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Which is better- iOS or Android

iOS or Android is one of the major controversial topic that the current generation ponders over. Even though we all are aware of the details and capabilities of both the operating systems, we all still wonder which is actually better. An important factor which also gets discussed in parallel is Apple phones or Android devices. Well, that is a major area of difference too.


We all live in the digital age. The way we use technology has entirely changed over the recent years. Smart phones were born and still keep getting smarter every day. Well, speaking of the smart phone segment and important area is the major players. Taking the most popular operating systems, let's consider iOS and Android. Which is more smarter, which is good etc. these are few questions we across frequently. But in reality which is better? And that's a complicated question. We will see how the two differs and competes each other and I will put you in charge to decide which seems better.

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There was a time when the only phones that people held were entirely different from what we have now. The feature phone or the basic phone was the concept then, but with much bigger size. From there, Steve Jobs brought something similar to the current smart phones by launching the first iPhone. And undoubtedly that was a major leap in the smart phone world. That was just a beginning and Apple itself put a lot more in front of the world, and many more developers added more value. Notably, the contribution from Google was also crucial and they made smart phones more popular. Yeah, Apple, Nokia, BlackBerry, Google and Microsoft all played their inevitable roles. But as of now, let's focus on Apple and Google.

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From old days itself there was clashes between Apple and Google. One of the notable one is Apple's claim that Google copied their "Passcode" concept to develop "PIN". However the case was settled few years back. And when two competitors with major claims in the market exist, there will be issues by natural, so let's put away the fights.

Let us check some facts.

  1. Cost : One of the biggest thing that come to our mind when thinking of these two (or Apple alone) is "Oh, Very Costly". Yes, that's true, a common man finds it difficult to get an Apple iPhone and finds it ultra difficult to keep updating to latest models. There are trolls that one needs to get his kidney sold to get the latest iPhone. Well, cost is truly one factor affecting Apple's prospective customers. But let me put a less conceived idea before you. We all see iPhone costly when we compare them to other smartphones available in the market, isn't it? Yes, they are Android phones, but are they similar to iPhone? Just consider the hardware and software. In the case of iPhones both are from Apple. But for Android devices, the hardware will be from someone other than Google. Of course Google has their own device, the Pixel, which in fact comes to the costly category for common people, even though not exactly near iPhone price. So what is the point? As from experts, for a perfect device, the hardware and software must be from same developer, because the capabilities of the software can be effectively incorporated only if the hardware is made at its requirements. We all know what the BlackBerry OS at BlackBerry phones were capable of (security). So, I may seem saying that iPhones are not costly. But no, yes they cost pretty high, and so does Pixel phones too. Because there is assured quality, that may cost actually or they all make it seem so.

  2. Performance : I think we all know about the performance of the operating systems. We may have encountered more frequent lags or hangs in android phones. But, the same thing we discussed above applies. Android phones comprises of lots of devices from different manufacturers while iOS is solely from Apple and from iPhones. I would like to add that, when a manufacturer (not Google itself) produce a device with high hardware specifications, the Android OS will perform great. This is what I think happens with the flagship devices of major companies. On the other side, when the specifications are low, the devices struggle. Even though not the problem of the OS, generally this comes to the downgraded rating of Android OS.

  3. Updates : As far the updates, almost all, or say a half, iPhones run on the latest iOS version. But only a small portion of the Android devices run on the latest Android version. Yes, when we compare the devices from Google, which may equal the Apple's equation.


So I wonder whether the comparison between iOS and Android can be fair. Apple put the OS only in their devices and thus has a higher rating in performance. Android is put in lots of devices, a part of which causes issues in performance. But Apple does not force Google to sell their OS out to anyone and Google does it at their own will. Additionally, this availability of Android OS at various devices has resulted in its increased popularity. Therefore Apple and Google have their own strategies regarding operation and is different from one another. We as viewers, can either stand with any of them or just stay neutral. Jokes and fights apart, both Apple and Google present us amazing devices. And as a logical person having adequate knowledge about both the companies and their contributions, let us not keep upgrading or degrading any one of them. Personally speaking, I use Android on phone not Google and have tried iPhones and Pixels, even though not for long. All I can say is, there is a difference when the operating system and the hardware are manufactured under the same roof.

With due respect to all the revolutionaries in the field of smart phone technology, I wrap up..

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Author: Umesh06 Aug 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

Nice article bringing out the comparison between the two main operating systems in the smartphone market.

It is good that there is competition in the market in terms of iOS versus Android so that the customer can check the pros and cons vis-a-vis price and take a decision accordingly.

As far as the virus attack is considered, the iOS devices are very reliable and sturdy and that compensates for their higher price. On the other hand, Android devices equipped with good virus protection are also getting good acceptance in the high-end market.

However, a common buyer is still contented with the Android devices.

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