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The 5 best & worst things about working from home

I work from home and though doing so offers me a lot of conveniences, there is a downside to it as well. Here is a first-hand experience, of what are the good and the not so good aspects, of work from home.

I work from home, well, I do have another job that occasionally takes me out of the house, but for the most part, I work from home. So, when I chanced upon this article, I couldn't help but relate to it.

I could fully appreciate the pros and cons mentioned by the author because I live that life. I understand the downside of working from home, as well as know the perks that come with it.

If you are contemplating trading your office cubicle for the sofa at home, then this article should give you an insight, on the good, the bad and the ugly. I'll walk you through the real world of working from home. I'll show you my take on it; it's a tad different from what's already been presented. Not different in the sense of being contradictory, but another perspective, with more inputs, from my side,

The best things about working from home

I have picked five best things I like about working from home. No doubt there'll be others, who'll have their own list of benefits, but here are my top 5 reasons for working from home –

I can lounge around anywhere

I can be in my pyjamas, I can sit on my bed or move to the balcony with my laptop. Working from home allows me untold comforts. It is one of the biggest perks that anyone working from home can enjoy. Imagine not having to dress up in formal office clothes, not having to wear tight, but smart shoes. Ah! The bliss of not having to choose what to wear. It is such a relief and such a time and money saver too.

And consider this, I don't have to ensure my nails are painted or worry about the oil in my hair. I can get down to work with a face pack on or my feet soaking in a tub of hot water.

There is no unexpected drop-by

The office environment makes you vulnerable. You are always under the scrutiny of someone. There can be sudden visits from the team-lead, the boss or the CEO. So, no unexpected surprises and "how's it going?".

At home, there are no distractions of colleagues stopping by your desk to just make conversation. You avoid gossip and sharing of unnecessary news of their date last night. You know how it can get when you are working around, and with people. You have to spare the time, sometimes at the expense of your own work.

At home, you avoid all this unnecessary waste of time and be more productive. You don't have to sit through someone's description of things and situations.

While working from home doesn't really cut you off from all this - people will still give you a tinkle to tell you all. But, you have the choice of ignoring the calls and catching up later, when you are free. Telling them that you were busy on a call or video chat with a client, always works.

I never miss a courier

What's the big deal you may say? Couriers are delivered anywhere, even at the work addresses. True, that, but you still have to lug the parcel home, right. What if you take the public transport home.

I'll share an experience here, one time I had ordered walnuts and the package was delivered to my neighbour. The parcel was chewed up in places, obviously by rodents - that is how it had been delivered. The 'smart' courier guy had left it on the console by their door, and they unsuspecting of his action paid the COD. I wouldn't have paid the COD, had I been at home. I would have examined the package, before making the payment.

Working from home gives me the convenience to order online and have goods delivered at home, at an hour convenient to me. I can do my daily grocery shopping at a suitable hour, instead of waiting for the weekend or doing it on the way home, after a hectic day. I can also have the maintenance staff come in to fix things when required, rather than fretting or taking time off and waiting for the technician to come to service items.

Play music & sing along, be weird

I can be as loud as I like, play music and sing along; there's no one watching. I can do my stretches and rotate my neck, lift my legs up and be as weird as I want, no one's judging me. I can do all of this and more, without annoying my co-workers.

No morning rush-hour craziness

My mornings are chilled out, I do not operate on panic-mode, rushing to do stuff that needs to be done. I have a relaxed breakfast and get down to work, without experiencing bouts of seething anger and frustration. There is no scrambling for the lift and no weaving in and out, dodging other commuters, to get to where I want.

I don't have to commute – no bumper to bumper, rush hour traffic to cope with. No jostling for space in a crowded public transport. And no having to face all that dust and grime and pollution. Doesn't that sound just wonderful.

These are some of the best things that came to my mind when I think of the benefits of working from home. But, all's not rosy, there are certain disadvantages too –

The worst things about working from home

The scenarios that I describe below may appear to be frivolous, but they can have an impact on your life.

There is no cafeteria

Working from home can make you feel isolated from the world. There is no cafeteria, no lunchroom jabber, no office boy getting you coffee or running an errand for you.

You can sometimes crave for some company, want to have people milling around.

Of course, you can make a phone call and speak to people, or get on WhatsApp and chat or Skype someone, but it's not the same. You miss the human interaction, for nothing beats sitting down at the table, grabbing a bite, sharing your meals.

Not of forget the joy experienced on receiving a compliment; don't we all like to hear someone tell us how good we look. Nice bag, nice shoes, nice top, you know what I mean!

You don't get to home

You don't really get to leave the office when you work from home. You don't experience that nice feeling, of leaving the office building, for home. You don't really wind up for the day and say your "see you tomorrows" before heading out, you just shift roles within the same environment.

There are no boundaries

There are no boundaries, really. For instance, family and friends will think twice before ringing you in the office, just for a chat. However, if you work from home not many give you that consideration. Since you work from home, surely you won't be doing anything significant, is the general assumption. People fail to realise that there are deadlines that you must meet. Or that there is a client call scheduled. And it can sometimes be difficult to explain your working conditions and predicament to others.

You're a one-man (oops woman) show

You are on your own, at your home office. No assistants, no clerical staff, no one to call if your computer stalls, no one to do any of the stuff that someone in the office handles.

It is all you. If there is a glitch, you got to solve it on your own. In the office, a technical hitch is someone else's problem. You just do the stuff that you are supposed to do.

Keeping distractions away can be tough

Keeping from falling prey to temptations is a toughie. You are confined within your entire world and you have access to all the things you cannot take to the office. There is the television or that book on your bedside table. You can pick up your phone and begin browsing online stores or check Instagram and all the other social media. There are distractions galore and staying focused on what needs to be done can be challenging and require tremendous self-control and motivation.

Just because you can do all this, does not mean that you can go ahead and do them. You need to replicate the work environment and set yourself specific work ethics.

Do you relate with any of this? What is it that you like the most about working from home, and which aspect do you detest the most? Do you any tips to share on how to cope, with work from home problems?

Article by Juana
Juana is a freelance writer, with years of experience, creating content for varied online portals. She holds a degree in English Literature and has worked as a teacher and as a soft skill trainer. An avid reader, she writes on a variety of topics ranging from health, travel, education and personality development.

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Author: Natarajan08 Aug 2018 Member Level: Gold   Points : 5

An excellent article with plenty of insights. What appeals to me as well is the unique fact that office professional space is transformed to the most liked personal space when we work from home and it sheds of all the etiquette and grooming strands that an MNCs or even a PSU office commands.

The other good point is that you can multi-task, sort out that pile of bills or laundry and yet keep track of what the job needs on-line. I do this a few days a week and the bliss of having the house to yourself for a while, a cup of coffee and the stress meter is low even when on duty.

Working from home would not be everybody's cup of tea. At times, it can be annoying to the people at home who find that their personal space and the home job lists have been forced to share or change because of the additional person at home after 9 AM.

There are days when the office work is hectic and we come home to put our legs up and just let time pass by at our homes and feel happy. This would not feel the same while we work from home.

I'm glad that the author has mentioned distractions. It is imperative that one is disciplined with respect to getting the jobs done well within the time limit and not be casual in scanning through or replying to the offical communication and requests.

I find an annoying habit that creeps in when working from home, this is snacking and munching on foodstuffs and snacks that are very tempting and right in front of me in the kitchen.

While in the office, we keep moving around on some errands, this degree of physical activity is lacking as we work from home. I think we need to take necessary breaks for 10-15 minutes just to do some stretches and keep laziness at bay.

The last thing is about the passionate indoor hobbies that we often never find time to pursue, this is also a source of distraction for me. I love photography and tend to spend more time on editing pictures while I'm at home.

I think if one develops his/her own way to manage time, be productive and give work the same attention that we would give while in an office, then it is a perfect way to enjoy working from home.

Author: ABSivakumar08 Aug 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 0

An excellent article that has very comprehensively covered all the most important points. In fact, there are so many insights too into how one can do a nice job of writing from home.

Author: Juana18 Jul 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 7

I guess being disciplined is the key, whether working in a proper working environment or from home.

I do not snack in-between meals, as a practice, but I take fruits and some dry fruits in-between meals. But those are healthy options and fixed in my meal plan. The difference between you and me probably is that I work from home daily and for you, it's a novelty, hence the food distraction.

Breaks are essential, not just to break the monotony, but also to get moving. Since I manage everything on the home front, I schedule breaks to catch up on the housework, be it cooking or cleaning or doing other jobs. I am pretty fastidious when it comes to my home. So, yes, I spend time doing the regular everyday stuff, and then some more. Each day I schedule cleaning of specific nooks and corners around my apartment and do it on rotation. One day it is cleaning the kitchen chimney or a few shelves in the kitchen, on another day the intricate woodwork on the furniture or a wipe down of doors and switches around the house or running a cloth over the window grills. The bending and stretching and reaching out and swiping stuff gives me a good workout and helps keep the apartment spotlessly clean.

Everyone must incorporate movement into their routine. A sedentary lifestyle is the cause of many diseases - the body requires physical activity.

Author: K Mohan04 Oct 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 2

I am also of the opinion that work from home culture should be avoided for many reasons. We tend to become lethargic as there is no immediate boss or the officers who shall mend our ways. Since the work from home is on our conditions, there could be a slow pace or even errors in work. If we work at the office, there would be corrective measures by other staff. So work from home should be avoided.

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