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Importance of Teachers in our Lives

Are you looking for an essay or speech on the topic of the importance of teachers in our lives? Here is an essay you can use or even convert into a speech for teachers day.

Throughout the thousands of years of revolution, the human being learned many things from his experience and from the environment around him. The man invented fire to cook food, protect himself from wild animals and to face the chilling cold. He invented the wheel to ease the transportation from one place to another. They determined their direction by studying the position of sun and stars. All this happened because of two things, which are need and curiosity. The need and curiosity are the two things which are behind every great invention in the history of mankind. Here nature was the teacher for the ancient humans. They learned from studying the nature.

Today, there are many means and ways to gain knowledge, but schools are the primary source of education and knowledge for almost everyone around the world. One might argue that there are other ways to gain knowledge such as the Internet. Today, the internet is the source of a plethora of information just a click away. But can it replace a living human being, who spends his whole life learning himself and providing that knowledge to his students? I don't think so.

It won't be an exaggeration, saying that teachers are the foundation stone of the skyscraper of our society. Students are the future of our society and teachers mold the students in the form of responsible future citizens of our society. It's almost impossible to measure the contribution of teachers to the society. But I'll try to elaborate the importance of teachers in our lives in a few words.

Importance of Teachers in Students' Life

We are students all our lives. We keep learning from our first breath to the last. A child's first teachers are his/her parents. Our parents teach us the fundamental things since our birth. A child first learns to crawl and eventually walk. Then the journey of that kid's academic education starts. The teachers in the school not only teaches the kid how to read and write but also teaches the fundamental qualities a person should possess and those are discipline, punctuality, courage, empathy, honesty, obedience, respect and many others. A teacher not only teaches the students how to earn the living but also teaches the students to be a better person and make better decisions in life. He/she inspires the students to be successful in their career and most importantly be humble and down to earth. Hence there is no doubt that the teachers shape the future of our society.

Importance of Teachers as a Role Model

Students are like a soft clay who are waiting to be shaped to the perfection. Teachers mold and shape the minds of the students to become great leaders. Leaders which are followed by hundreds and thousands of people do agree that their teachers are people behind their success and reason behind who they are. Many successful leaders agree that the lessons, knowledge, and qualities their teachers and mentors taught, helped them to become who they are now. They give credits of their success to their teachers and mentors. These teachers are the role model for them. Teachers inspire us to pursue our dream with great dedication and passion. A teacher provides the knowledge selflessly and helps to shape the lives of hundreds of students. And hence teachers are the role models for their students.

The Teachers' Day is around the corner. In India, teachers day is celebrated on 5 September across the country and on 5 October across the world. This Best Speech on Teachers' Day, 5 September 2018 will help you to deliver a perfect speech and essay on Teachers Day.

Importance of Teachers in Nation Building

As mentioned earlier, teachers create the foundation of society, they indeed shape the life of every student in one or another way. The students a teacher teaches will grow on to become successful leaders, politicians, scientists, skillful employees, businessmen and what not. These people, directly or indirectly, help to develop our country. Better the education, better the chances of that students to become successful in his/her career. Hence teachers have the great responsibility of shaping the minds of students who would become the hands of nation-building in the future.

Importance of Teachers in India

India has a rich heritage of education and knowledge. Countries around the world study our literature, ancient texts to gain knowledge from it and apply it to today's modern world. India gave Ayurveda to the world, The ancient and knowledge-rich texts about the natural medicines. Our history has given us the great examples of teachers and gurus such as Vyas, Dronacharya, Aryabhatta, Shukracharya, Vashishtha, Dhanwantari, Brihaspati and many others. These gurus laid the foundation of the once most prosperous education systems in the world.

Sadly, today the picture our education system is changed. Today the quality of education is highly decreased. The knowledge an individual is measured only by his/her grades. Money minding people have made our education system, a money generating business where the money has great power to determine what kind of education you can get. The reservation system has also affected the education system a lot. Today, the lack of unskilled labor is increased, resulting in huge unemployment because the schools and colleges are failing to groom the students as a versatile personality with great skills and industry acumen.

The teachers in government schools and colleges are paid very less hence creating a question of their survival. They are also appointed to do government work such as census, as well as election duties. So, to repair the damages made to the education system in India, teachers should be made strong. They should be provided with the salary they deserve and other facilities which will help them provide quality education to the students.

"Teaching is the noblest profession"
There is no doubt in the above quote. There is no other noble job than spending the whole life for helping others. And hence teachers are no doubt are the pillars of our civilization.

Article by Tony John
Tony John is a professional blogger from India, who started his first Weblog in 1998 at Tripod.com. Tony switched to blogging as a passion blended business in the year 2000 and currently operates several popular web properties including IndiaStudyChannel.com, Techulator.com, dotnetspider.com and many more.

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Author: T.M.Sankaran24 Aug 2018 Member Level: Gold   Points : 12

A good article showing the importance of teachers in the Society. It is generally accepted that teaching is the best profession. At the same time the question is can we consider teaching as a profession. In fact a teacher is sharing his knowledge to others. In olden days a teacher was referred as "guru". The disciple stay in the house of the Guru and help in the household works. Guru reach the shishya whenever he is free. Actually involving in the household works of Guru itself is a part of teaching. After a year or more the Guru will assess the shishya and based on practical tests he allows the shishya to go home.

As mentioned in the above article this type of teaching was followed in Ayurveda system of medicines. The students come and stay in the house of expert Ayurveda practitioners for years together. Personally, I know this since my maternal grand father and uncles were expert Ayurveda physicians. Three or more shishyas used to stay at a time in the house and study the subject. No fees were collected from them. At the same time they were having their meals and other things just as members of the house. They assisted the grand father in all his needs associated with the treatments of his patients. Whenever grandfather was free there would be theory classes.

Now things have changed the school-college system have come up. Gurus became teachers and teaching became a profession. Students have connection with the teachers only through the classroom teaching. Only some of the teachers keep in touch with the students after class hours. In a school or college there are scheduled timing and after that they disburse. In the olden guru-shishya set up no timing was there. Shishyas kept moving with the teacher and throughout that period teaching takes place.

Now the teaching is a profession and the teachers are paid for their work. Even the school teachers are well paid (at least in Kerala). College teachers are having the UGC patterns of payment.

On a personal note, I was a teacher throughout my career period (35 years) in two different Universities. I am only happy to state that my students, even years after my retirement, contact me if my help is needed. Among my students many are highly placed. There are Vice chancellors, IAS officers, Directors of various Central and State Institutes, Scientists and Professors, etc.

I feel that teaching the best profession compared to any other profession.

Author: Umesh24 Aug 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 5

A nice article bringing out the importance of the teachers in our life.

During our student life we look up to our teachers for guidance and when we are impressed with the teachings of a particular teacher, we remember him for lifetime.

Though all the teachers deserve our respect but we remember only those who were extra ordinary in their profession. Some of them are very good in teaching and we need not to struggle to understand the subject ourselves.

In earlier times, teachers were sincere and did not commercialize their talents. At that time we used to go even to their houses if we had some doubt in any of the subjects. They were our real mentors and guides.

A good teacher is a great motivator and can inspire his students to any level. He will see that his students should be successful in life and progress significantly. This is the reason that the students of such devoted teachers also pay them great respect.

Author: Neeru Bhatt27 Aug 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

I think it is because of our teachers that today we can think ourselves as academic or learned in whatever little capacity we could take from those knowledge banks.

Good teachers are the most adorable things in our life. I remember when I was doing my graduation we had a lot of confusions in understanding the concepts in psychology. One of our psychology professor was very learned and was never impatient with our questions. He used to explain the things in different ways until we were satisfied.

I salute such sincere and devoted teachers in our educational institutes.

Author: Manish Nanda27 Aug 2018 Member Level: Silver   Points : 3

I strongly believe that it takes more than just the subject knowledge to be a good teacher.

A good teacher is born out of a desire to teach, not out of a desire to earn big. A good teacher will always have the capability to see in every student, the uniqueness and talent in its raw form.

Ideally, a teacher's role is to identify the causes which are hindering student's learning process and find ways and means to eliminate them. Teacher should understand that every student have equal potential to prosper, with minor hiccups.

Author: Reena Upadhya31 Aug 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 8

It is a very well written article. Importance of teachers in the lives of students and the entire nation is worth mentioning. They are the pillars of our society. Every teacher wants his/her students to succeed with flying colours. A great teacher is the one who gives that extra push to the students. This simple push itself offers the encouragement and changes everything. Three aspects that are influenced by a great teacher are education, guidance, and inspiration.

Teachers are the life changers-
Teachers do make a difference in the lives of students. A great teacher can completely change the lives of students. Great teachers not only enrich the minds of students with academic knowledge but form a soul to soul connection with students. They not only inspire their students to do well in academic studies but reach them on to many different levels. They want their student's well-being irrespective of whether they are inside the classroom or outside. This kind of intense bond formed between students and teachers influence student's lives on multiple levels. This relationship not only helps them to succeed in exams but bring overall success in life.

The teachers can sometimes become role models in the lives of students. A role model is a person who inspires and influences the entire life. They provide encouragement and this kind of encouragement helps students to reach for greatness. They help students to bring out the best in them. When the best is shown to them, they start living to their complete potential.

Certain teachers are much more than tutors. They are committed to excellence and perfection. This is why we look at our role models to seek guidance. Anybody can become a role model. However, teachers can prove to be life-moulding role models in student's lives.

Author: Sheo Shankar Jha31 Aug 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 7

The author has incorporated all the salient features essential to be successful in the teaching profession. However, we can see a slight departure in the ways the teachers are involved currently as compared to the earlier norms where their sole objective was to impart education without considering the hefty gain by way of involvement in teaching. The teachers in the classes were curious enough to raise the standard of each and every pupil of his class. They were the role models because their involvement in the teaching reflected their inherent patience and interest to uproot the subject related confusion of their students but now that missionary zeal of the teacher's community seems to be on the decline because of huge commercialisation of the teaching profession.
Though Internet can serve the purpose of alleviating the doubts cropping up in the minds of the pupils, the websites offering lessons on various topics cannot replace the inputs provided by the dedicated teachers engaged with the selfless service.
Hope the entire community of the teachers would stimulate the minds of the pupils for the better grasping of the subjects. They should behave like true motivators in changing the attitude of their pupils.

Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao06 Sep 2018 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 5

A good article and my appreciations to the author for his excellent presentation.
A teacher will be the builder of tomorrow's nation. A person's attitude may affect his personal life and to a large extent his family. But a teacher's attitude will affect the whole society. The teacher is teaching today to a professor of tomorrow, a doctor of tomorrow, a Prime Minister of tomorrow and he is teaching all types of people.
I feel the teachers who teach us in our primary classes will have a greater role in our lives. When we start going to school we are very immature and we don't know the world. The teacher will introduce the society to us. So his teachings will get registered in our mind and they will impact us more in our lives. That is why people say it is easy to handle a plant but not a tree.
My salutations to all the teachers who are responsible for my today's position in my life. We came through primary school to University with many places in between and in this journey we were lucky enough to have the teachings of various teachers and they are all responsible for what we are today. Without their inspiration and interference, we might not have achieved this success.
Sadasiva Smarambham, Sankaracharya madhyamam, asmadacharya paryantam, Vande guruparaparam. ( Starting with Lord Siva and then Sankaracharya in the middle and up to my teachers, so many gurus and I salute all of them).

Author: Venkiteswaran22 Aug 2019 Member Level: Gold   Points : 5

Who can deny the role of teachers in one's life? Even during the days when formal education was not accessible to all, there were teachers or Gurus to everyone in one way or another; one form or another.

Our ancient system was of Gurukula, a variant of today's residential schools. The students stayed with the teacher. So it was education all the twenty-four hours or whenever the teacher and students were together.

A very relevant Sanskrit verse about education says " Aachaaryaat paadam aadathe...." (The teacher gives one-quarter of the education.) It is the first quarter. Each of the three following quarters is effective based on this first quarter.

As our formal education years are also the time when our character is being formed and molded, the teachers have a great role and influence on our character formation also.

It is the teacher who opens our eyes of knowledge to the large world. A teacher is not just an initiator, but a stirrer also. He helps us to churn the knowledge and instills a sense of scientific analysis and self-learning also.

Teachers really can make or mar a person, a society and a nation.

Guest Author: Nathalie Argueles30 Oct 2019

Awesome stuff. Please keep writing more articles like this. I really like the fact you went so in deep on this and really explored the topic as much as you can. I read a lot of blogs but usually, it's pretty shallow content. Thanks for upping the game here!

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