BitDegree - The online education platform with a difference

Have you heard of BitDegree? It is the first Blockchain based online education platform. Does that sound interesting enough? Well, you will definitely love the fact that it lets you earn while you learn. How does it do it? We will check it out in the following paragraphs.

BitDegree is essentially an online education program. It is quite akin to the other online education platforms like Udemy, Coursera or EdX, but offers you a host of features you may not be able to find on any of these platforms. The major purpose of the platform is to provide an opportunity to earn while you learn the technical skills. How does it do it?

What is BitDegree?

Well, to begin with, BitDegree is an online educational platform that aims to teach you a host of digital skills. What makes it stand apart from the rest of them is the blockchain based system that it operates on.
The platform looks to revolutionise the educational stream with the aid of blockchain technology.
BitDegree courses
BitDegree makes an attempt at making the education a popular option with the option to monetise it. It is powered by a clearly defined blockchain reward system that lets you earn while you assimilate the new techniques. It also provides you with the option to track the achievements and also makes it possible for the companies to pick the best talent from among the students.

How does the technology work?

You can signup straightway to the program and begin earning the tokens as a means of scholarship. Browse through the courses available and choose the ones that you are interested in. You can choose from among a wide range of courses that includes coding, marketing, the blockchain, programming languages, and development of games.
bitdegree course details

The service came into existence in 2018. The system works with a cryptocurrency labelled BitDegree Tokens. These tokens can be exchanged for a host of online services. The students are provided with BitDegree tokens when they achieve a few important tasks or milestones within the course.
The platform wants to monetise the students for the smaller achievements that they make. That is exactly why the platform has been named "bit" Degree.

The platform believes that education is everyone's right. It does not differentiate between who you are, or how old you are - but focusses on your ability to imbibe the digital skills. The centralised nature of education has made the courses costly. BitDegree focusses on minimising it costs involved by making the course available for free and available only in the online mode will make it get rid of the costs. It also helps you connect the students and the instructor directly without the need for any intermediary.

What are the advantages of BitDegree?

The BitDegree courses focus on the on-demand courses or the relevant courses that have a bearing on the real world requirements. That would make the BitDegree students more focused and better prepared to face the real world than those trained at the traditional institutes.
BitDegree makes an attempt a few issues that plague the education sector. A few areas that it wants to bring advancements include

Make Education practical

The traditional education does not make it interesting to learn new concepts. It focusses merely on the theoretical aspects of a course. It fails to impart practical knowledge in the minds of the students. BitDegree brings practical aspects to the educational sector. The employers themselves are directly involved in the creation of the courses and thus they are in a position to include the aspects that would make a difference in the practical world.

Better recruitments

BitDegree makes it possible to foster and acquire talent. The students have the employer branding to the courses which would make it more appealing. Employers sponsor small incentives for the achievements that the students are able to make. This helps a lot in making the studies more rewarding in the real sense of the word.

Improved Course Completions

The online courses offered in the current scenario make it possible for the students to opt for the courses, but there is no motivation to complete them. The dropout rates are quite huge. BitDegree opts for incentivisation of the completion of courses and thus helps the students have more interest in the courses that they have enrolled for.

Why would we recommend it?

Well, we have our own solid reasons for that effect. The concept is aimed at improving education. That in itself should be one of the points that we would opt for the program. Education is an important part of one's life and achievements and we would consider anything that supports this cause a good beginning. BitDegree meets those requirements and that should be one of the reasons why an educationist should support the venture.
It has a team that has good experience in the diverse fields of cryptocurrencies and education. They are indeed better placed when compared to the traditional educational systems we are currently used to. The active community that BitDegree thrives on is quite huge and that would assure an all-round development in the days to come. They even offer free online courses with a certificate of completion.

The concluding Thoughts

The online education is an area that has been witnessing consistent growth. In that scenario, we would find BitDegree or platforms like it to influence the sector in a positive manner. If that happens, it would indeed make education quite fulfilling in the real sense of the word and not something of a commodity that it has currently been made out to be. From that perspective, BitDegree has a good future ahead and we will definitely want to find it going through successful advancements.

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