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4 easy steps towards building mental strength

Mental strength is that quality which makes you stand out in a crowd. Mental strength is what the go-getters and the achievers possess. It is something that you can acquire too, through practice. Practice these tips and become mentally strong.

Do you often find yourself in situations where you are unable to get anything done? Does your mind wander and do procrastinate, waiting for the right time to strike? Do you lack that go-get spirit? What you may actually be lacking in is 'mental strength'. The mental ability to take charge of things that you are in charge of.

Mental strength is an attribute that comes with the realization that you can change yourself, your outlook and how you approach things. Mental strength comes from making significant changes in your attitude. If you want to be mentally strong you need to create a conducive atmosphere. Let me show you how.

Stop complaining & criticizing

You may not realize it, but your constant complaints and criticisms have quite an influence on you. And, it is not a positive impact. So, put an end to all that bickering and stop being crabby, if you want to exhibit mental strength.

The words you utter have a tremendous influence, over you. Grumbling when things go wrong and whining incessantly about your problems impacts you adversely. They send negative vibes and do nothing to lift your spirits. In fact, the more you whine and grumble the worse you feel.

Do not start complaining, when things go wrong – it gets you nowhere. Instead, shift all that energy into resolving the issue. You will have to do so, sooner or later, so why not right away.

Advice for you

Stop talking about what went wrong and how upset it is made you talk about how you can make it better. You do not have to have that conversation with someone, just talk to yourself about fixing it. Your mind listens when you do that and you begin to draw positive vibes that strengthen you.

Practice the same with the people around yourself – family, friends, acquaintances and colleagues. Do not just listen to them cry and bemoan their luck, instead help them overcome whatever is worrying and disturbing them.

Constantly evaluate your long-term goals

Setting a goal is easy, anyone can do that. What is really important is that you follow-up on those goals and ensure that you do not lose sight of them. All your drive must remain focused on those goals.

It is easy to get distracted, it is easy to let mental and physical fatigue cloud your decisions. When you are plagued with fatigue, you postpone doing what needs to be done. How many times have we played into the hands of our mind by rationalizing that we will begin something tomorrow or do better the next time?

I will do it tomorrow, sounds so comforting, but it actually sets you back. Why tomorrow, why not right away? Mental tiredness makes us less sharp, and more likely to take the easy path. That is why it is so crucial that you remind yourself of your goals.

Some people use sticky notes as tangible reminders so they do not get trapped in the delay tactics. Employ whatever tactic that suit you to avoid falling in the rut of delaying things.

Advice for you

Recognize situations when you are most likely to let your guard down and be allowed to drift away from your goals. Once you recognize these moments, you become more in control; use tangible reminders to prompt you of those goals, such that they foil the impulse that can slow you down and help you stay on track.

Stop impressing others

We put in a lot of thought, work, time and money into building an image. It is a marketing strategy where we package ourselves, into something we are not. We dress a certain way, own the latest car or motorbike and do a lot of things to create a persona that impresses people. It provides a false sense of fulfillment, a sense of accomplishment. But, are these really worth anything? You think you make an impression on people with all these superficial additions.

So much effort goes into impressing others; we dress a certain way, we buy the latest car or motorbike, we style everything about us, to make us likeable. Others may like your possessions, but that does not imply that you are liked too. Such associations are based purely on the superficial.

Genuine associations, on the other hand, are unaffected by our exterior presence – they are based on the real stuff, which is you. Genuine associations infuse happiness, without the need to impress others; all you have to do is be yourself. It takes such a load off you, leaving you with energy to focus on other important things.

Advice for you

Stop trying to impress others, instead impress yourself. You will find more focus and be able to do stuff that counts.

Count your blessings

Spend some time alone; reflecting, before you retire to bed, each night. Use this to think over all that you have; take the time to count your blessings. Shed all of your worries and contemplate only over what you have. Soak your mind with positive thoughts, with achievements and successes, with all the goodness that surrounds you.

No doubt there are things many worries but shove all those aside. Do not think of your failures, do not think about others and their achievements, just concentrate on your triumphs.

This simple exercise, practiced every night, will make you feel good about yourself. It will enthuse you with positivity, and fuel you that much needed feel-good factor.

Advice for you

In the rat race called life, we forget to take a moment to be grateful for what we have. We just fill our minds with worries and that leads to more worries. When the day is done reflect over what you did. It will help you feel good and also cause your mental energies to get recharged.

Mental strength is nothing but practiced self-discipline. Mental strength comes from following certain practices that help build character. They strengthen you mentally, help you remain in control and act judiciously. Anyone can achieve mental strength, by practicing the exercises described here.

How do you gain mental strength? What are the practices that you follow? Please do share your thoughts in the comment section.

Article by Juana
Juana is a freelance writer, with years of experience, creating content for varied online portals. She holds a degree in English Literature and has worked as a teacher and as a soft skill trainer. An avid reader, she writes on a variety of topics ranging from health, travel, education and personality development.

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