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How to be an organised person

What we do in our daily routine is what we become. Everyone envies to be an organized person. But to continue every organized habit is kind of a challenge for maximum people. So if you are looking for the best tips to be an organized individual, this article is a useful one. I have tried to share some of the ways that can be helpful to be an organized person.

Whenever we decide to be an organized person and whenever we try to find ways to do it, we search for it on the internet. And the web is flooded with the articles that are mostly written by the organized people themselves. They share their thoughts and organized habits with people. But the world is filled with different kinds of people who have different attitudes towards their lives. Some people in a way are organized from their very childhood. They follow these "good habits" from the very beginning so, they don't have to be, like trying to be neat, because they are already! But on the other hand, there is also that kind of people who don't have neatness as their habits. But when they get mature, most of them envy these organized people as it is one of the habits of highly successful people. And we all want to be successful.

Being a part of that group of people who are not fully organized but envy the organized people to make it a habit to be successful, I have listed some of my experiences that I have been doing since a few months and achieved some of them.

Be in the company of those who you want to become

The first and foremost thing that could be done in this regard is to surround ourselves in the company of organized people. We don't need to express our desire or our envy to them because obviously, being an organized person themselves, they will be bothered by our habits and maybe they start judging us for our lifestyles. What we can do is carefully observe them or it would be more beneficial if we make some of them our friends. And learn, how they are like that and how they continue to be like that.

Stick to the choices

To wish to be someone else, who we know is better from us, is a good and progressive thing. We, in a way, should grow consistently. But in order to do it, letting down our choices is not a very good idea. We can be an organized person one day gradually, by sticking to our choices too. This point is not something that will make us an organized person, but I used to remind myself about this thing constantly when I start to admire those people and feel negative about myself. Also, I break my rhythm of following the organized routine. We should follow these habits to grow as a person but we have to also take care of not losing our perspective.

Make some abbreviations of the useful things

This is something that has become a habit of mine. To arrange our books or our notes, the very useful household items or even our makeup, this habit can be very useful in our daily routines. Collectively decide which of the household items are very much essential in our day to day routine and make an abbreviation of all of them in the order in which we have a habit to keep them. This will help us in remembering their respective places even if we look for them in the dark. Additionally, we will develop our habit to keep them organized in their assigned places only and not anywhere else. We can cut off much of the mess created by us on our daily basis by following this habit.

Start with the phone

The beginning of every difficult task should be easy so that it feels interesting. Clear all the clutter from the phone, whether it's the emails or it is the files in the phone that are there for a long time and we continue to ignore them. If we build up a habit of answering our emails on time or clear our inbox every week to create enough space for new emails, it can be a very good start. Not much, but it will take 5-10 minutes only to continue with a good habit every other day.

Make a record of money

This one can be very useful in contributing our effort in our household jobs. Whether we are employed or still studying, making a budget of expenses is a very good habit that should be followed. Making a record of earning, expenses and savings every month will not only have a check on spending our money but will also construct a very good habit of organizing expenses.

Have a habit of clearing the mind

We all have studied this thing that our mind is like a library. To always remember things and not forgetting them, we have to arrange our thoughts and useful information accordingly, like books on the shelves of the library. The best way to do this is to make a list of the useful things and thoughts. We have a tendency to forget our stuff or simple grocery items because we don't have a habit of writing them down. Carrying a small notepad can be useful. If we are thinking of writing an article and suddenly a thought comes into our mind and if we write it immediately, then this habit can be very beneficial. We usually buy our grocery items once or twice a month. For that, if we constantly write down the items that come to our head then we can avoid the last minute hassle to make the grocery list, where we tend to forget many useful things.

Writing down everything essential can be very beneficial in building our composed personality.

Clean your work area in the evening

This one could be slightly tough as after a long day we don't have much energy left. But building this habit of cleaning our work area or our study table after the job is done, is very useful to save some extra time in the morning. People who are not early risers can understand this. Having some extra sleep is a luxury. If we are only assigned the responsibility of taking care of our stuff, then this method can be quite useful in having some extra time in hand in the morning. After our work or studying is done in the evening, we should build a habit of clearing our desk before going to bed. Also, cleaning up the kitchen in the evening can save some extra effort in the morning. Everything in it's assigned place. Next morning, it will give us a feeling that someone else has done it for us.

Have someone to keep a check on you

This role could be perfectly played by our mothers. Sharing our intention to be organized with our family, can be very helpful in organizing ourselves in cleaning up our stuff. If we have someone who can check whether we stick to our plan or not can be very useful. Gradually, following all these simple things, can build our attitude toward an organized person that can eventually make us organized by our habit.

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Author: Manish Nanda01 Sep 2018 Member Level: Silver   Points : 4

The Author says - all successful people are well organized and if one wants to be successful, one has to learn how to live an organized life.

But it is not mentioned, what does 'being unorganized' mean? If I want to be an organized person, first of all, I need to understand what it means to be unorganized. Am I unorganized? If yes, I need to avoid doing those things which makes me unorganized. So a clear understanding is a must.

Secondly, the author says - "To wish to be someone else, who we know is better than us, is a good and progressive thing". But before I wish to be someone else, I must know myself, my own strengths and weaknesses. I must learn to be myself. To wish to be someone else is imitation, a comparison. Comparison or imitation will never make me happy or satisfied or successful.

Guest Author: Sarika Chauhan01 Sep 2018

Thank you respected Manish Nanda for your response to this post. What I believe is that being unorganized is not someone's weakness because I myself belong to that category up to a little bit as I am trying to be organised lately. An unorganized person is someone who lacks in the proper order to do things. On the other hand, an organised person is someone who always plans for a certain task and does it orderly.
I think we all realise to some extent that we are lacking in a proper way to do our everyday tasks when we tend to shift our tasks to the eleventh hour or anything that we know could be done more properly than how we do it right now.
For example, writing an article. If an author writes an article in long paragraphs then probably not everyone wish to read it. But if an author writes the articles in proper points and arranges everything accordingly, then readers would be more interested in that article.
Therefore, if we include a little planning in doing our stuff, then it will be beneficial to us only.
It somehow is not imitating the organised ones, therefore I have written the point "stick to the choices", but it is something about the proper order to do things. If we want to do things in a proper way and there's someone who is like that then we can observe that trait of them, which we admire, by also taking care of not losing our own perspective at the same time.

Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao05 Nov 2018 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

Being organized and doing things in an organized way will come from the elders and parents. If the parents are having the habit of organising themselves well they can train their children also in the same way. A person with good habits can be an organised person. If one has to be in the office at 9 AM and if it takes 45 minutes to reach the office, he has to start at least 8.10 AM giving five minutes extra for unknown delays. Each activity will be planned like this by an organised person.

My father used to maintain a book in which he used to write all the expenses incurred by the family each day. In the month end, he used to see how much are the expenses and how much is the income. He never used to forget even a single item. I also got the same habit and maintain the record in that way only.

Author: Sanjeev Gupta06 Nov 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

To be organized in life itself is very challenging but it's very essential to do that. Those who plan things and then execute are always successful in life. Schedules of the day should be made so that one can estimate the time and manage it well. One must start his or her day with this notebook. It is better not to procrastinate. One should think that by doing things on time takes away a weight of work from us and we have time to complete other works. Always keep the stuff which is useful and throw away the unuseful things.

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