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Precautions to be taken when at a sea beach

Sea beaches are a very popular tourist attractions and lot of people tend to visit it either alone or with friends and family. Some enjoy the beauty by being on the shore while others take a dip in the sea waters. But there are some safety measures one should follow when at sea beach. So let us know what are these in this article.


The beauty of the sea beaches often attracts the visitors to it. People enjoy being on a sea beach, have a walk on the soft sand, view sunrise/sunset, wet their feet in the waves and admire the beauty of its surroundings. Music of the waves is also quite enchanting. For some people being at a sea beach can be a very relaxing experience. Sometimes visitors also enjoy taking bath in the sea waters and fight with the waves. But keeping the enjoyment apart, people also need to observe some necessary precautions at a sea beach, especially while venturing into the waters to ensure that there are no cases of adults or children pulled in by the waves and getting drowned. Below I am highlighting some precautions that should be taken at a sea beach.

Safety measures to be taken when at a sea beach

  • Nature of the sea beach: We all know that sea beaches have different characteristics in different places. Some beaches are sandy beaches which means that their seashore has mostly sand with few rocks here and there. While there are some beaches which are rocky beaches which means that you will find more rocks by the seashore and less sand. Even if it is a sandy beach there may be a few pockets where it is rocky. So people who are wetting their feet in the waves or bathing should be careful to avoid rocky areas of the beach. Sometimes after getting into the water, the floor may turn out to be rocky and in such cases, there can be an injury to legs and people might also fall on the rocks. Hence it is good to collect the information from locals on the beach as to which part is rocky and that part should not be used to swim. Even if you don't have information about it moment you find rock hitting your feet while standing in water or bathing you should immediately back out from that area.
  • Roughness of the sea : This is an important factor to be considered before venturing into the sea. The roughness of the sea varies from day to day and from season to season. When the sea is rough it will be very turbulent and you will see huge waves hitting the shore with the sound. While when the sea is calm the waves will be slow and less noisy and the water will seem comparatively stable. When the sea is rough we should avoid getting in too far into the sea waters and swimming should be avoided as huge waves can easily pull us away deeper into the sea. Normally during rainy seasons and cyclones sea happens to be very rough and warnings are issued not to get into the sea. Things like boating and swimming with the tubes should be avoided in the rough sea as there are chances of getting toppled. If the sea is calm and steady then swimming in the sea or getting the feet wet can be enjoyed if we observe minimum required precautions.
  • High tide and Low tide : We should also consider whether it is a high tide or a low tide when we are at a sea beach. When there is a high tide the level of water in the sea is high and bigger waves would be getting generated which would travel far off to the shore. On the other hand during a low tide water level will be less and waves comparatively smaller and will travel a lesser distance on the shore. We should be careful while in the seawater when there is a high tide and exercise all necessary precautions. Tides also depend on the phases of the moon. Generally on and around the new moon and full moon there will be high tides so we should keep these dates in our mind.
  • Rainy season: During rainy season sea beach sand becomes wet and soft and our legs tend to sink when we walk or stand on the sand. Same things apply when we are standing in seawater or bathing. Since the sand is soft there are chances of sand sinking which can dis-balance us and make us fall into the water. Hence precaution should be taken while going into sea waters in the rainy season.
  • Slope of the sea: We might have experienced that as we move ahead in the sea waters there is a downward slope of the sea floor and we keep on getting deeper and deeper. The gradient of this slope varies among different sea beaches. There are some sea beaches which are swallow where the slope is gentle while some sea beaches are deep and the slope is quite steep. Hence when we are venturing into the sea water we should make a proper analysis of the slope of the sea floor and move ahead accordingly. If we feel that while moving a little our feet are getting submerged more then the sea might be deep and we should not go too far.
  • Escorting the children: It is seen that children enjoy a lot in getting their feet wet in the sea waters but parents should always accompany them and hold their hands when in the sea water. In no case, they should be left alone to enjoy. Even a moderately big wave can easily topple them and carry them away. Hence parents should always escort their small kids to the sea beach.
  • Following the warnings: Many sea beaches will have warning signs and barricades warning the visitors about different dangers like sea being extra deep in a particular zone, rocky terrain beneath the water, slippery surface etc. Sometimes there will also be local escorts and lifeguards on sea beaches moving about and blowing whistles when people venture into forbidden areas of the sea. We should always follow these warnings and instructions at sea beaches and not try to be brave and extra smart.
  • Earthquake and Tsunami : Tsunami warnings should also be followed strictly. Normally when there is earthquake under the ocean Tsunami warnings will be issued for the sea beaches likely to get affected. Before visiting the sea beach we should always check for the news to see if there are any earthquake occurrences and Tsunami warnings for any region. In case the sea beach is likely to be affected by Tsunami due to the earthquake occurrences beneath the sea then we should avoid visiting the sea beach till the earthquake occurrences subside.


Visiting a sea beach is always an enjoyable and relaxing experience but we should take care that it doesn't turn out to be a bad and tragic experience due to some accidents happening due to lack of alertness. Bathing in seawater should be done with extreme caution and we should only go into the water till the limited distance. So if we are careful and aware we will definitely enjoy the sea beach experience.


Author: dipti06 Aug 2018 Member Level: Silver   Points : 2

This a is a good article for all planning to visit a beach. The author points out various things we should be wary of and careful to not miss in the excitement of visiting the beach. We already know of accidents caused when people were caught unaware. Our carelessness can lead to injuries and other health hazards. Some mistakes can be fatal as well. This article should be read once who are not too aware of the sandy dangers.

Author: Sanjeev Gupta26 Oct 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 2

Nice article by the author explaining the precautions to be taken when we are on the sea beach. First and foremost is to read the warning flags and should know if it is safe to go to that particular beach. If you don't understand the sign's language, then ask it from the lifeguards there. It is always better to know the weather before going to the sea beach as its advisable not to go there during rainy seasons. Always select a spot near the lifeguard so that if anything happens they may help you out. Don't go deep even if you know swimming. You should know about the force of the waves, as these are stronger than we expect so don't play in the waves. Don't drink alcohol on the beach. Find some shade so that you may relax in it on the beach. Yes, beaches are tourist spots but we must be careful while going on them as these may be dangerous.

Author: Umesh13 Dec 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

Sea beaches are a place for great fun and frolic but there are always hidden dangers lurking on us especially when we do not bother for the safety concerns.

Safety is a primary thing in any activity in our life and sea beach indulgences are no exceptions. I have heard about the dangers created by sudden attack by big fishes like sharks and other sea animals.

During the bad weather, things can take any unexpected turns and a fun activity can turn into a causality.

So safety considerations are in our favour only and we should not compromise with them in any case.

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