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Know how to politely refuse a dating proposal

With the increasing interaction between man and woman everywhere, a situation may arise when somebody requests you for entering into a relationship but you are not interested in that person. Know how to politely refuse the proposer. Read this article to know more.

Nowadays men and women interact everywhere. In schools, boys and girls are studying together. In colleges and universities, the male and female students are sharing books in the libraries or exchanging ideas in canteens. In offices, male and female colleagues constitute teams, take collective decisions and spend considerable time together.

As male and female spend considerable time together, it is quite natural that a male feels attracted towards a female colleague or fellow-student. Similarly, a female may have such feelings towards her male colleagues or co-student. If such a feeling is mutual, then the next step is relatively smooth. If the feeling is not mutual, then a problem may arise because a man or woman may be emotional. In such an emotional situation, anyone can act emotionally, instead of behaving intelligently. To avoid a nasty situation due to emotional behaviour, we need to learn how to politely refuse a dating proposal if a man/woman is not willing to develop a relationship with the person who is proposing.

A person can reject the proposal of dating utilizing different situations, circumstances or even white lies. But the need is not to hurt or to minimize the feeling of hurt to the proposer. Let us see how this can be done.

1: Say that you are already dating another person

If you don't want to establish a romantic relationship with the proposer, you have to tell something to discourage him/her. So, tell the proposer very politely and sweetly that you are already in a relationship or have a crush on someone else. Even if the statement is not true, it will help. But say this convincingly enough.

2: Use study or work as an excuse

If you are not at all interested to initiate a relationship with the proposer, just tell him/her that presently you are very busy with your studies or development of your career and so you are not interested in a relationship. Most of the people accept this as a genuine excuse.

3: Say that you don't want to initiate a relationship after coming out of another

This is another genuine reason which people generally believe. If you say (truthfully or otherwise) that you have just come out of a long relationship, and, so, you are not emotionally stable enough to enter a new relationship so quickly, the proposer would, in all probability, believe you.

4: Tell about other stress-causing problem in your life

Every person has many things to worry about. Maybe father's retirement, mother's illness, various issues relating to brother(s) and sister(s) worry a person too much. As a result, he/she is not ready for entering into a romantic relationship. Tell your proposer about your problem. You must be convincing and the proposer may accept your explanation.

5: Turn down the proposer stating that you want to remain single

Many young men and women don't want to enter into a relationship. They want to enjoy other aspects of life. Some people are too involved in spirituality, sports or traveling the world etc. to enter into a binding relationship. Explain it to the proposer.

Final few words

If you are not romantically interested in your proposer, you must have to tell him/her convincingly without hurting feelings. Under any circumstances, you should not enter into a half-hearted relationship because of your indecisiveness or shyness. Further, if the proposer continues to pester you in spite of your refusal, you have to think about discouraging him/her in a less pleasant manner.

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Author: Umesh19 Aug 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

A nice and elaborate article by the author and will definitely help those who do not know how to say no to an aggressive dating proposal.

I want to mention with due respect to the males in this society that the attraction to the opposite sex is more of physical than emotional from the male side while it is mostly emotional from the female side. This makes a difference in the perceptions of two people for each other while going for dating. This also is the reason why many dating sessions fail miserably in the long run.

So a stern and strong 'no' is sometimes required especially from the female side and it is only a question as to how well she does it in a soft and polite fashion.

Author: Reena Upadhya05 Sep 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 8

This article very well discusses the various polite ways that can be used to turn down the dating proposal. It is very important to be polite. It is because there is no point in trying to be rude and breaking someone's heart. The author has come up with very new excuses instead of the same overused ones. You don't have to hurt feelings of another person. You need to keep into consideration the circumstances and the situations while you are declining the proposal. You can seem rude and become a bad person or else seem direct and a little firm and become a good person.

It is not right that you let yourself to go through the entire emotional trauma when you turn down the dating proposal. You don't have to feel sorry or guilty about anything. You don't have to fumble as you are not doing anything wrong. If you are not interested in dating someone, you have to let them know as soon as they ask you for a date.

Accepting the proposal can ruin the things to a great extent. It is not wise to go on a date with someone as you were feeling timid about turning down their proposal. You don't have to be guilty every time you see them. You don't have to go through that awkwardness and remain in that silence just because you said no to the proposal. Next time when you meet them, treat them just like the way you treat others. Get rid of guilt from your mind and heart and break the awkward silence when you meet them the next time.

The best strategy is to tell them that you have developed a crush on someone. The author has mentioned that you can give an excuse that you are dating someone else. Either you can tell them that you are dating someone or else just tell that you have a crush on someone. When you say that you have a crush on someone you save yourself from the embarrassment of taking someone's name. Even if asked repeatedly you can politely say that you don't feel like revealing the name as it is a secret.

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