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How to prepare for personal interview of SSB?

You don't need to fear the personal interview of SSB anymore. This page provides important point which you should remember before appearing for the interview. Certainly this article will help you to clear your SSB.

Personal interview is one of the important part of SSB(Service Selection Board). The interviewing officer can easily analyse your personality by your body language, speaking skills, delivery of words etc. So you should speak honestly in front of him. Personal interview holds maximum points of your overall performance. The personal interview can happen at any day of your SSB stay period. So you need to be mentally prepared for this. Below are some of the important points that one should remember when he appear for his personal interview. Make sure you understand every point properly.

  • Dressing : Firstly your dressing should be on point. You will be given some instructions about your dressing before the interview. So you must dress up accordingly. Avoid adding any miscellaneous accessories. A light shirt, dark trousers and good pair of formal shoes will create good impression
  • Calm and subtle mind : Most of the people appearing for this interview are very nervous. Initially the interviewing officer will try to make your calm so that you speak freely. Make sure that you are not stressed out. Also you have to keep yourself relaxed to answer all the questions properly and confidently. Nervousness is eventually going to make you fumble while speaking. This will result in spoiling your entire interview. Do not panic if he asks you some tricky question. Answer only those which you know properly. Do not end up bluffing.
  • Interaction with candidates: You should talk to the candidates who are already done with their interview. By doing so, you will come to know what kind of questions were asked to them. Also you can prepare yourself accordingly and avoid making mistakes.
  • Body language: It is recommended to have a good posture while sitting in front of the interviewing officer. Keep your hands on your lap and avoid moving them when you talk. Express yourself well with your words. Also if you get to shake hands with him, keep it firm and remember to give a confident smile.
  • English speaking skills: You are expected to speak good English in SSB. This had been a matter of discussion for many aspirants. People often fear to speak English. However in defense forces, it is a necessity for an officer to speak English. He needs to deliver his talk in English in front of his men. It isn't important to speak fluently in SSB. But you should have good command over the language. If you lose yourself somewhere, you can speak few words in Hindi, but do switch over to English as soon as possible. Don't let the officer to point you out for this.
  • Sensible answers: Interviewing officer has been doing this job for quite a long time. So he knows very well whenever a person bluffs in front of him. You should answer to the point for his every question. Do not speak something that he hasn't asked. There might be a point when he asks a bunch of questions together related to your life. Do remember those questions and try to answer sequentially. This will show your presence of mind and management of your words.

I hope the above mentioned points will definitely help you to prepare for personal interview of SSB.

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