What makes you a respectable person

People at all ages think of self respect and most of the time, everybody try hard to keep up their respect from others. Many deserve respect in their presence whereas many are respected in their absence too. Those are honest respect and how to deserve such honest respect? Check out this article to know what are the attributes to become a respectable person.

What is respect?

Google says "a feeling of deep admiration for someone elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievement." Yes I too see it the same way, "Respect is a feeling of deep admiration". In reality, we see and we show respects without any admiration too. So respects are of two types. They are a)Duplicate respect and 2)Honest respect.

Duplicate Respect

Some people gets respect because of holding higher power in the name of designation/ wealth. When people are respected for their power, it means they are respected for their temporary abilities. When they lose power, they lose the respect too. Many times these people pretended to be respected and not really admired. These people are given respect only by words and not much in action. In families, some people demand respect for their superiority in age or relationship with that family, thus many others give them as a ritual to avoid unnecessary agitation at home.

Honest respect

People who are deeply admired for their achievements and qualities are truly respected. These people are shown gratitude and been talked good in their absence too. Respect to these people are shown in action as same as in words. People deserves both kind of respects from various people at various situations. Though it depend upon the face we show at different circumstances, the major part is based upon the giver of respect. There are few unique aspects that attract everyone. That makes few legends to be respectable by all. When I say legends I mean not only celebrities, but within the family and friends too gets unanimous respect/admiration from all. How is that possible. What could be the attribute to become a respectable person?

So from my view, three things in people that attracts everyone and make them to deserve honest respect.

How to deserve honest respect?

  1. Mind your own business : Don't you think so? Anybody who is good and busy at their work and not poking their nose into other's work will have no chance of getting it cut by others. Just because advises are free, not everyone is ready to get it. So it is better to keep it with you. No matter how big hearten you are to give those valuables to others, only people who knows the value can worship it, rest will throw it away as well as you. Also you should understand, however experienced you are, you cannot find solution to every problems of your near and dear ones. Remember when people share their problems with you, it is not necessary that they seek for solution or support from you. It might just be a random conversation too. So unless otherwise asked, mind your own business.

  2. Treat others the way you want to be treated : Whatever that irritates you, stop doing it first. Respect others time and effort. Appreciate others from heart. Agree when you are incapable of doing something. Feel free to ask for help and be ready to help when you can. Wear optimistic optical before evaluating others. Never give criticism unless you are assigned to that job. Be sure that your criticism increase productivity and not suppressing one's growth.

  3. Not to expect for respect : People who think themselves as superior and expect for respect may get it and obviously it would be a duplicate respect and not been attracted by anyone. More than that, their deeds will also lose its purpose and not valued. People who don't expect for appreciation, admiration will not get affected in any way from the recipients acts. Thus they continue to do anything from heart. It is simple. Just believe karma. Do good and leave the rest in the hands of God. Believe that you are just a medium to get things done


People getting older, thinks that they deserve much respect. Often many would have heard from our childhood, "Give respect AT LEAST to their age". Remember when you are newly introduced, When no other qualities are shown up, the people around with a judgement that 'old are wise' give respect. So people who can retain that judgement of others could continue to get the honest respect, else they will end up with duplicate respect only.


Author: dipti04 Aug 2018 Member Level: Silver   Points : 3

It is true that achieving and maintaining a healthy self-respect is one of the loftier and noble goals to pursue in one's life. Getting respect from others whether genuine or fake is a matter not in my hands I believe. Of course, we could behave in a way that inspires awe in others. But that should be a natural part of our personality and it is really difficult to plan to evoke respect from someone.
About the differences between genuine and fake respect that the author speaks about, it is really difficult to fathom who is an admirer and who is a sycophant these days.
We should conduct ourselves in the best ways possible at all times. Rest is not in our hands.

Author: T.M.Sankaran05 Aug 2018 Member Level: Gold   Points : 5

Respect is something which cannot be brought. It is a fact that one will get respect because of his position. For example we have several ministers and MLAs. Most of us respect them. But once they are out of their positions, only limited persons mind them. If they had done commendable works when they were in power, the respect will continue. That indicates something. The respect was given earlier to to the position held by them, perhaps with the hope that they would do something useful to the Society. If that expectation was not fulfilled, that person will not continue to be respected.
Similarly, the respect for artists, writers and such other creators will go on changing based on their works.
Another category of people who are respected is the rich. Here also the variations in the level of richness might be a criterion for the getting respects.
Respect is always there for teachers in the Society.
One can change the attitude of others through his behaviour. One who behaves decently will be respected by others irrespective of his job or position.

Author: K Mohan06 Aug 2018 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

As we grow older, our maturity to understand things and persons also widens. During childhood, we used to get irritated and give comments on people in a hurry without thinking of it's after effects. But as we grow older, our reactions to every action from the opposite side would be guarded and measured. And some elders maintain eerie silence even others are talking much, not because they do not know much about the subject but they remain aloof because they are learning from others and would come back on the topic with their pungent reaction. And those who won't poke nose into others affairs are considered the best and that elder gets the best attention these days. And those elders are liked more in the society who does the work on their own without expecting helping hand from others. So as far as possible elders want to be self made persons.

Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao07 Aug 2018 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 5

Respect should come naturally. We can't demand respect from others. If one is showing an undue respect towards somebody that may not be a sincere one. They may be expecting something from the other person. One should be able to understand whether the respect shown by others is real or not.
Respect is to be given and taken. It can't be onesided always. If you start respecting the good words of your wife she will also respect your good deeds. People will respect somebody when his way of life is exemplary. When you are minding your own business and not getting into the other's works, when you behave ethically and when you have all the good habits people will respect you more.
Behaving in a proper manner and talking politely without hurting others will also earn respect.

Author: Sanjeev Gupta05 Dec 2018 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

That's right. Respect cannot be taken forcefully. The respect which is due to the admiration lasts long. It's not good to give unwanted advice or suggestions as people don't like such people. Even some elders are not liked and respected due to this reason. So people should not interfere in someone else's business unnecessarily.

I don't respect people who always point out the small mistakes which may not harm anything, people who try to think themselves to be superior to me and in reality, they are not and people who are not honest, trustworthy and have no moral values in life.

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