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Organic fertilisers - The better materials for farming

These days the concept of organic farming as well as organic fertilizers is becoming very popular. A good amount of research is going into this field these days. The organic foods are attaining a lot of importance. Many people are implementing this organic farming by using organic fertilizers. This article gives a brief information regarding this.


Organic fertilizer for gardens is made of single ingredients. This organic fertilizer can come from any sources like minerals, plants or even animals. An organic fertilizer is made of naturally occurring materials. These materials give nutrient-rich sources of organic matter to plants. This matter gets into smaller components and slowly penetrates into the plants. This process will make the plant strong and vigorous. Its a fact that organic fertilizers always ensure the growth of naturally occurring beneficial organisms. They give the plants the ways and means to access nutrients in the soil. In turn the plants will get the strength required to get protected.

Different organic fertilizers

There are many organic fertilizers. Here I am providing some information of commonly used organic fertilizers.

  • Manure : Manure is known as a complete fertilizer. It contains a lot of organic matter. But nutrients are less in these manures. They are more of soil transformers. Fresh manures shouldn't be used immediately as fertilizers as they may burn out the plants.
  • Blood meal: Powdered blood will be collected from cattle slaughterhouses. Then it will be dried. This is known as blood meal. It is rich in Nitrogen. This is to be applied carefully in small dosages. An excess application may burn the roots of their plants.
  • Bone meal: It is a fine powder of bones. As mentioned in the case of Blood meal, this bone meal can also be obtained from animal slaughterhouses. It contains Calcium and Phosphates up to 15%. It gives strength to root systems and flowering.
  • Shellfish fertilizer: This is also known as shell meal. It is made of bones or shells from crab or other shellfish. It supplies Calcium, Phosphorus and many trace minerals to the plant.
  • Rock phosphate: It is a Calcium-based Phosphate rock. This material will be ground to the consistency of small particles. This powder contains around 30% Phosphate and other trace elements.
  • Greensand: It is an Iron Potassium Silicate. Greensand is rich in iron, potassium and numerous micro nutrients. The material having this will have a green tint.
  • Fish emulsion : It is a partially decomposed blend of finely pulverized fish. The smell of the material is pungent. It should be used cautiously to avoid burning of plant roots.

Merits and demerits

These organic fertilizers have advantages as well as disadvantages. Lets check them one by one.

  • Organic fertilizers work slowly. They will get broken down and release nutrients. This is a time taking process. That is why they work slowly. But no matter is wasted from these items.
  • Organic fertilizers improve the soil's structure. This will make the soil loose so that one can work easily. This allows more air penetration to the system. The organic material allows the soil to hold water for longer times. Organic substances used in fertilizer increases the bacterial and fungal activity in the soil. The organic material makes the plant as well as the earth strong.
  • Organic fertilizers should be applied to plants before the plant develops any disorder. After getting the disorder application of these materials are of no use.
  • Organic fertilizer contains Carbon. The Carbon along with Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium feeds microbes and enables them to make nutrients available for plants in a naturally occurring biological process.
  • Synthetic fertilizers harm marine life and water quality. Organic fertilizers do not run off. It is reported that organic fertilizer increases species biodiversity by 30% compared with synthetic fertilizer.
  • Organic fertilizer may cost more than a synthetic fertilizer. But it will reduce the necessity of pesticides and the overall Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium requirements. Because of this, organic fertilizer can be a cost saving also
  • There is a chance for damage to leaves and roots with synthetic fertilizers. These chances are very remote with organic fertilizers.


The organic fertilizers are good for farming which will result in quality foods and fruits which are good for man to maintain good health and avoid side effects. These days the concern of quality food is increasing and the organic fertilizers are receiving good attention. A lot of development activities are going in that direction and shortly we will be getting more organic foods which will keep us away from many types of diseases and unhealthy conditions.


Author: Umesh10 Aug 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 6

An interesting and knowledge sharing article by the author.

In earlier times people were using cattle dung and household edible waste based manures which took 3 to 4 months to get prepared for use in the fields. These were individual household activities and were sufficient only for small field areas. This self-prepared manure was also organic in nature and did not harm the crop or environment in any way.

For large scale agricultural activities synthetic fertilizers were introduced which increased the productivity but harmed the environment and even polluted the crop breeds and many health hazards are now being attributed to that blind use of synthetic manures.

I have seen some gardening hobbyists prepare small scale manures in their balconies or terrace using the leaves of plants, household eatable waste, flowers etc. They are layering it one over other in a bucket and sprinkling some water and covering it and after some time when it is disintegrated, they are using it as organic manure for their flower plants.

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