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How to improve your kids' brain with Music?

Music is generally perceived as a source of entertainment. Continue reading and you will be amazed to know how much your brain loves music. Read this article to learn how to improve the memory of children with the help of music.

Every parent wants his kids to have a sound brain and sound body and many of them try different things to achieve them. Talking of the things done to improve the brain activity, one thing that is generally not done by many parents and is highly effective when it comes to brain empowerment is Music. The following post will comprise of the ways you can boost your kids' brain with music and the best Music Classes and Schools in Tripunithura, the musical hub of Kochi can help you to do so.

  1. Music make the brain Perceptive..!!

    The right music trains the brain to become more perceptive and alert. It trains the brain to retain the important information and high retention is something that helps your child to learn more, learn better and perform better.

  2. Reading Ability Enhancement

    The past researches done on the influence of music, it has been found that music learning increases the reading ability as well. In fact, music is one of those rare activities that have a direct influence on the brain functioning and makes the people practising music geniuses.

  3. Music school

  4. Brain Rewiring

    Have you ever seen that initially, your kid gets stressed and bored while learning music and sometimes people even leave music because they find it too difficult?? Actually, the thing that is happening is the rewiring of your brain. Learning music makes the neurons work in a different manner and thus rewires the brain connections.

  5. Improved Communication Skills

    Another beautiful impact of music learning on the brain is that it makes people good at communication and listening. If your kids learn music, then they have the patience to listen, understand and then speak which is always the best way to make good communication in every walk of life.

  6. Problem-Solving Skills are Enhanced

    Music opens up your mind and fires the neurons. High attention requiring signals are fired across the brains and the limbs to learn the music and remember the same. All these things, in turn, train the brain to solve problems in a better and more efficient manner.

  7. Happiness is the Key to Success

    Music is one of those rare art forms that can change your moods like anything. Listen to happy music and you get happy; listen to sad songs and all the bad memories from the past get loaded in the brain; listen to fiery music and you can accomplish any difficult task and listen to romantic music and you will find yourself filled with love. Music makes us happy naturally and happy kids don't indulge in destructive activities or stay dull at school.

Some other benefits of music on your child's brain are:

  • Better concentration

  • Multisensory processing skills

  • More confidence

  • Development of the attitude as well as an aptitude for learning new things and take the world head-on..!!

Music institute

Where and How?

Global Academy of Music Education is located in Kerala and offers the best Music Classes in Tripunithura and Kochi. The academy is widely recognized and offers:

  • Guitar Classes in Tripunithura (Kochi)

  • Violin Classes in Tripunithura (Kochi)

  • Piano classes in Tripunithura

  • Keyboard Classes in Tripunithura

The students of Global Academy have been recognized and awarded at the national as well as international levels. The dedicated faculty that has a very minute understanding of the music train students according to their interest and potential and help them ace their lives in all manners. What makes Global Academy the best Music Academy in Tripunithura is the simple fact that the faculty and students devote themselves to the art form in a religious manner. They respect the art form.

If you wish to enhance your kid's brain and want to see him or her as an outperformer, then choose the Global Academy which is the best among all the Music Schools in Tripunithura.

To know more, log on to www.globalacademyofmusiceducation.com.

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Author: Jeet Singh27 Jul 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 7

Good article but it could have been better. The author has posted some very good points and narrated very well. However, he/she has only said the positive part of the uses of music for a child. How it happens has not been revealed. Such kind of content may look nice and good but will only provide half-baked knowledge.

Let me say in a simple way how the brain of a child improves with music.

Our brain has two parts, left side and right side. The left part of the brain control right side of the body and the right side of the brain part control left the side of the body. In our daily life, we hardly use our left hand (for a right-hander). Here in music our second hand which is not used frequently, get activated and so our other part of the brain too.
In music or to play any kind of musical instrument, one needs to use both hands simultaneously. So, while playing musical instruments, our both side of the brain work at the same time and so it affects the entire body in a much better way than those who are not in music. If a child is given a musical instrument in his/her early age, it will definitely be a power booster in every way.

Secondly, physically we can't read two lines at the same time, it is just impossible to do that in an educational way. But, in music, the notations lines are in two lines, one for the left hand and other is for the right hand. In music this can be possible, reading two lines at the same time and not only that to move accordingly both hand's fingers too.

Just imagine, if a child starts using his both hand in his early days, it is obvious that his/her brain will improve better than those who are not into music. This is how the music is work for overall the betterment of a child.

Author: K Mohan02 Aug 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

Good article on how to improve kids brains with music. But what I feel is that if the kids are habituated to the music at the infant age, there is every chance of they getting addicted to music. One of my relatives has habituated his newborn child with music played on his cell phone, to keep the child guessing and obviously go into sleeping mode. But that has become a habit and the child won't go to sleep without the music. Now that has become a headache for the parents as the child would insist for music always, while eating, while playing and before sleeping. So the danger of children getting addicted to music also has to be looked into.

Author: Thamaraiselvi26 Sep 2018 Member Level: Silver   Points : 1

Music is a good mood booster to make us happier. Music is different from songs. Mono instrument recitals are very good for concentration. Music therapy proves the importance of music and we can treat most of the diseases especially mental disorders.

Author: anilgupta26 Sep 2018 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 1

Music is much more than mood booster. It is my opinion that if we give training in playing any musical instrument or of singing, a child will be more smart and free from any type of hesitation. Some children are very shy by nature. With music parents can overcome this problem. there is no doubt that music helps in increasing concentration.

Author: Sheo Shankar Jha26 Sep 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

Music will definitely create an impact on the mind frame of the child but however, we need to take care when such facility is to be extended so that he is immensely benefitted. The fact that the child will be addicted to the regular playing of Guitar, Violin, Piano etc due to the extensive use of such instruments, if the child is a minor, is equally important.
The children of age group beyond twelve may derive benefits and his brain would respond positively to the soothing tone of the instruments. Even in some multispeciality hospitals, there is a provision of music so that the patients of different diseases may enjoy such facilities enabling them to have the soothing effects on their nerves.
The points listed by the author seems to be relevant but there should have been an inclusion of its adverse impact on the toddlers as well.

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