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What's the Fastest Way to Straighten your Teeth?

Are you thinking of getting your teeth straightened up? Then this article will be very useful to you. Stay tuned to know about the best way to straighten your teeth.

If you have been thinking of getting your teeth straightened up so that you can also be a proud owner of a beautiful smile, then it is highly important that you choose nothing but the best doctor for the same. Though there are many dental clinics round the corner with facilities such as braces etc, the quality of work and especially the pace with which you can achieve tooth symmetry is one of the most crucial things to be considered.

Best Dental Clinc in Kochi - Dentique

Dentique – The Dental Studio is the best dental hospital and orthodontic dental clinic in Kochi that offers all kinds of dental treatments inclusive of cosmetic dentistry. The doctors at Dentique can help you in achieving what the others can't – a symmetrical smile in the fastest possible time.

Find Best Dental treatment in Cochin to Straighten your Teeth

Traditional Straightening vs Modern Methods:


Earlier people used to choose braces and wires to straighten the crooked or malpositioned teeth which used to take forever to get removed. Be it the upper jaw or the lower jaw or a tooth that made the denture asymmetrical, the majority of dental hospitals in Kochi offer the above-mentioned solutions for straightening the teeth.

But with the advent of cosmetic dentistry treatments and experts armed with an advanced understanding of dental sciences and technology that spans beyond one's imagination, teeth straightening has got a new, fancy and fast makeover. This technique came to be known as Dental Veneers or Dental Lumineers. With the help of dental veneers you can achieve a lovely digitally designed smile that etches across the perfectly lined-up pearly whites, and Dr. Sampreeth Mathew is one best dentist in Kochi, Kerala that is making in Dentique, Dental Clinic in Kochi.

Let us understand the technology in a better manner.

Dental Veneers or Dental Lumineers:


Lumineers are one of the ground-breaking discoveries in the field of dentistry; especially cosmetic dentistry. The advancement has enabled in achieving much more than anyone's expectations. With the help of Veneers, everyone can have a lovely smile that has been digitally designed and as attractive and appealing as any celebrity. What makes the whole thing even better is the fact that it is minimally invasive in nature.

Veneers and Lumineers generally look alike. But Veneers are thicker than Lumineer and thus require scraping of the teeth. Veneers are thus more invasive than Lumineers.
This means, that you can get straightened teeth in just a few weeks depending on your condition. Even hours are enough for some people.

What is a Veneer??

Veneer is a thin wafer-like porcelain entity that is permanently bonded to the original tooth and masks the original colour, contour, shape and all other aesthetic characteristics of the teeth. Well, it is easily said than done. Before you get started with the treatment, you need to choose someone terrific at his job; because it takes more than just putting a bonding material between the teeth and the wafer.

Impacts of choosing an expert for veneering

The doctor will scan and study your normal and original smile and denture. Followed by that, the flaws will be listed. The measurements will be done to find out the best alignment of your current denture. Finally, the amount of scrapings and altering will be calculated and the resulting images will be superimposed on the earlier ones to cross-check the results.

Only after confirming the results the dentist will proceed with the treatment. This means that a lot of calculation and expertise is required for veneering. Hence, you should choose the best dentist and the best hospital. Dentique is the best dental hospital in Kochi that provides veneering and other regular as well as cosmetic dental treatments.

If you wish to get the best dental treatment in Ernakulam, then Dentique is the only place you should choose. The hospital has a highly expert team of doctors, consultants, and resident who excel at what they do.

Considering Veneering?? Choose Dentique…!!

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