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Review of the book - 'Red Rabbit' by Tom Clancy

Tom Clancy was an American writer famous for his novels having a background of espionage and Military Science. Most of his novels were best sellers and 'Red Rabbit' is one of them. In this article a detailed review of that book is presented.


Tom Clancy (1947 - 2013) is famous for his thrillers mainly set in the post world war II geopolitical scenarios. He had written many such novels which became instant hit with the book lovers having interest in espionage and 'following the trails' types of themes. Many of his books were adopted for movies and some of them were even adopted for video games. He had used fictional spy characters in his books namely Jack Ryan and John Clark who were continuing in his many books and this made his books to appear as a series of spy and espionage dramas.

In terms of best selling authors, Tom Clancy is considered in the category of John Grisham and J. K. Rowling. Clancy's commercial career began in 1984 with the publishing of his debut novel 'The Hunt for Red October'. Later he wrote many books out of which 17 became best selling ones. The number of total prints of his books is estimated at more than 100 millions.

The Background of 'Red Rabbit'

Red Rabbit is one of the famous books by Tom Clancy. It was a New York Times best seller. The background of the novel is the assassination attempt, in the year 1981, on Pope John Paul II who wrote a letter of displeasure to Polish Govt and threatened to resign from his position if something not done to arrest the spread of communism in the area. Later, this was known as Warsaw letter. As the Politburo, Moscow was not happy about it, KGB started devising a plot to assassinate the Pope.

Plot of 'Red Rabbit'

The main character in this novel is Jack Ryan. He is shown to be a recent ex-Marine temporary living in England and researching on a book. He has been in encounters with deadly IRA also and during those episodes he came into the attention of CIA as well as British SIS.

The CIA Deputy Director asked and offered him if he could work for CIA as a freelance analyst. Jack Ryan accepted the offer quickly and his very first assignment took him to deep in the matter and he came to know that there was a clandestine plot to kill the Pope.

As the incidents unfolded, it so happened that one of the KGB officers who was associated with communicating the cryptic messages to and fro in KGB in this matter, became a bit perplexed with this idea of killing an innocent person for political purposes. This officer then through his wife tried to contact CIA and desired to pass on the secret information if he was protected and extracted out of Soviet Union. This development made Jack to delve deep into the matter and then there was a lot of information and amazing story received from that KGB officer which lead to a long game of cat-and-mouse between the CIA and KGB. For the newly joined CIA analyst - Jack, it was too much to handle.

Jack accompanied the KGB officer in latter's journey for extraction which was masterminded by CIA and British SIS together. The drama unfolds further, encapsulated within the triangle formed by CIA, British SIS and KGB and then Jack moves along the difficult situations and ultimately manage to catch the shooter in time. In the meantime, the Pope was already shot by another shooter but he was only wounded and recovered soon. The story moves with many twists and turns mesmerising the reader till the end.

About the Author

Tom Clancy (Thomas Leo Clancy Jr.) was an American novelist who came into fame after his first spy and thriller novel 'The Hunt for Red October' published in 1984. He had his graduation in English literature and after graduation he did join the Army Reserve Officers' Training Corps but due to poor eyesight had to discontinue it.

After that he worked for an insurance company and later purchased a small insurance company from his relatives and in his part time started writing novels - which was his long time passion. After the immense success of his first novel there was no looking back for Tom Clancy and he wrote many of them in succession. In fact some of the novels are in a serial form with the same main character dealing with different situations of espionage and cat-and-mouse game.


Red Rabbit is a good reading for the people interested in spy and espionage thrillers. The detailed and intricate web of deceits, camouflage, run and chase and top class detection presented in the book is worth to read and enjoy in leisure time.


Author: Natarajan01 Aug 2018 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

Having read a few books of Tom Clancy, the author does justice to Tom Clancy who is known for his slick narration, gripping realistic plots and patriotic fervour. What I find good in him is that he keeps the readers hooked and interested without straying into too much of fantasy and unrealism which is a great achievement in fiction novels.
Some of his best books have become movies too, people who love spy thrillers would also love to read the book and watch the movies like Clear and Present Danger (Harrison Ford), The Hunt for the Red October (Sean Connery) and Patriot Games (Harrison Ford).

He is certainly in the league with names like Robert Ludlum, James Patterson and Lee Child.

Author: Neeru Bhatt07 Aug 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

The suspense and thriller writers are in fact expert in narrating the follow and chase type of storylines. By adding a geopolitical element and CIA or KGB sleuths to it makes things more interesting.

This type of books are written by many writers and depending upon their presentation and twists and turns of the tales, they become popular accordingly to different levels.

Tom Clancy is one such writer and specialises in this genre.

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