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Importance of Articleship in CA Training

Articleship is considered as the part and parcel of CA training. Because of its greater significance in CA student life, it is important to know the ins and outs of this practical training related to Chartered Accountancy course. This article will help you to know more Articleship and its various aspects.

The CA (Chartered Accountancy) course in India is considered as the best of its kind when compared to other accountancy courses offered by other countries. Likewise, it is appraised as a standout amongst most other courses because of its high career prospects, demand among employers and obviously quality curriculum. The intensive curriculum of CA course designed with practical training Articleship is helpful to make every student competent professionals with a good understanding of accountancy, auditing, business laws, taxation and other aspects of finance and accounting letting them excel in their profession. The well-designed theoretical and practical part of the course along with communication and presentation skills ensure that a person who successfully completes the course is competent enough to outshine other accounting professionals. Still, Articleship plays an important role in CA curriculum as it is planned in such a way as to give clarity on the concepts they learned.

Importance of Articleship

Articleship during the CA course reminds us of the saying "Practice makes a man perfect". This practical training incorporated with CA course helps to acquire a disciplined work attitude and develop the essential skills needed as a professional. Besides, the students will get much experience and this will help them to perform their roles in a better way. As a trainee, they can enhance their understanding of an organisation, better view of business functions, working environment, methods and so on. Hence Articleship is considered as the part and parcel of CA student life and the importance of this practical training cannot be underrated in any case while pursuing CA course.

When and Where?

The present CA curriculum suggests that a student who has completed the first or both groups of CA Intermediate (IPCC) exams can start their Articleship which may extend for a period of 3 or 3.5 years. The student is supposed to do his articleship under a professional Chartered Accountant or an organisation of Chartered Accountants. Articleship plays an integral role in a CA student's life; hence the firm or person to do articleship should be chosen with great care and attention. While deciding on the articleship place, you should consider the quality of the work you intend to learn not the convenience. Since a good number of coaching centres in India provide CA training, it won't be difficult to find the best place for your articleship. Seek help from your seniors or the best CA coaching institute in your area to make a wise decision. Opting for dummy articleship or practising under a familiar person preferring comfort would ruin your whole career; so better never do it.
Following are the types of firms and their features in which the student would like to perform his/her articleship.

Big 4s

As Big 4s offer several areas of practice, it would be better to make a judicious decision on which team you need to work with. Based on your interest, you can choose various areas including direct taxes, audit & assurance, internal audit & risk advisory services, indirect taxes and many more. Everyone desires to work for a Big 4; but while making a decision, it is advisable to seek suggestions from seniors or experts. Before making a hasty decision, always consider the subjects you have studied for CA intermediate level. The best in class systems developed and implemented in Big 4s will also help you accomplish your work easier compared to other firms. Every assignment or activity has a prescribed system and a process associated with it and this helps one to focus better on the activity than to plan out for how to start the assignment. Also, the tasks done in teams will help you gain experience of working with experienced persons and better knowledge about the business operations inside.

Big Firms

Compared to Big 4s, the type of big firms may not be that big in size. Still, they can offer you greater experience with their wide expertise in areas including audit, taxation etc. What makes these firms different from Big 4s is that they lack global presence which makes it difficult to provide services for clients in multiple locations. However, as the policies of these firms are flexible compared to Big 4s, the student is allowed to work with various teams according to his convenience.

Mid-Sized Firms

Mid-sized firms with limited number of partners( 1-10) can also be preferred by students for their articleship. Though multi specialization services are not offered by these types of firms, the students are allowed to do general practice in all areas or one specialized area of services. These firms help the students to get better exposure to all levels of work, from its beginning to the finalization. The student who is very much particular about a specialized area can opt for mid-sized firms to continue in that specific area as their career. Working in mid-sized firms gives opportunities for students to handle the assignments independently and they also get chances to interact directly with the partners of the organization, thereby gaining greater exposure in the key areas. Above all, the trainee will gain better problem-solving techniques and greater experience.

Industrial Training

Out of the 3 years of articleship, a mandatory training of two years, in which the trainee should serve the articleship under a practising chartered accountant. Nevertheless, the CA student in the last year can either continue his training or enroll himself for training under a CA professional. This kind of training under a CA in employment is called industrial training.

Articleship Termination

Transfer or termination of articleship is granted without any restriction during the first year of articleship. If the trainee had made a mistake by choosing the wrong firm, he/she is allowed to transfer the articleship to another firm within the first year of the articleship and can continue the training. Also, if the student is not satisfied with the working environment or type of activities he/she has to do, they can take the benefit of transfers accordingly.

Articleship Working Hours

Generally, the working hours of the article trainee will be 35 hours a week. The normal working hours of the trainee will not commence after 11:00 AM and end before 5:00 PM. In case of additional work, the trainee is expected to work beyond the normal working hours. Also, the trainee is eligible for compensatory leaves with reference to the hours taken over the 35 hours, if he/she works beyond the normal working hours.

Still, have doubts related to articleship training? Get help from seniors or those who are undergoing articleship. It is also advisable to contact the nearest CA coaching centre and seek advice from experts. If you are planning to do Chartered Accountancy course in Kerala, get in touch with Logic School of Management, one of the leading institutes in Kerala with best CA coaching centres in Kottayam, Calicut, Kochi and other major cities.

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