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Easy steps to become a positive person

Our positive traits impact our daily life. They make us more confident and leave us energised. Negative traits, on the other hand, trap us and slow down our progress. Learn simple ways to lose your negative attributes and latch onto positive traits.

"Heart is a very good fertilizer; anything we plant- love, hate, fear, hope, revenge, jealousy-surely grows and bears fruit. We have to decide what to harvest." - Swami Vivekananda

I read the above quote in a recent edition of 'The Speaking Tree', delivered as a supplement, with the newspaper, I subscribe. Profound words, right, etched in wisdom. I felt an instant connect with the wise words.

What we sow in our hearts, is what we reap each day. If we sow love and kindness, we grow to be generous. If we plant hate and jealousy we grow to be insufferable. It's a simple science of how human emotions work.

Our mind - the playing field

Our thoughts, beliefs, opinions, impressions, perceptions and views play a significant part in who we become. Similarly, our actions, deeds, gestures and moves and such decide who we are. It is vital that we remain conscious of what goes on in our minds and our reactions to things. We need to constantly be in control, to avoid negativity to take root.

Focusing on the negative is such a waste of time. In doing so, you just sow the seeds of negativity in your soul. And soon those seeds sprout and spread, becoming parasitic, consuming you with negativity.

Being pragmatic can be a challenge

The dreary, tedious, humdrum lives we lead push us to the wall, in a way. There is little scope to appreciate the good in life. Upholding positive traits and personalities can become a challenge. I pin it down to the fact that we have an innate tendency to be overly protective of ourselves to the extent of safeguarding our interest, quite fastidiously. At the same time, we are also intelligent and possess the power and capacity to cogitate over every possibility, particularly the undesirable negative facets.

It's an uphill task

As we are overly protective of our own well being, we do not have a natural leaning towards thinking or acting in positive ways. We need to work on that aspect, and coach our brains to anchor onto the positive attributes of everyday things. This would require us to espouse ways to be positive.

To start with, wipe your mind clean and start off on a clean slate; a little difficult, but not entirely impossible. It will require a bit of practice to rewire the brain to think in a way, different to what it's been used to. Practice being positive; see the good in situations and in people and in course your brain will gradually learn to be positive, until, eventually it becomes a way of life.

Easy steps to being positive

Here a few nuggets of wisdom that I practice. They can help you master the art of tuning your mind to think positively.

  • Learn to recognise negative thoughts and feelings that explode inside you. Put a lid on them; breathe, let some air into your lungs and consciously try to shift your focus from what is distracting you to positive aspects of the same circumstances or the people involved. Your brain is an intelligent organ; it will soon take the lead
  • Schedule a couple of minutes of 'me time' each day when you talk to yourself. Remind yourself of the benefits of being positive. Mentally sweep away any negativity that you find has creeped in. That feeling of jealousy, undermining a colleague's skill, falling for office rumours and all such things, are negative and extremely damaging
  • Make resolutions and keep them. Take small steps to bring in positivity into your life, start with doing something nice, each day. For example, decide to be polite, hold the door open for others, smile at people, wish them or make up your mind to be a better listener. Small changes that you make in your everyday behaviour can have a significant effect in building a positive image
  • Get inspired by other positive people. Read books that can uplift your spirits and show you how to shun negativity and embrace positivity
  • Make a list of people and things that have stimulated your senses in positive ways. Do this exercise and you'll find you have a lot to be thankful for

Don't let opportunities pass you

The one certainty about life is that it keeps throwing challenges at you and this also can cause negativity to set in. Learn to look at challenges as opportunities rather than becoming miffed. The former attitude turns you into a positive person and acts as your crutch, on your up, the success ladder, while the latter makes you downright negative.

Grit, persistence and determination, coupled with continuous and diligent hard work, and an aptitude to analyse and make the right choices and make them work, at critical periods, is the hallmark of successful individuals. It also drives away negativity.

The switchover from negativity to positivity can be achieved through an assimilation of positive qualities. If you perpetually delve into the negative you won't have the energy for much else. It's your thoughts that eventually drive you into who you become. You stand out among a crowd because of the way you think. Positive thoughts promote logical thinking because your energies can be focused on real things.

It's DIY project

You have to learn to think positively; it's a self-driven attribute and you alone can do it. Fostering positivity into routine practices and continual exercise of affirmation is one way to be successful. Negativity is the proverbial 'bad habit' that doesn't go away. There will be times when you'll find 'solace' by dwelling on the negative, and these are the times when you have to let your inner-strength take charge. You'll feel positively charged and build confidence.

My stay positivity mantra

I don't whine and whimper about things. Neither do I hold grudges or harbour resentments. It is not difficult to let go. I handle issues directly while keeping the focus on the present relevant problem. I don't get into the history or the dynamics of problems or allow matters to fester. It's easier that way.

I admit there are times when situations get to me. I practice what I mentioned above, get to the root of the issue, without getting affected by it. The key is to keep your eye on the concern and not take it personally and get affected by it. And whenever I feel the pressures weakening me, I inhale and shut my mind. I switch to doing other things that calm me down. It's possible to fill your life with positivity, just give it a shot.

How do you engage yourself in staying positive?

Article by Juana
Juana is a freelance writer, with years of experience, creating content for varied online portals. She holds a degree in English Literature and has worked as a teacher and as a soft skill trainer. An avid reader, she writes on a variety of topics ranging from health, travel, education and personality development.

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Author: Umesh19 Aug 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

It is necessary to be positive in our life but at the same time, it is the most difficult thing to achieve.

If a person can be positive in his life then we can infer that he must be very prudent, hardworking and sincere in his approach to the challenges of life.

There are so many ups and downs in our life that remaining positive always is a big challenge and sustaining it for prolonged periods is still a bigger challenge.

There are certain attributes which are to be kept at their low ebb if we really want to be positive in our life. These are jealousy, enmity, revenge, self-pity, laziness and backbiting.

People who are busy in their work and do not waste their time in analyzing the progress of others and do not feel envy about the success of others can easily achieve positiveness in their life.

Author: Reena Upadhya05 Sep 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 8

It is a well-written article where the author assists the reader in becoming a positive person by following simple and easy steps.

The quality of our thoughts reflects the quality of life we are living. If we think negative, we are living an underappreciated life. Thus, it is high time that we cast off the negative thoughts and replace them with high energy carrying positive ones. Why deteriorate the quality of life by thinking negative? If we change our thoughts, we change ourselves. The transition is almost immediate. Changing thoughts is not time-consuming. A thought transition can take place in the mere blink of an eye. All that is required is some effort and will. If we are willing to become a positive person, we need to start thinking positive. The will and determination itself are the key factors that will help in our transitioning.

If we want to become positive, we need to surround ourselves with everything that is positive. It is like eating and drinking positively. It is as good as sleeping and waking up being positive. Yes, the efforts require certain hard work but the outcome that we will reap is also huge. The information that we feed to our mind should be completely positive. It should be educational and inspire our every nerve and vessel in our body. It should uplift us in some manner or the other from our existing situation.

If we feed everything well, nothing can stop us from turning out positive and good. The more good we feed in; the more confident we turn out. We remain happy and contented in the outside world. So, yes the transition should begin on the inside. Positive information and education can be fed using inspirational books, audio programs, CDs and DVD. Lots of online courses are also available now a day. Make sure to only watch positive and inspirational programs on television.

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