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Seven "Must Do" for Unemployed people now and later in careers

Unemployment is a curse of Indian society or any society. Only those who qualify and are talented will make it. In the private sector, only merit rules. It is this sector that is also more viable for a career. This article is an attempt at helping those who are unemployed to find their feet and then do well, through a number of other steps so that they continue to be employable at all times. In other words this will help you to stay relevant and not becoming outdated.


No matter what your present position is and whether you are unemployed. You can always get some job and then change to ones that will suit your innate potential. There are some tricks of the trade here. You just need to learn them and practice them. If you do so, there is every chance that this curse of unemployment will not stick with you. Remember you are the master of your own destiny. You can rewrite it, if you really do all the home work and hard work. In this connection, it is but essential to a) accept any job that comes your way b) acquire qualifications for better jobs c) acquire skills for job enlargement d) change locations if need be e) look for jobs abroad f) keep learning through hard core experience and g) always update yourself.

Accept any job that comes your way

You must take up any job. We always learn from real world case studies. Here is one. Girish (name changed) worked as a courier boy, after his plus two in Bangalore with a local courier. He had to go for the job as the father was a drunkard who lived in Hosur across the border and was useless. His mother worked as a servant maid in three houses. He decided to take care of his mother and forget his father. He lived in a very small house, paying Rs.2000 for the rent in the year 1991. His mother was determined. She knew that one day Girish would make it. A casual conversation in a city bus in Bangalore was enough to know this family. He invited me home. I told his mother about the B Com course from the Indira Gandhi National Open University. One landlord in whose house his mother worked, came forward to bear the entire fees. His distance education course was over. He was not satisfied. He registered for the ICWA course and passed his Inter examination.

In the meanwhile, he had a job as an accounts assistant in a trading organization. The year was 1995. He gathered some experience and got a good job as a Junior Accounts Officer in another export house, which had a branch in Bangalore. He learned every small detail about export documentation. His mother refused to give up her job as a servant maid. He said he would marry only if she sat at home. By this time, his income was fairly good as he had qualified. He was promoted as Officer (Accounts). Since he was too sincere, he was promoted as a Senior officer. Within three years of his marriage, he jumped to another job in Bangalore as Manager (Accounts) and he had a few papers left to complete in his ICWA examination. His wife was hugely understanding.

She treated his mother so well. He never forgot the help of the landlord. This Kannadiga family was so helpful to him at all times. He would volunteer to take care of their house when the landlord had to vist the USA to stay with their son for six months.

Each of the changes was possible only because Girish understood the value of some job. He went from one step to another. Years later armed with fourteen years of hard core experience in both Accounts and Finance, he is now a Deputy General Manager with an Engineering company in Nigeria. His wife had a Post Graduate with degrees in Public Administration and Economics, both acquired through correspondence. She became a teacher as well. She got the job as a teacher in Nigeria.

Please do note that Girish had done the work required in all the seven steps. You can also do it, if you try. In so many big towns and metro cities of Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu, very young boys are seen working part time in upper middle class hotels. They speak English and the local language so well. They are all students studying for the B.Com or BA or B.Sc degree in some college. The money they earn is used to pay the college fees. Today the world is only for such people. These server boys are given uniform and free food. You can spot them near the bus stations in Chennai, Coimbatore, Salem, Madurai, Mangalore and even Cochin.

So emulate such people. If only BPO jobs are available, grab them. If only some marketing jobs are available, grab them. Even if you get a telephone caller job, grab it. But then develop after you get the job.

Acquire qualifications for better jobs

Please note that Girish in the above case study did exactly this. Nothing works without qualifications. Look at how he progressed. Look at how he went step after step. He even went abroad. Life is like that. You never know when the opportunity will come your way. But the baseline is extremely important. If you do not prepare yourself for this "baseline" that is jobs, you are gone. Remember the world will not wait for you. Only you have to swim in this vast ocean call this world.

Acquire skills for Job Enlargement

Remember you can get better jobs with higher salary if you do not know the latest. In Finance it is all about GST and Capital Markets and about SAP(Finance). In Marketing, it is about advertising and the allied field of Supply Chain Management. You cannot ignore Supply Chain Management at all. You have the newly emerging course and career called Event Management. You have short term courses in even Tourism Management, Interior Design, Engineering Design(CAD/CAM, ProE and the like), Fashion Design and what have you. Unless you know what you can take up at some point in time, in the job market, you will be a misfit. Even short-term IT courses in some small institute can help you get jobs to survive.

It is now not a question of survival alone. It is job enlargement. If you know several facets of the job, you can succeed so well, Otherwise you are gone in the rat race. It is as simple as that. The above are just indications of the skill landscape that is slowly enveloping our country's private sector.

Take the bull by its horns. Learn from those in the field already. If you sleep now, you will regret later.

Change locations if need be

In the true life story of Girish narrated above, he chose to go abroad. After 14 years of hard core experience. Grit and determination. An ordinary courier boy becoming a Manager in Bangalore. This is the essence of life. This is the real action.

It all depends on whether you are prepared for it. If yes, you are in this game. If not, God save you. Please note the chance to work in Nigeria came after 14 years of hard work. It can come to you as well.

Look for jobs abroad

Those with experience in accounts and finance, HR, Marketing, teaching any subject like Mathematics and so on, can hope to get jobs after five years experience in the entire Gulf countries, Kenya, Nigeria and so on. Singapore and even Malaysia. Of course for a teacher, he or she needs at least an MA or MSc Degree in the particular subject and the M.Ed qualification in addition. And good experience in some CBSE school.

In a similar fashion, identify all the skill sets required. If you do your own research, you can succeed. Never ever pay any agent. That does not work at all.

Keep learning through hard-core experience

If you are talented, the world will recognize you. If you have the appropriate skill and are passionate, you can also learn very fast. This is called the hard-core experience. It comes if you can set good goals for yourself and gather all the experience. If you get such experience, the entire world is yours.

Al;ways update yourself

Once you feel that you are comfortable, never relax. Learn everything about your profession. More so, the latest trends. If you do not know the latest trends, you cannot go any far. You need to keep on updating yourself on everything that happens around you. Once you do this, you will always be a winner.


Go where the jobs are. Follow the steps outlined above. This is because unemployment can occur even for those with experience. Job security is slowing going. Employability is in. When you remember this very important change and prepare yourself accordingly, you would have won the unemployment battle.

Like the millions who accept any job, do it and then progress from there.

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