogant too. They quickly become hate figures. This is more so in complex environments when egos are never tolerated.

Remember the more you share your skills or knowledge with others you will be counted as an indispensable person. For instance in a particular organization, a HR Manager had friends in the academic world and knew more information about specific colleges, the professors and so on. Once the child of any employee got admitted to a particular Engineering college, he would be consulted for references. He would go all out of the way to make phone calls, fix appointments to meet the concerned person, see that the hostel accommodation is given quickly and so on, with his vast influence. The HR Manager was always counted as indispensable in such matters. A particular Finance Manager would volunteer to get the complex IT calculations of many supervisors, even outside office hours. He was always consulted for long term investments. He knew bank managers who would even come home to collect cheques from managers for investments under section 80C of the IT Act. He became indispensable.

Volunteer in doing extra work

This is a huge practical skill. The more you volunteer to do extra work, the more indispensable you become. You will always be counted to chip at vital times. Chances are your special contribution will win you sponsorship to special training programs. The big bosses will also be noting your work and will do all that they can to take you in for their own work at some time or the other.

In particular, the knowledge about Six Sigma and its application can win you many friends in manufacturing organizations. Outside the work environment, if you are serious about astrology, be sure that you will win so many friends. Two out of three Indians are so much interested in astrology. They tend to get involved in it in a big way. You are bound to become indispensable.

By becoming indispensable, you not only get recognized but also derive great satisfaction when people praise you or consult you for so many things. The world is full of opportunities for you to become indispensable.

The time is now. For it is always now or never.

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Author: T.M.Sankaran28 Jul 2018 Member Level: Gold   Points : 6

A helping mentality must be there basically to make oneself indispensable to others. Together with that a pleasing nature also is a must. In an emergent situation, his presence must be made sure. One should not show any displeasure in doing a work for others. It is preferable that he does not expect anything in return.

But how many will be coming forward to behave like this in these days? Maybe because of competition, people are becoming more and more selfish. When we go to an office for certain help, a majority of the people there will be behaving as if they got an enemy. Occasionally one or two may show some sympathy towards our problem and extend a helping hand.

We must first make a self-assessment as to how much we are following this sincere attitude. If not, make a decision to change our attitude and try to welcome others with a smile. That will be the beginning. Next, of course, will be attending to their problems. At the place where one is staying also, one should develop a helping mentality. Like these make sure that you are there as a helping person in the society.

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