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How to become a socially responsible Indian Citizen

There is always a single question that most people ask: What can I alone do? The reality is that when we are socially responsible as Indian citizens, we would have done some good job to the nation. This does not stop with us as human beings. It also involves our influence over others. Some dimensions of this social responsibility is discussed in this article.


Being and becoming socially responsible is a very important aspect of life of each of us as Indian citizens, This has implications for whatever we need to do a) in our families b)in our work environments and b) general society. Each of these dimensions has certain moral responsibilities as well. When we do all this, we can easily understand that we can also indeed make a difference to this world. Once again, as in many other instances, we can understand our role by observing others who are already doing a great job in each of these three dimensions.

Social Responsibilities in families

In every family, the parents have a huge role in making our children as responsible citizens. For example, if we are ourselves very honest and do not do any harm to anyone, we can impress our children to also be and become very honest in their lives. We also need to impress upon them to be kind to others, never be jealous of others, and not to hate anyone for whatever reason. Once we have done all this, we will see very good children growing up. Of course, we need to walk the talk at every step.

Both the father and mother have a big role in this. In particular, the mother who is physically close to the child before the age of seven or eight, has a huge role to play. For instance, either parent should never exhibit any jealousy whenever they happen to see anyone who is wealthy among relatives, friends and even neighbors. We should be unique in the sense that we should have our own ways of living and behaving. Once we get this done, we would have imparted the right values in our children.

These are days when anger is a natural corollary of every single problem we face. If the father and mother learn to be calm in all situations, the children will also learn to be calm. It should be noted that the home is the most important environment where the child grows up emotionally and mentally.

It is very important to note that only our children will become adult Indian citizens tomorrow. By imparting the right values, we are doing the maximum good to the society. We often see very ordinary parents who are fairly poor, do all that they can to educate their children in the right manner by sacrificing everything and saving every pie for the education of their children. The children who become good doctors do a great service to mankind.

Have you heard of a doctor who charges just rupees five or ten to treat a single patient, in 2018? He lives at Mayilaaduthurai ( a small temple town, with a huge agricultural base), six hours drive from Chennai. There are so many other doctors like him. Our society continues to survive only because of such doctors.

Similarly, if we cultivate good relationships with neighbors, reach out and help them in times of need and have good friends, their children will also mix with our children and learn the right values. In fact mothers need to teach all male children, how to respect the girl child, be considerate towards her and also protect her. When mothers do their duty in this regard, most of the heinous crimes against girl children, young women and even married women will simply stop. This is a huge social responsibility.

Similarly, we should carry our own jute bags for shopping. We should shun plastics. We should also teach our children discipline in this respect. We should teach them the care of environment by maintaining good gardens and also planting trees in public places to the extent possible. Once our children learn from us, they will automatically do good to the society as well.

Social Responsibilities in Work Environments

Imagine a Government office where absolutely no bribes are given or accepted. Yes, there are some like this. There are honest officials who instill good values in all their subordinates. For instance, the present collector of Salem, a huge town in Tamil Nadu, found that the teacher had not come in a Government school. She immediately became a teacher. Apart from disciplining the particular teacher for negligence, she had also taught the other teachers the value of education. This IAS officer, called Ms Rohini, speaks superb Tamil, though she belongs to Maharashtra. She is a role model for thousands of women in that city.

One can see the rub off effect on others. Similarly, we also need to be true to ourselves. The Tata group, the TVS group, the Mahindra and Mahindra group, Asian Paints, BHEL, NTPC, and many other organizations have employees who are self motivated. Each of these ethical organizations have also contributed to social causes, like adopting several villages and contributing to education in Government schools. It is important that such real world examples become the norm.

Social Responsibilities in Society

If we do not spit in public places, we have contributed to the society in a big way. If we do not make public rest rooms dirty, we will have done a great service as well. If we do not loose patience and shout at others, we will have done a great job. While we cannot do anything about our politicians, we can at least be aloof from the corruption game.

Take this real world example. A parent found that his son had only scored 92% in the public examination. His son did not get a merit seat in any good engineering college. So he decided that even if he were to study one more year, so be it. He put his son into a prestigious Chennai college for the BSc (Mathematics) degree. Many relatives asked him to just spend the couple of one hundred thousand rupees to get a seat in a local college. He bluntly refused and impressed the son too.

The son understood. He became a gold medalist in his undergraduate examination. This helped him just walk into a prestigious Coimbatore city college, where he did the further three year degree course in mechanical engineering. He then took the GRE examination to go to the USA for the MS and doctorate degrees. He is today a good US citizen, working for GE. If the father had compromised, he would have taught a bad lesson to his son.

So there is always a right way. Not to wear the seat belt while traveling is an offense. Not respecting road signals and driving after a peg or two, is creating a huge nuisance. In real world, we often find rich children of very rich families, drunk totally and driving at a huge speed, causing accidents. They then try to use every loophole in the law to escape punishment. There has even been a superb Tamil movie in this respect.

These are real aberrations. They destroy the very fabric of society. Corruption has already destroyed all that is good about our society. We cannot corrupt it more through our actions.

The more we become responsible as individuals, the more will we able to impress others. The net benefit to the society will be huge. If we do not smoke, drink, and attend late night parties, our own children will also desist from such horrible practices. The contribution to social welfare would be huge.


It is quite possible to make a big impression to the society, by doing things right in our homes, in our work environments and in the society. If we follow some basic rules, our society will be a far better place to live in. We will have done our bit in a big way. Let us remember that only such contributions matter to the net total of all good things happening to any society at any point in time.

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao31 Jul 2018 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

A human being is a social animal. A person can't live alone in this world. He should have some well-wishers at least in this world. So one should be good to the society. Being good to your family or your organisation is not sufficient. Keeping good relations with neighbours, participating actively in the social activities, mixing with the people and helping other people will give you a good name in the society. In the same way, you should devote some time to help the needy people to the maximum extent possible not only financially but also in their day to day activities will be good. One should think that Society is the bigger house and it is like a common family.

Author: T.M.Sankaran10 Aug 2018 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

An individual cannot lead a life independently without the help of the society. Perhaps he can lead a life without a family. Still, in a way he has to depend on the society for his daily living. In that sense, he is a social being.
Being a social being every person has to contribute something to the society in return.

If one has a family his first responsibility is to take care of his family. That itself is a social responsibility.
The next role of a social being is to give back something to the society. There are several ways to do this. First, when he works sincerely without accepting anything from others, other than the income from his work, he does a social work. At the same time to make it truly social one has to spend a share of his free time for the benefit of others. As an example, if a teacher, after the working hours he can take tuition to the needy without accepting a return. Like this, there are several avenues where one can work and show an example.

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