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The art of staying positive in the toughest times

What to do when facing a tough situation in life? We do face many tough times in our lives. We do have so many problems in life. At home and at office. The art of staying positive in these toughest times is itself an art. Some salient aspects are sought to be explained in this article.


We do face very tough times at home and at office. There are of course ways in which we can try our best to stay positive and get over the problems we face. Here, the focus is - a) practical situations at home and office b) choices that are available and c) staying tuned to change.

Practical situations at home and at office

You go home very much tired, after a hectic day. You have had some tense moments and the team work is not working very well. There is so much to do. And you keep worrying about the challenges on the next day.

Just after reaching home, your wife laments that the water connection is not working.okay and water is not there in the sump. Your working wife is waiting for your reaction.

What would you do? Ventilate all anger on your wife ? Or stay cool, listen to what has happened, and then get to do damage control, in terms of contacting the plumber, or your neighbor and so on? You will have learned some lesson in staying cool and staying positive, if you had chosen the second alternative.

Here is one gem, that has come in the form of a good morning wish: "Positive thinking isn't about expecting the best to happen every time but, accepting that whatever happens is the best for this moment". An idea to be printed in gold, no less.

So, staying positive is restricted to the task on hand: set right the water problem. Positive outcomes will follow.

When we go back to work the next day, since the situation at home was okay, there is every chance that our mood in office will also be okay. The situation is likely to improve. Once we stay calm, we would have actually learned the art of getting over minor irritants without any fuss and also being focused on the immediate work at hand.

Look at another situation. You have been called by the CEO to share some unique idea. Courtesy and protocol demands that you remind your boss. He just says "okay". Inside the chamber of the CEO you present many dimensions of what could be a hugely beneficial managerial process of change, given current managerial strengths and emerging realities. The big boss appreciates you.

What are your alternatives? You would tend to think that you can make a big splash in your department and go gaga over the CEOs praise. This would invite jealousy. The other alternative is to just keep the boss informed and be done. The next step is to formulate suitable action plans and be ready if the big boss asks you for the next step of action. The simple truth is that you ought to do the best based on past experience or simply play it safe, and see only a positive spin off. Your experience and tact would come into play.

This is the crux of staying positive. Of being assertive but not aggressive. We should always learn from such wonderful office experiences.

Once again, those who are in debts and are shrewd not to show anything at work and still manage tricky situations at home, are always successful. Hear from those who are sixty five or seventy years of age. They would have endured through the most difficult and tricky times. Very harsh times indeed. This was more so, as markets had not developed, the incomes of people were limited and employment opportunities were less. The elders of today had mostly managed with single jobs in a single company. This is totally different in today's conditions, where jumping jobs is the norm. Yet, we can always learn lessons from them.

Being religious does help. Visits to temples should not become rituals. They should be based on real belief in God, and true prayers. In fact, such prayers to God will help us a big deal in staying calm and being positive. Similarly, spending quality time with our innocent children can also release all our tensions. The jokes and the fun do come in handy.

Choices that are available

In any given situation, we need to understand what is best choice of action and then take up such actions, based on current realities.

The most important point that we need to note here is that by staying rooted in negative thoughts or playing politics, which is the only alternative available, is not only not desirable, but will also take us nowhere. For, such actions take away all our energy and do not help us focus on our strengths. We try to focus on the weaknesses of bosses. This is very dangerous as in a very tricky situation, the boss will not hesitate to take us to task. More so, if there is a big pressure from the Top Management, for urgent action.

The positive route to managing any situation is the only solution. The "I will do it tomorrow" attitude does not often help us at all. We will realize that tomorrow can always spring us enough surprises and when we get down to action, we will have realized that we had got into an unwanted and avoidable mess, only because we were a bit lazy on the previous day. The positive action is to finish today's work, today itself and not postpone the work at any cost.

Staying tuned to change

This will relate to any change in the work processes, the systems and managerial tasks. For example, if SAP is introduced throughout the organization, it is essential that we learn it fast and be good at understanding the changed realities of the urgent work and the process flow. If we are positive in the attitude of learning this new change, we will succeed well. Similarly, if we are deputed by the Management to undergo a new program, we need to come back and at least conduct a follow up program for executives or work workmen, as applicable. It is up to the Management to decide on further courses of action, but we should have done our bit as well. This is also part of staying tuned to change.


If we stick to the basics and understand the dynamics of each situation as it were, we will have managed to stay positive and also get the work done. Tricky situations like the ones above are quite common at work and at office. We need tact, patience and a very calm mind to see through the toughest of minds and stay positive. If we do this, we would have learned this art of staying positive in the toughest of times. Of course, instances described above are only indicative. However, variations of the same are bound to occur in our lives and we need to just understand the basics to get going and face any challenge, at any point in time.


Author: Reena Upadhya05 Sep 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 7

We all know that life isn't all about happy times. It cannot always seem like a bed of roses. Times do change. Good times turn into tough ones and happiness turns into grief in the blink of a second. Tough times can come in any form such as losing a job, losing someone you love, academic failure, disappointments, and other such things. If you think that you can avoid grief, let me tell you that you can't do it at any cost. Whatever is meant to happen in your life will happen. You can't change it nor stop it. It is what destiny is all about.

Though we cannot change the circumstances, we can learn to face these tough situations through our tough and positive attitude. Why not embrace positivity in life and control the unfavorable circumstances easily. Why do we have to panic every time an unfavorable situation arrives in front of us? We need to learn to calm down and instill a lot of positive attitudes that will boost us with extra energy and help us overcome the unbearable tough times.

We should not think negative at any point. There is no point in indulging ourselves in thinking negative. It is not going to help us in any way. We are what we think. We design our future. What we think today is definitely going to create the destiny for us in the coming future. If we want our future to be bright, we need to think likewise. For that, we need to start thinking positive.

Tough times seem to last forever. We need to create a distraction for ourselves. A distraction is essential as it will help us avoid thinking about the unfavorable situations. We need to indulge ourselves in some activities that are productive. When we keep ourselves busy, we certainly will not have enough time to think about unfavorable circumstances. When we think less, we experience it less. As a result, tough times pass by us and we don't even come to know about it.

Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao06 Sep 2018 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 6

The author made a good attempt to tell us the ways to remain positive always. My appreciations to him.
Keeping cool and not getting stressed is the key to being positive. We should see the good points in the negative happenings. We should try to take a cue from the existing situation and explore the various possibilities which will help us to come out of the situation. Always think that whatever is happening is good for us only.
Worrying about the past things is of no use. But understanding the reason for the happenings and trying to improve on that will be a positive attitude only. Another point we should inculcate is not to think of too many things at a time and mess up the things. One issue at a time attitude is the best. Think of a doctor. He will see a patient and decide on the course of action. When he shifts to another patient, he will think about that patient only. He will forget about the previous patient. One should practice the same attitude. While doing a task if we start thinking about another task we can't do justice to any issue. This will lead to negative thinking.

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