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How to improve concentration

The skill of concentration can be achieved by regular practice. Some of the ways are listed in this article which can be very useful in building concentration gradually.

Being a part of the digital generation, it is somewhat difficult to stay focused in our work. So many types of distractions are there in our day to day life. To maintain our concentration in our work is somewhat difficult. Either there will be calls to distract us or there will be emails. Whether it is social media or some house gossips. But above all, it's our will power which is weak and we allow these distractions to bother us.

Staying focused and concentrated is everybody's wish. Therefore, I have listed some of the ways to discipline our brain to stay focused.

Choose your company

Surrounded by people who share the same beliefs is the most effective way to boost our motivation. If our peers share the same desire to stay focused, then it can be slightly easy for us to achieve it with a regular practice. There will be fewer interruptions and more productive work. And on the other hand, if we are surrounded by the people who drain our energy then we lose our will to improve our concentration.

Good time schedule

We all know our productive time of the day. Some of us are early risers while some of us like to stay awake till late nights. If we build a time frame for us in our suitable productive time of the day, then we can do our tasks effectively. Say some like to wake up at 4:00 in the morning and then set a time frame for them to complete their task until 6:00 in the morning, then they can be more efficient. When we set a time frame for us, we are less prone to distractions as we are fully concentrated in completing our task within the time period.

Avoid multitasking

There is no evidence in science that proves multitasking is very efficient in humans. On the contrary, it lowers our drives to achieve our goals. Many scientific studies have proved that if we are constantly distracted by phone calls, emails, etc. then we can lower our I.Q up to 10%. Although we consider these interruptions normal as we have never realized how much it could affect our working desire and this can be very fatal in a long run. Many big corporations and millennial have understood this and they are encouraging there employed to mono-tasking. In our everyday life, we can eliminate this continuous partial concentration to avoid constant mistakes.

Have a check on your negative thoughts

If we constantly think in this way that my concentration power is very low, then it will definitely lower gradually. Instead, have positive thoughts that everyone tries and practice to higher their concentration. It depends on person to person desires. Positive thoughts will make our attitude more positive towards building our concentration.

Good nutrition

We all know that healthy mind lives in a healthy body. Nutrition which is good for the body is, in the same way, good for the mind. Drink plenty of water as dehydration reduces concentration. A diet filled with vitamins and minerals keeps us active. On the other hand, junk food makes our body lethargic. Good nutrition increases our concentration.

Push past the time of frustration

As I have mentioned above that we should make a time frame to do our work, it's quite an effective measure to push the limit a bit. If we have set a limit to our task in that frame, then pushing it slightly a bit can increase our working stamina. As athletes gradually increase their stamina by this technique, we in our day to day life can increase our concentration by pushing past the limit of frustration by doing just a little bit of extra task every day.

Have a quiet environment

Our work quality highly depends on our environment. If the people are making the chaos or we are constantly disturbed by the phone, in all aspects our concentration level will suffer. A quiet environment reflects in our work. Have a place away from people or invest in good headphones can keep our stay focused and better our concentration levels.

Don't procrastinate

Our brain has a tendency to wander in different thoughts. Whenever you're in the middle of something that will be very important in the coming future and the mind start to procrastinate, then have a check on it. Continuous checking of our procrastinating thoughts can lower our habit of procrastination. And we reach in the middle of our task, the other half of it can be achieved successfully as we will be motivated by then.

Music can help

We all know that there are many different genres of music that exist. Concentration genre of music can calm our brain waves and help in increasing concentration. Different music like instrumental, alpha wave music, soft jazz can do wonders in calming and focusing our minds.

Exercise and meditation

Like the way nutrition helps in increasing our stamina, exercise helps in increasing our metabolism. We can't stay focused and relaxed if we have a lethargic body that reduces our stamina and makes us weak. We have to stay fit to be more productive in our tasks. For that purpose, exercise can do wonders. There are many concentration increasing exercises that can help. Additionally, meditation calms our brain and develop our concentration power to a greater extent gradually.

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Author: Manish Nanda29 Aug 2018 Member Level: Silver   Points : 3

A good article and really a good subject.

While going through the article, a question came up in my mind. That is, what is more important – to have a good concentration or good attention? What is the difference?

When I try to concentrate, I feel that everything is distracting me. If it is the mind that concentrates, why it's so difficult to make the mind obey our instructions? When I instruct it to concentrate, why does it resist and wander here and there?

Guest Author: Sarika Chauhan29 Aug 2018

Thank you Manish Nanda for your valuable response.
I also thought about it while I was thinking to write this article. Good attention is very important when we are trying to focus on something or a detail but not for a whole task. Good concentration, on the other hand, is very important to invest all our energy and our focus in completing a task and not on anything else.

Yes, our mind does have a tendency to wander here and there so, meditation can solve this problem up to a great extent. For that, our will power is the basic thing that we need. It will keep us motivated. Regular meditation with complete dedication can control our mind from wandering.

Author: Reena Upadhya14 Sep 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 6

To answer the above query, I would like to add that attention and concentration are two different entities. They are not the one and the same. We need to have good attention to improve our concentration. However, we don't have to learn the art of attention.

Consider attention as a function of the body. You don't have to teach your body to pay attention. However, attention shifts and seems like an on and off activity. We get to choose whether we have to pay attention or not. Thus, we don't have to learn it. We already own this skill.

Concentration, on the other hand, means paying attention to special something. When we concentrate, we cut off everything else for a certain period of time and direct our entire attention on that activity. Most interesting fact about attention is that is immeasurable. There is no certain degree or level to which it can be measured. Concentration is not an automatic act. It is directed by the will. It is in our hands whether we want to concentrate on something or not. It is more like a skill. Thus, if we master the art form and work on our skill, we will be able to improve it. With more and more practice, the skill and ability of concentration improve.

Lack of control over the mind is the main reason that it wanders here and there. Thus, we feel that we are unable to pay good attention. We feel that we lack concentration. If we can control our minds, no matter how many distractions arrive in front of us, we will always be able to pay attention to everything that we are doing. At the same time, we will be able to offer our undivided concentration. If we let our mind control us, we will lose control over our inbuilt ability to pay attention as well as our concentration power will weaken.

Author: Sheo Shankar Jha14 Sep 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

Concentration can be developed with our own willpower but the essential thing to restore the same with the maximum efficiency depends upon a number of factors such as to keep at bay the unusual stress impeding the required concentration, allowing two different opinions to operate simultaneously or inviting the conflicting moments to operate simultaneously such as unwanted calls from Smartphones or taking of jobs of multitasking.

So this phenomena requires a total detachment from the negative emotions or from worldly worries. Initially, such practice would appear baffling and our indulgence with the several unwanted thoughts would linger on, indicating the presence of a weak frame of our mind. Just to counter the same, we may resort to Yoga and Meditation and with consistent practice, negativity can be curbed to a great extent. The other tool to enhance concentration is to have better clarity of thoughts and a better study regime of thought-provoking articles written by some eminent philosophers so as to step up concentration in our required areas.

Author: Umesh17 Sep 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 1

An excellent article on the aspect of improving concentration in our life. Concentration is a very important attribute in our life and without this, we can not focus properly on our work. Improving concentration is not an easy task but with sustained efforts, it can be achieved.

It is believed that Yoga and meditation help in improving the concentration. Our saints and philosophers were immensely benefited by this. Today many people have realised the importance of these time-tested techniques.

Another thing is the identification of distracting forces in one's life. There are many things which disturb us and affect our focus. We must try to remove them from our mind as early as possible. Clarity of objectives and ignoring the insignificant and unnecessary things from our life is the main mantra which is to be followed religiously to attain the highest degree of concentration and focus in our work.

Author: T.M.Sankaran24 Sep 2018 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

Concentration can be improved by giving more attention to the issue. I find, very often, my attention to an issue getting distracted soon. Continuously attending to something is found to be difficult. This happens, for example, when attending a talk, when the speaker says about something in which I have a certain interest, negative or positive, and my mind goes wandering. Then I automatically stop hearing the speaker. Naturally, the continuity of the talk is broken, which affects the understanding of the subject completely.

Hence for concentration, the most important factor is attention - that is my experience.

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